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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Haarlem, mail from, stopped by the inundation
-, breaking in of the waters about

Haberdashers. See Drapers.

Hackney coaches, warrants for appointment of commissioners for licensing, and papers relating thereto
-, the commissioners for licensing, letters to

Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, manor of, permission to search about, requested

Haddock, John, grant of denization to
-, Capt. Richard, Commissioner of the Navy, letters of
-, to attend the king to the Downs
-, knighted

Hafiz, specimen page of the first ode of, with Latin translation

Hague, the, letter dated from
-, letter from, mentioned
-, news from
-, vessel for
-, return of the Prince of Orange to
-, meeting at, on report of the poisoning of the Prince of Orange
-, the Elector of Brandenburg at
-, departure of, from
-, death of the Dowager Princess of Orange at
-, return of Sir W. Temple to
-, the Prince of Orange expected at
-, mail from, stopped by the inundation
-, Dutch captain sent prisoner to

Haigh, near Wigan, letter dated from

Hainault, the Prince of Orange with his army about

Hale, Sir Matthew, Lord Chief Justice, order to, requested
-, and the Recorder of London, warrant to
-, Michael, and Thomas Flood of the Queen's troop, business of heard before the Privy Council
-, Samuel. See Prigg, William.

Haliburton, , slaughter of

Hall, John, petitions of, referred
-, Dr., Master of Pembroke College, Oxford, suggested for the Margaret Professorship of Divinity

Halsall, Edward, equerry to the king, petition of, referred
-, Col. James, lieutenant of, murdered

Halsey, Mr., caveat at the desire of

Halton, Dr. Timothy, Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford
-, letters of
-, epitaph delivered to
-, endeavours to procure the Provostship of Queen's College for
-, appointed Archdeacon of Oxford
-, William, brother of, living requested for

Ham, Surrey, letters dated from

Hamburg, vessels for, or from
-, vessel of, taken by English hoy with French commission
-, vessel of, stopped at Nantes
-, vessels of, warrant for detention of
-, taken
-, passenger to
-, pass for transporting horses to
-, English vessel seized by French privateer on voyage to
-, reported siege of, by the Danes
-, pass to
-, proceeds of goods attached at
-, war proclaimed against, in France
-, war declared against, by Denmark
-, ships with letters of reprizal fitting out in France against
-, prizes, the, opinion of Sir L. Jenkins concerning
-, complaints of proceedings at, against J. Banckes and the king's Resident
-, letter from, requesting to be neutral during the war and to be included in the peace
-, the City of, letter of
-, the Senate of, letter to
-, letter to be prepared to
-, sum paid to Sir T. Player by the appointment of
-, debt due to the daughters of Col. Hayes by, and interest to be made with
-, case between, and the daughters of Col. Hayes
-, the Magistrates and Senate of, letter of
-, Company, the, claim of minister of, to have the secretary's house
-, loan of charter of, requested
-, Committee of the Privy Council for the affairs of, the
-, Resident at. See Swan, Sir William.

Hamburgers, the, preparations of, for fear of the Danish army, and senators sent by, to the King of Denmark

Hameshill House, letter dated from

Hamilton, Count Anthony (Lord Hamilton), passenger to France
-, passenger to Dublin
-, Sir Charles and Sir Hans. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Capt. Gustavus, recommended for a company
-, Sir G., letter of
-, John, of Cowbairdie, and James his eldest son, warrant for charter to
-, John, late minister in Leith. See Turner, Archibald.
-, William, Duke of Hamilton, keeper of Holyrood House, warrants to
-, Capt. William, and James, his son, petition of
-, warrant for creation of manors in favour of
-, , officer of the Scotch Court of Admiralty

Hamilton's Hill, request for creation of manor of
-, warrant for creation of manor of

Hammond, William or Anthony, letter for appointment to a six clerk's place mentioned

Hampshire, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of

Hampton Court, letters dated from
-, warrants dated from
-, references dated from
-, grant dated from
-, orders in Council dated from
-, creation of peerage dated from
-, memorials of protection dated from
-, approbation of deputy lieutenant dated from
-, warrant for grant of custody of
-, sums paid for works at
-, and Hampton town. See Moulsey, East.

Hanaper Office, the, warrant for grant of clerkship of, in reversion

Hanbury Park, Staffordshire, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning

Hancock, , complaint against, of enclosing ground to the prejudice of Deal Castle

Hanley, manor of, Staffordshire, mines in, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning

Hanmer, Sir John, pension of
-, and Sir Thomas, M.P.s, memorandum of letters to

Hanover, passport to

Hanse Towns, the, extracts from treaties between, and France

Hanson, Augustin, certificate of having taken the oaths
-, grant of denization to
-, Sir Robert, with Don Emmanuel de Fonseca

Hanway, William. See Shaen, Sir James.

Harbord, William, secretary to the Lord Lieutenant, letter of
-, recommendations to, requested

Hardcastle, Mr., a Nonconformist, imprisonment of, at Bristol

Hardnes, Serjeant, member for Canterbury, affronts to

Hardwin, Mr., importunity of

Hardy, John, student in divinity, warrant for presentation of

Hare, John (Henry), Lord Coleraine, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Hargrave, Mr. See Wadlow, Mr.

Harlah, Vasmer, grant of denization to

Harley, Sir Edward, suggested as member for Herefordshire
-, at Holme Lacy
-, at Lord Shaftesbury's

Harling, shipwrecked people landed near

Harman, Capt. Thomas, order to, requested
-, sailed from the Downs
-, at Falmouth

Harrington, John, of Weymouth, servant of, baptised there

Harris, George, appointed secretary of Jamaica
-, John, warrant for grant to, of office of Chafewax in Chancery, in reversion
-, warrant for appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, proposed as a commissioner
-, omitted from the commission for licensing hackney coaches
-, John and Thomas, sons of, warrant for grant of office for lives of
-, Capt. Joseph, commander of the Quaker ketch, charge against, of striking
-, letter concerning
-, ordered to London to answer the charges against him
-, arrival of, at Deal and departure of, for the Thames
-, departure of, from Falmouth
-, sentenced to be shot
-, warrant for reprieve of
-, draft of
-, petition of
-, warrant for pardon to
-, William, letter of
-, Mr., deceased, employed by the Merchant Adventurers' Company,

Harrison, Richard, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Hart, John, account of adventures of, as a slave in Algiers and Turkey

Hartlepool, vessels lost near

Hartopp, Thomas, merchant of Antwerp, pass for
-, Sir William
-, letters of

Hartsfeldt, Baron, pass for

Hartson, , of Amsterdam, Swedish ship arrested by

Harvey, Squire, reports about candidature of, for Dorset

Harwich, letters dated from
-, packet-boats to, or from
-, suggestion that, should sail from Helvoetsluys instead of the Brill
-, register kept of the going and returning of
-, mentioned
-, account of soldiers deserting foreign service landed by
-, mentioned
-, vessels of, lost
-, passengers to, or from
-, to be inserted in Mr. Deerham's bill
-, quarrel between French and Dutch seamen at
-, colliers put into
-, sailed from
-, oppressed by Dutch beggars
-, launch of the Sapphire at
-, storms and high tides at
-, charge on, of poor soldiers brought over
-, the Cork Sand near, vessel aground on
-, poor soldiers of Douglas' regiment brought over to
-, privateer and Hamburger sent into
-, captain of, prisoner at
-, complaint of the French concerning
-, Prince Rupert's yacht at
-, prevalence of colds at
-, appointment of mayor of
-, the mayor of, letter to

Hascard, Dr. Gregory, letter of

Hasebrough, Norfolk, ship ashore at

Hastings, the mayor and jurats of, letter of

Hatcher, Mr., Williamson solicited by

Hatton, Christopher, Lord Hatton, letter of
-, missing in the Katherine yacht
-, Richard, of Acton, Cheshire, carrier, letter received from
-, examination of
-, portmanteau and horses of
-, Thomas, of Blanckney, Lincolnshire, engine invented by, for draining mines, &c.

Haultville, the Sieur Melchior d', pass for

Havana, the, English ship carried into, but released
-, gentleman sent by Lord Vaughan to, refused admittance
-, English ship taken near

Havering, the liberty of, to be inserted in Mr. Deerham's bill

Havre, vessels for, or from
-, vessels of
-, yachts for the French king to go to
-, Sir Anthony Deane and Mr. Hewer sailing to
-, war against Hamburg proclaimed at

Haward, Mr., ensign to Capt. Skelton, warrant for mustering in his absence

Hawkers. See Pedlars.

Hawkins, Mr., minister of the Tower, request by the Duchess of Portsmouth in favour of
-, the Duke of Richmond christened by

Hawley, Francis, commission to

Hay, John, Earl of Erroll to be admitted a member of the Privy Council of Scotland
-, Lucy, Countess Dowager of Carlisle, contrivance for getting lease of Shillelagh for

Hay, manor of, Staffordshire, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning

Hayder alias Hayther, prebend of, in Lincoln Cathedral, presentation to

Hayes, Christian and Elizabeth, daughters of Col. Patrick, petitions of
-, debt due to, from the Senate of Hamburg
-, arguments against the claim of
-, Col. Patrick, father of, references of petition of
-, Mr., letters recommending

Haylse, Henry, warrant for pardon to

Haynes, Thomas, serjeant of the vestry, warrant for delivery to, of various articles for the Chapel Royal

Healings, orders concerning the serjeant chirurgeons, chirurgeon to the person, and chirurgeon to the Household at

Hearth money, the, complaints against
-, draft proclamation for the better collecting of, approved
-, inequality of
-, petition for leave to inspect the accounts of, in three counties and in London and Westminster, referred

Heath, Sir John, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Heere, Simon, of London, mariner, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Hegisonn, , captain of a privateer.

Heidelberg, the University of, request of, to the king to be commended to the French king as to their revenues, &c.

Helford, vessels arrived at
-, vessels of
-, vessel of, lost
-, vessel gone to

Hellen, alias Fitzgerald, Don Philip, proclamation offering reward for, dead or alive, and atrocities of

Helvoetsluys, ships at
-, East Indiaman fitting near
-, squadron fitted at
-, suggestion of, as a better place than the Brill, for the packetboats
-, seawalls damaged at

Helyar, Col. William, renewal of lease to, recommended

Hemp and flax, proposals for encouraging the manufacture of, in Ireland

Hendhman, Dr. Humphrey, Bishop of London, letter to
-, Quare impedit brought against, concerning presentation to rectory of Orsett
-, death of

Henderson, Mr. See Wadlow, Mr.

Hene, Col. See Wolsley, Hellen.

Henley, Henry, coachman of the Duke of Ormonde, letter recommending
-, Robert. See Yate, Robert.

Henrickson, John, grant of denization to

Henrietta Maria, or the late Queen, will of, and marriage contract attested by
-, maid of honour to
-, and her trustees, demises by, mentioned

Henrietta, the Princess, escape of, to France managed by Lord Berkeley

Henry VIII., King, lawyers compared to the monks in the time of

Henry IV., King of France weakness of, for women

Heralds. See Kings at Arms.

Herault, Lewis, minister of the French church in London, declaration by, concerning Jean Guepin
-, person who communicated with, about Guepin

Herbert, Capt. Arthur, letter of
-, Benjamin, warrant for presentation of
-, Sir Edward, services and sufferings of
-, Lady Margaret, widow of, petition of
-, mentioned
-, Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, petition of, referred
-, Nicholas, late of Killien, forfeited lands detained by
-, Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, letter of
-, marriage of, to the Duchess of Portsmouth's sister
-, appointed Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire
-, game warrants to
-, Capt., attending Lord Yarmouth on his visit to Yarmouth

Hereford, suggested members for
-, Mr. Westfaling not to serve for
-, the Dean and Chapter of, letter to
-, Bishop of. See Croft, Dr. Herbert, Bishop of Hereford.

Herefordshire, and the boroughs in, suggested members for

Herle, Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Herne, Alderman and Sheriff Sir Nathaniel, letters of
-, letter to
-, letter delivered by
-, narrative by, of the disturbances
-, charges of, against Sir John Robinson
-, conduct of, approved by the king
-, the king's thanks sent to

Hertford assizes, person convicted at

Hertfordshire, the high sheriff of, warrant to

Hewest, eastward of Calais, vessel wrecked at

Hewer, William, sailed for Havre

Hewett, Mr., letter to

Hewley, Sir John, petition of, against the return of Sir. H. Thompson for York, mentioned

Hickes, James, clerk of the Post Office, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, note by
-, letters to
-, Sir William, letter to

Hide, Mr., and Mr. Sutton, the proceeding about

Higden, John, sum levied on houses of

Higford, William. See Baggelley, John.

Higginbotom, John, M.A. chaplain to Sir G. Shakerley, letter recommending

Higgons, Sir Thomas, Bridget, wife of, daughter of Sir Bevil Grenville, warrant for grant of precedence to

High Easter, Essex, manor of, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, petition concerning

High Peak, the Hundred of, Derbyshire, petition for lease of lands in, referred

Highwaymen, robbery by

Highways, laws relating to, quotations from law books concerning

Hildyard, Henry, chamberlain of the Exchequer, grant by, mentioned
-, Philip, son of, chamberlain of the Exchequer

Hill, Emery, to be omitted from the commissioners for licensing hackney coaches
-, William, of Hillsborough, to be sworn of the Privy Council in Ireland
-, See also Shaen, Sir James.
-, Capt., troop of, commission in

Hillkes, Ippe, Dutch hoyman, affidavit by

Hills, Henry. See Newcombe, Thomas.

Hilton, Robert, a justice in the Botham of Westmorland

Hinton, Benjamin, goldsmith of London, pardon to
-, John, M.A., presentation of
-, William, letter of

Hinton, Dorset, letter dated from

Hinton Martell, Dorset, request for living of

Hirst, Martin, letter of
-, Martin, son of, candidate for a fellowship at Merton

Hispaniola, vessel from

Hoaftman, Henry, grant of denization to

Hoar, Thomas. See Shaen, Sir James.

Hoare, William, promised a prebend at Worcester

Hobart, Sir John, supporter of Sir R. Kempe for Norfolk

Hobbs, William, of Greenwich, warrant on petition of

Hobson, Thomas, keeper of Newgate gaol, Bristol, narrative given on oath by
-, , and Fenner, merchants of London

Hockell, Humphrey, brasier at Devizes, brother-in-law of Mary Briant

Hockin, Thomas, presentation of

Hodges, Hugh, letter of

Hodgkin, Samuel, letters of

Hodgkinson, Richard, printer

Holbeach, Ambrose, and John Mackernes, balance sheets between

Holden, Thomas, letters of
-, Capt., ordered to apprehend one of his soldiers

Hole Haven, men to be embarked at, for the French service

Holford, John, of Taunton, letters for, mentioned
-, inquiry whether letters might be directed to
-, suggestion that letters be addressed to

Holland, Sir John, speeches of, mentioned

Holland, letters from, mentioned
-, news from
-, pass to
-, vessels for, or from
-, packet-boats from
-, vessels laden with corn for
-, passengers to
-, arrival of Admiral van Tromp in
-, complaint by officers of their usage in
-, vessels to be convoyed to
-, expectation of peace in
-, persons imprisoned in, for plotting against the Prince of Orange
-, doggers bought in, for the fishery at Holy Island
-, ill news runs swift in
-, slender preparations against the French in
-, Swedish prize brought into, by a Brandenburger
-, proclamation in, forbidding the fishery &c. for Greenland
-, the late intended treaty in
-, Spanish wool conveyed to, directly by means of the English composition trade
-, vessels bought in, for Limerick
-, the post from, no letters brought by, from the Hague and other places
-, inundations in
-, losses from
-, the coast of, vessels lost on
-, corn exported to
-, men hindered from passing over for
-, advice vessel sent to, from Dutch East Indiamen in the Downs
-, money paid for release of prisoners in
-, recruits carried over to
-, extracts from the treaties between, and England and France and Spain
-, and Sweden, commerce between
-, answer being framed in, to the French memorial
-, inclined to make the king arbiter of disputed points
-, inquiry in, about one of their men-of-war striking to Sir L. Jenkins' yacht
-, opinion of the commissioners in, about revisions
-, 100,000 pieces of calico sent yearly from England to
-, the States General of, letters to, mentioned
-, ambassador extraordinary of, case to be recommended to
-, Treaty Marine between the king and, the
-, copy of, to be transmitted to the East India Company
-, the commissioners from, about the trade and navigation, the English commissioners appointed to treat with, warrant to
-, to be moved in Mr. Boeve's business
-, good offices of, with the Emperor to be procured to adjust matters with Prince William of Frstenburg
-, disinclined to peace on terms offered
-, reported intention of the French king to make peace with
-, the king's interposition with, requested
-, article agreed between, and the king for preventing differences between the Dutch and English East India Companies
-, declaration concerning the ninth article of the treaty with
-, war declared by, against Sweden
-, intention of the French king to recall liberty of fishing granted to subjects of
-, declaration of, in 1668, about abuses received from Spain
-, proposed restoration of Maestricht to
-, declaration agreed to by, about trade from enemy's port to enemy's port
-, resolution of, about passports
-, treaty of Navigation and Commerce between the king and
-, good offices of, in favour of Prince William of Furstenberg refused
-, difficulties made by, about the French passes, &c.
-, orders of, about the first visit
-, paper of, about Prince William of Frstenberg
-, resolution of, about enlarging the neutral country about Nimeguen
-, or Zealand, power to treat with any town in, to have the Scots staple settled there

Holles, Denzell, Lord Holles
-, addresses of Hugh Morell presented to
-, order in case of the Earl of Westmorland v., mentioned
-, Gilbert, Earl of Clare, at Harwich

Hollesley Bay, vessels in

Hollfield, Staffordshire, lands in, petition of the Countess of Northumberland concerning

Hollybrook. See Clontarf.

Holme Lacy, Herefordshire

Holmes, Edward, one of the king's falconers, grant of pension to
-, Sir John, petition of, referred
-, warrant for grant to, in reversion of the offices of governor and captain of the Isle of Wight and governor of Carisbrook Castle
-, appointment of, to be governor of Hurst Castle
-, gone to the Isle of Wight to give notice of the king's landing
-, Sir Robert, governor of the Isle of Wight, warrant to
-, gone to the Isle of Wight to meet the king
-, servant of, accomplice to Lieut. Newman's murder
-, grant in reversion after
-, and Col. Edward Roscarrock, petition of, recited, and warrant for grant to
-, , a gunner, accomplice to Lieut. Newman's murder

Holt, Sir Robert (?)
-, letters of
-, Williamson toasted by
-, Thomas, recorder of Abingdon, caveat on behalf of
-, person chosen in place of

Holy Island, order on petition of the undertakers for erecting a fishery at
-, warrant for sending ordnance, carriages and gunners' stores to

Holyhead, letters dated from
-, vessel from
-, travellers to
-, passengers from
-, messenger from

Holyrood House, lodgings to be assigned in
-, further advance authorized for repairs of
-, warrant for repairs at
-, to be completed
-, sum to be advanced for finishing works at
-, the part of the west quarter of, built by the usurpers to be taken down and rebuilt like the other quarters

Home, Sir John, of Rentoun, late Justice Clerk, deceased
-, Sir Alexander, eldest son of, grant of protection to
-, Patrick, second son of, tack of his father's estate to
-, or Hume, Sir Patrick, of Polwart, petition of, mentioned
-, to be declared incapable of all public trust
-, to remain prisoner in Stirling Castle
-, to be set at liberty

Honour, a person of, petition of

Hooke, Sir Humphrey, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Hooker, Ellis. See Park, James.

Hooper or Hooker, , weaver, brought in custody, examined and dismissed

Hope, the, in the Thames, letter dated from near

Hopkins, Richard
-, Mr., Mr. Foley's chaplain, examination of, taken concerning words spoken by

Horn, merchantman of, carried out of Torbay by French men-of-war

Hornsby, Edward, letters of
-, son of
-, Thomas, brother of

Horseheath, Cambridgeshire, letter dated from

Horses, passes for transporting

Hosiers. See Drapers.

Hoskins, John, to be omitted in commission for appointing commissioners for licensing hackney coaches
-, or Heskins, John. See Cooke, William and John.

Houblons, Messrs., and others, to wait on Williamson

House, , mayor of Reading, letter to
-, alleged order in hands of, for remitting fines on offenders against the Act against Conventicles

Houseman, James, master of the letter office, Dover, letters of
-, charges against of neglest, smuggling, &c.

How, Sir George Grubham, and Sir Richard Grubham, approved as deputy lieutenants for Wiltshire

Howard, Charles, Earl of Carlisle, letter of
-, letters to
-, letter reported to be written to, from Lord Shaftesbury
-, discourses of, with Sir P. Musgrave
-, endeavours of, to reconcile Sir P. Musgrave and Sir G. Fletcher
-, intention of, to visit Edenhall
-, remarks of, on Lord Cavendish's apology
-, attempts of, to get Mr. Brougham and Mr. Skelton put out of the commission of the peace, and Mr. Aglionby put in
-, conversation of, with Sir C. Musgrave
-, and Sir C. Musgrave to be heard by Williamson
-, endeavouring to make Sir P. Musgrave insignificant
-, Edward, Lord Morpeth, son of, letter of
-, Col. Thomas, brother of, reconciliation between, and Lord Cavendish
-, Elizabeth, maid of honour to the late Queen, lease to, mentioned
-, administratrix of
-, Henry, Earl of Norwich, Earl Marshal, letter to
-, civility of, to Sir P. Musgrave
-, interests of, at Thetford
-, purchase by, of the shares of his younger brothers and sisters
-, Henry Frederick, Earl of Arundel, father of, settlement made by, on his younger children
-, Henry and Sir Cecil, commissaries general of the musters, letter to
-, and Thomas Wyndham, petition of, referred
-, caveat on behalf of
-, James, Earl of Suffolk, deputy Earl Marshal, letter of
-, letter to
-, warrants to
-, caveat requested by
-, caveats in favour of
-, proxy of
-, devoted to the sports of Newmarket
-, Barbara, Countess of Suffolk, wife of, petition of, referred
-, Capt. John, commission in place of
-, Lord Philip, Almoner to the Queen, at Dover waiting for a yacht
-, embarked for Calais
-, return of, to Dover
-, Capt. Philip, petition of, referred
-, Sir Robert, letter to, promised
-, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire
-, appointed keeper of the game in and about the manor of Oatlands
-, Thomas, Duke of Norfolk
-, Thomas, Lord Howard of Escrick, commission to
-, Col. Thomas, of Suffolk, pension of, to be stopped to satisfy his debts as lieut.-colonel of the Earl of Mulgrave's regiment
-, Lieut.-Colonel, company of, in Col. Churchill's regiment

Howell, Sir John, recorder of London, letter to
-, warrants to
-, references to, and reports by
-, and the sheriffs of London and Middlesex, warrants to
-, and the Justices of London and Westminster, admonished for remissness
-, See also Hale, Sir Matthew.

Huddleston, Father John, exemption in favour of

Hudson, Richard, musician in ordinary to the king, deceased
-, Capt., company of, commission in
-, certificate for horses of, to pass custom free

Hudson's Bay, vessels and Indian from
-, return of new governor of, leaving the old one there

Hugh's tenement. See Westminster.

Huitson, Capt., company of, commission in

Hull, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, lost
-, hoys of, aground
-, vessels arrived at, and departed from
-, vessels purchased by Greenland merchants of
-, high price of rye at
-, order forbidding soldiers in garrison at, to marry
-, muster of the Duke of Monmouth's company in garrison at
-, Dutch ship carried into, by French privateer
-, the Trinity House at, letter of

Humber, the, new sand at the mouth of
-, petition for lease of piece of waste ground in
-, benefit of the lighthouses at the mouth of
-, vessels off

Hume. See Home.

Humes, Thomas, lease to, recited

Humphreys, Richard, sergeant in Sir Thomas Bide's company in the Tower Hamlets militia, committed to the Gatehouse
-, order and warrant for discharge of
-, to be freed from further prosecution

Hundred Courts, the, quotations from law-books concerning the exactions of officers of

Hungerford, Sir Edward, K.B., M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Hunt, John, weaver in Cabbage Lane, Westminster, committed to the Gatehouse
-, John, former serjeant at arms, deceased
-, Richard. See Lloyd, Sir Philip.

Hunter, David, younger, of Burneside, warrant for charter to
-, James and other outed advocates to be allowed to come to Edinburgh
-, Matthew, letter of
-, , lieutenant of a privateer, prisoner at Landguard Fort

Huntingdonshire, suspected persons in

Huntington, Major, an excise commissioner
-, Capt., brother of, made captain of the militia at Yarmouth
-, a former frequenter of the grand conventicle at Yarmouth

Hurst Castle, additional establishment for
-, request that governorship of, might be purchased
-, Capt. Roach gone over to, and fled from
-, appointment of governor of

Hurt, William, letters of

Hutchinson, Mr., of Rotterdam, letters of, mentioned
-, Mr., of Lisbon, Englishman murdered by
-, , bricklayer in Green Dragon Alley in the Strand

Hutton, Richard, of Gray's Inn, caveat concerning forfeited estate of

Huygens, Christian, invention of watches by, for finding the longitude

Hyde, Edward, Earl of Clarendon, deceased, introduction of Lord Aston to
-, Laurence, son of, M.P., memorandum of letters to
-, pension of
-, Thomas, University librarian at Oxford, letter of
-, translation by, of Persian documents
-, catalogue of printed books by
-, projected works of
-, specimen pages of translations from Persian by

Hythe, loonedroger chased ashore near


Iceland, Yarmouth fleet from

Ilay, grant of few duties in, recommended

Ilfracombe (Ilfordcombe), vessel lost near

Imperialists, the, Turenne said to be straitened by
-, reported rout of the French by
-, rejoicings at Ostend at
-, account of what had happened between, and the French
-, joined by the Prince of Orange and besieging Trier
-, English much honoured by the French for their service against

Imprest, the Auditors of the, warrant to

Imprisonments, bill to prevent illegal

Inchiquin, Earl of. See O'Brien, William, Earl of Inchiquin.

Indian Game, the, disputed whether a game or a lottery
-, included in grants of lotteries

Indians, the Patopon, war beginning between, and the English
-, of Hudson's Bay, the, efforts of a French Jesuit to convert, and to persuade, not to trade with the English
-, two, brought to England
-, the, of the islands of Chiloe
-, in New England, the, rising of
-, taken prisoners sent to Barbados and sold
-, said to be assisted by the French
-, the, rising of, at the top of the Potomac

Indigo, waste, petition for patent for utilizing
-, patent for utilizing

Ingestre, letter dated from

Inglewood, the forest of, Cumberland, petition for lease of lands in

Inglis, Archibald, transported from the kirk of Lochmaben to that of Eskirk

Inglish, Thomas, of Mordistown, memorial of protection to

Innice Lough Cullen, co. Down. See Ballydargans.

Innis Boffin, the island of, arrangements for garrisoning

Ipping, John, grant of denization to

Ipswich, man of, taken out of English vessel by Algerines

Ireland, Lord Lieutenant of. See Berkeley, John, Lord Berkeley of Stratton; Butler, James, Duke of Ormonde; Capel, Arthur, Earl of Essex.
-, the Lord Lieutenant of, books of concealments of
-, the Lord Lieutenant and Privy Council of, proclamations by
-, reduction of quit-rents by
-, the valuation made by, not correct
-, mentioned
-, rules and resolutions of, touching the security of the '49 officers
-, the Lords Justices of, in 1661, letters to, mentioned
-, the Lords Justices of, letter to
-, warrant to
-, and the Privy Council of, proclamations by
-, the Chief Governors and the Privy Council of, reports by, and letters to, concerning quit-rents of Kerry mentioned
-, the Privy Council of, persons to be sworn of
-, report of, mentioned
-, order of, mentioned
-, Act of Explanation in, the
-, receivers appointed by, of the assessment in lieu of the lapsed money
-, Act of Settlement in, the
-, the late commissioners for executing
-, lands passed to Viscount Clare in certificate by
-, forfeited lands to be set out to Lord Kingston by
-, refusal of, to grant to Lord Kingston a complete reprizal
-, Acts of Settlement and Explanation in, the
-, Act in, for suppressing, taking and killing notorious thieves and robbers (28 Henry VI. c. 3)
-, Act in, for strengthening defective titles (15 Car. I. c. 6)
-, Auditor General of, the, report by, mentioned
-, committee for the affairs of, the, references to, recited
-, reports by, recited
-, reference by, mentioned
-, Lord Ranelagh to attend
-, meeting of, to be summoned
-, the Lord Lieutenant at
-, case of Viscount Clare depending before
-, Commissioners of the Revenue in, the, appointment of, recited
-, appointment of five of, to be temporary Commissioners
-, Commissioners of the Treasury in, the, dispute between, and the Duke of Ormonde
-, Commissioners for transplantation, the, orders of, mentioned, and lands set out by
-, Commissioners of the Court of Claims in, the late, decrees or judgments or orders of, mentioned
-, lands undisposed of by
-, the first two branches of the security of the '49 officers disposed of by
-, Viscount Dillon restored to his ancient estate by
-, the Earl of Anglesey treated hardly by
-, persons adjudged innocent by
-, valuation made by the Lord Lieutenant and Council for
-, lands set out to Lord Kingston by
-, lands valued by commissions issued by
-, Farmers of the Revenue in, the, sum disputed between the Commissioners of the Treasury and the Duke of Ormonde to be retained by
-, called in, as to their arrears of quit-rents
-, defalcations to be allowed to
-, amount of
-, new Farmers of the Revenue in, the, power reserved in contract with, to remit 1,000l. without any defalcation
-, names of
-, advance money paid by
-, demise to, mentioned
-, demands made by the King from
-, terms agreed on with
-, several of, going to Dublin by Holyhead
-, the Army in, passes for soldiers of
-, proclamations in:
-, publishing the king's letter relieving the sheriffs from entertaining the judges
-, recalling protections to Tories and requiring their apprehension
-, for taking and killing notorious thieves
-, forbidding the exportation of coin or bullion
-, concerning the commission and sittings of the trustees of the '49 officers
-, appointing temporary commissioners of the revenue
-, notes by Williamson about
-, vessels of
-, wrecked
-, vessels from
-, vessels for
-, vessels homeward-bound forced to, by bad weather
-, grant of patent for erection of the great beam or common balance in the ports and towns of, directed
-, ships gone to, from France to get soldiers
-, forfeited concealed lands in, the Lord Lieutenant averse to discoveries of
-, sum to be levied in, in lieu of the lapsed moneys, payments ordered out of
-, forces in, drawn northward
-, corporations in, letter concerning the renewal of charters of
-, transportation of soldiers from, to France forbidden.
-, licence to the Duke and Duchess of Buccleugh and Monmouth to import horses and cattle from
-, coast of, the, vessel for guarding
-, vessel for
-, pilchards on
-, the '49 officers in, the security of, the trustees for managing, petition of, mentioned
-, rules for future management of
-, opinion of Sir W. Domville concerning, and enumeration of the branches of
-, letter concerning
-, trustees appointed for the management of
-, proclamation concerning the commission and sittings of
-, reported intention of calling a parliament in
-, the king's declaration concerning the settlement of
-, warrant for the creation of a subpna office in the Court of Chancery in, and for a grant thereof
-, the Nominees in, proposals of the Lord Lieutenant about
-, and the Adventurers in, opinion of the Lord Keeper about conflicting rights of
-, expedients proposed by
-, letter in favour of
-, explanation of the reduced and extreme column in survey of
-, retrenchment of Adventurers in
-, rules of retrenchment in
-, civil survey of
-, reduction of quit-rents in, by the Lord Lieutenant and Council
-, proposals for restraining the manufacture of wool for export and for encouraging that of hemp and flax in
-, laws prohibiting the exportation of wool from
-, permission to import cattle from, requested
-, new farm of revenue of, almost concluded
-, rules and instructions to the Lord Lieutenant about grants of money or lands or releases of rents in
-, mentioned
-, warrant for patent for hives in
-, weaving instruments for, destroyed
-, question whether the establishment for, should be countersigned by the Lord Treasurer or by a Secretary of State
-, fund for the sea regiment in, fully charged
-, request for payment to be inserted in the new establishment of
-, orders for stopping all grants in, mentioned
-, claim of the Duke of York for deficiencies in
-, quiet posture of
-, inquiries in, after commerce with other countries in consequence of the importation of cattle from, being prohibited
-, warrant for abatement of excessive quit-rents in
-, warrant for grant of rangership &c. of all the king's parks in
-, desire of the Lord Lieutenant that nothing pass concerning Lord Anglesey's or Sir G. Carteret's accounts in
-, statement of the revenue and expenditure of
-, reported leave to the French King to raise forces in
-, petition of the Duke of Monmouth for lands in
-, warrant for payment of the 20,000l. reserved by the new farm of the revenue of, for the buildings at Windsor Castle
-, remainders on estates tail in, grant of, mentioned
-, offer by a discoverer in
-, petition for confirmation of grant out of forfeited concealed estates of nocents in
-, 20,000l. reserved to the king on the new farm of the revenue of
-, the Doubling Ordinance in, persons to be paid out of
-, lands set out to Lord Kingston on

Irish establishment, the, person to be put on
-, officers, returning from France
-, said to be going to raise new companies in Ireland for the French service
-, departure of. for Dublin
-, soldiers, in the French service returning home

Ironwork for sugar mills

Irving, Christopher, surgeon major, warrant for payment of allowances to

Isaac, Nicholas, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Exeter requested
-, granted

Isaacson, Anthony, collector of customs, Newcastle, letters of

Isles, the Bishop of the, note that the presentation to a certain benefice belongs to
-, the bishopric of the, revenue of, granted to St. Leonard's College
-, translation of the Bishop of Dunblane to, recommended

Italian players, the, to be pressed to hasten their journey

Italy, moneys attached at Hamburg by agents of merchants of
-, Don John of Austria going to

Ivery, Anne, and John Collyer, brokers, purchasers of stolen goods

Ives, Robert, postmaster at Northampton, letter of
-, Roger, land-waiter at Newcastle, deceased

Ivy, Giles, letter recommending

Izod, Capt. Francis, letters of
-, letter to


Jackson, John, of Shap, yeoman, petition of, referred

Jacob, Edward, commission to

Jacobsen, Theodore. See Tereeso, Francisco.

Jacobson, Henry, grant of denization to
-, Mr., and Mr. Leemkuell, money received from, by the appointment of the Senate of Hamburg

Jaggard, Abraham, order on petition of
-, and Francis. See Baron. George.

Jamaica, letters from, mentioned
-, vessel from
-, lost
-, Court of Admiralty at, vessel condemned in
-, warrant for grant of estate in
-, grant of surveyor-generalship of
-, warrant for grant of provostmarshalship of, in reversion
-, warrant for grant of clerkship of the Court of Common Pleas at Port Royal at
-, person sentenced by the Court of King's Bench in
-, warrant for delivery of powder for
-, good condition of
-, Indian prisoners sold at
-, warrant for appointment of secretary of

James, King, grants by, mentioned
-, Papacy fostered by
-, contracts of, with the Pope, Spain and the Grand Duke of Tuscany
-, dissolution of Parliament by, in 1621
-, proclamation of, mentioned
-, presentation by, mentioned
-, presentation by, to the rectory of Sheere
-, charter of, to Maidenhead
-, alleged to be the son of a forester, and to have been impotent and to have had no issue

James, Henry, B.D., chaplain to the king, letter recommending

James river, the, in Virginia, vessel from

Jansen, Dirick, grant of denization to

Jaques, Mr., story of, and the Bishop of Bristol

Jarrowslike near Shields, proposal for building a free ballast shore at

Jeffe or Jeffes, Mr., bearer of Lord Aston's letter

Jeffery, John, letter of

Jeffreys, George, Common Serjeant of the City of London, suspended by the Court of Aldermen
-, restoration of, recommended
-, not elected judge of the sheriffs' court
-, See also Player, Sir Thomas.

Jenifer, Capt. James, letters of

Jenison or Jennison, Thomas, mayor of Newcastle and others, letter of
-, William, appointed town clerk of Newcastle
-, election of, as town clerk of Newcastle, and royal approbation of

Jenkins, Sir Leoline, Judge of the Court of Admiralty, letters of
-, notes of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, order of
-, references to
-, paper sent for the opinion of
-, opinion of
-, request to
-, request that the case of a Swedish ship be referred to
-, warrant to
-, pass for
-, report by, mentioned
-, as ambassador extraordinary to Nimeguen, privy seal for equipage and entertainment of
-, certificate of date of taking leave of the king by
-, saluted by Dutch men-ofwar
-, reception of, at Rotterdam
-, inquiry about a man-ofwar striking to yacht of
-, sister-in-law of, dangerous illness of
-, and Sir William Temple, plenipotentiaries to Nimeguen, notes of letter from
-, and Sir J. Williamson, bill of extraordinaries of
-, See also Temple, Sir William.

Jenkinson, Thomas, of Mr. Petit's office, informations about libels written by
-, absconded

Jennings, Edmund, high sheriff of Yorkshire, licence to
-, Edward, and Richard Cooksey, petition of, referred

Jephson, Mr., commission to

Jermyn, Henry, Earl of St. Albans, letter of
-, letter given to, by the late king to satisfy a bill of exchange
-, orders of, concerning Healings confirmed
-, Henry, petition of
-, licence to
-, Thomas, missing in the Katharine yacht

Jerome, James, minister of Chapel Izod, and his successors, payment ordered to

Jersey, letters dated from
-, vessels from
-, person to be appointed captain of company in
-, good condition of
-, St. Aubin's fort in, pier erected at
-, desire for removal of impost on stockings in
-, seamen of, ill-treated by Ostenders or Biscayners
-, notes by Williamson concerning an action in
-, the Bailiff or his Lieutenant and the jurats of the Royal Court of, letter to
-, the Lieutenant Bayly of. See Poingdestre, J.

Jesuit, a French, that tried to convert the Hudson Bay Indians and to persuade them not to trade with the English, brought to England

Jesuits, priests and Popish recusants, list of proclamations concerning
-, See also Priests.

Jews, the, Prince Taffaletta said to be entertained by

Joase, William, of Cullynort, warrant for charter to

John, Don, of Austria, going to Italy
-, report of popularity of, at Madrid, and of being sent for to Court

Johnson, Andrew, grant of denization to
-, Antony, grant of denization to
-, George, M.P., memorandum of, letter to
-, James, made town major of Yarmouth and knighted
-, Matthew. See Brent, William.

Johnstoun, Archibald, of Warriestoun, deceased, reward for seizure of

Jolliffe, John, letter of
-, letter to
-, See also Gould, John.

Jon, Thomas, in Mr. Petit's office, informations about libels written by
-, absconded to his kinsman's tavern
-, Mr., kinsman of, tavern kept by, near the Falcon Stairs

Jones, Edmund or Edward, chaplain to the Duke of Ormonde, memorandum of promise of living to
-, presentation of
-, Francis, prisoner in Maidstone gaol, to be inserted in the next pardon
-, warrant for pardon to
-, Joan, wife of, petition of
-, Richard, Viscount Ranelagh, draft in handwriting of
-, letter to, mentioned
-, end of undertaking of
-, to attend the committee for Irish affairs
-, consulted about the quitrent on Lord Dillon's estate
-, contract with, or his partners mentioned
-, revenue remaining undisposed of in hands of
-, queries to be put to, as to the 24,000l. lent him by the king and as to passing his account
-, considers himself discharged from paying compensation for the customs of Londonderry
-, and his partners, petitions of, referred
-, reference of, mentioned
-, entitled to arrears of quit-rents for 2 years before the existing farm
-, rooms at the Custom-house, Dublin, formerly granted to
-, defalcations to be allowed to
-, to be allowed a further 12 months for paying the arrears unpaid before Christmas
-, sums to be paid by, to the king, to Col. Lane's daughters and for the customs of Londonderry, release of, requested
-, Sir Theophilus, Mr. Sarsfield's estate recovered from
-, See also Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Thomas, town clerk of Ludlow, deceased
-, Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Thomas, petition of
-, person employed by, for the discovery of S. Sewster's frauds
-, Thomas, and others of Pembrokeshire, fine levied on, for riot
-, Sir William, Attorney-General, letter of
-, letters to
-, memorandum of letter to
-, warrants to
-, mentioned
-, references to
-, mentioned
-, reports by
-, mentioned
-, promise of, that the suit against the University of Oxford should be dismissed
-, profession of, of being satisfied with the University's right
-, approval of draft proclamation by
-, examinations to be sent to
-, opinion of, about licences to coffee houses
-, case sent to Williamson by
-, much in with Player, Thomson, &c.
-, opinion of, relied on by Player, &c.
-, Mr., chaplain to the Duke of Monmouth's regiment in France, letter recommending
-, Mrs., necessary woman to the queen, room to be repaired at Whitehall for

Joosson, William, grant of denization to

Joppe, John, grant of denization to.

Jossie, John, second surgeon of the forces in Scotland, warrant for payment of allowances to

Juckes, Cornelis, grant of denization to

Jurgenson, Jurgen, grant of denization to


Karstin, George, grant of denization to

Keath, Sir James, memorial of protection to

Keith, Anne, Countess Marischal, letter of
-, grant to
-, Sir John, brother of the Earl Marischal, services of, in preserving the crown, sceptre and sword
-, warrant for admission of, to the Privy Council of Scotland
-, and John, his son, warrant for grant to, of office of Knight Marischal of Scotland

Kellington, Yorkshire. See Whitby.

Kelsey, Col. See Berry, Major-General.

Kempe, Sir Robert, candidate for Norfolk, remark of, about the clergy

Kendal, design of removing the quarter sessions from
-, statement by Sir P. Musgrave about
-, the carrier from
-, list of justices in the barony of

Kensington, Sir J. Williamson going to

Kent, proclamation against the riotous weavers published in
-, good harvest in
-, East, prevalence of coughs and colds in
-, West, smallpox prevalent in

Kenyon, Roger, person prosecuted by, on the Act restraining Nonconformists from inhabiting corporations

Ker, John, one of the life-guard of horse, memorial of protection to
-, Patrick, one of the life-guard of horse, memorial of protection to

Kerr, Charles, Earl of Ancram, warrant for pension to

Kerridge, Samuel, request that, might be excused from being sheriff of Suffolk

Kerry, petition about the quit-rents of, referred
-, quit-rents of, to be reduced
-, petition about lands in, referred

Kien, Peter de, grant of denization to

Kilbury in Ireland, vessel for

Kildare. See Dublin.

Killaloe, bishopric of, note of letter for grant of
-, warrant for grant of
-, bishops of. See Roane, Dr. John; Witter, Dr. Daniel, Bishops of Killaloe.

Killien, lands of, and other lands in the barony of English, King's County, grant of, ordered

Killigrew, Henry, note of request by
-, named in draft warrant for appointing commissioners for licensing hackney coaches
-, warrant given to Sir J. Williamson by
-, warrant for grant to, of letters of administration
-, Sir Robert, caveat in favour of
-, Thomas, Groom of the Bedchamber, and Master of the Revels, warrant for grant of all the estate of, belonging to the King, by reason of any outlawry
-, Charlotte, his wife, and Charles, Robert, and Roger, his sons, warrant for grant to, of holding all lotteries in reversion
-, William, carver to the king, note of
-, petition of
-, appointed surveyor-general of Jamaica

Killknockane and Curryheen, lands of, and other lands in the barony of Duhallow, co. Cork, warrant for grant of, and lease of, recited

Killnecurra, Ballyamsarry, Strahanagh and Mulcosogram, castle, town, and lands of, in the barony of Barrymore, co. Cork, petition for letters patent of
-, further reference of report on

Kilmainham, the mills of, grant of, resumed

Kinoardine, the parson of, ratifications of charters and infeftments by

Kinclevine, the castle of, warrant for gift of the office of constabulary of

King, Andrew, clerk of the bills of customs, petition of, referred, and debt due to
-, Sir Andrew
-, John, Lord Kingston, petition of
-, report on
-, deficiencies of
-, statement of
-, part of, in trust for Edward Roberts
-, lands purchased by, and delivered up by
-, forfeited lands set out to, or purchased by, or his father, Sir Robert, confirmed to, by the Act of Settlement
-, '49 arrears of himself and his father delivered up by
-, forfeited lands to be set out to
-, lands set out to
-, Thomas. See Lucken, Sir Capel.
-, , servant to Lord Cardross, rescued by a riotous assembly
-, , coachman, supposed one of the robbers of Mr. Matthews, acquitted

Kinghorn, Earl of. See Lyon, Patrick, Earl of Kinghorn.

Kings at arms, heralds, and pursuivants, the, directions about providing coats, &c., for

King's Bench, the Court of, grant of office of Usher and Crier in

King's Chambers, the, remarks by Sir L. Jenkins about the omission of, in certain proclamations

Kingsdown, vessel ashore on sandbank near

Kingsley, W., letter of

Kingston, Richard. See Byam, Francis

Kingston, Lord. See King, John, Lord Kingston.

Kinsale, letters dated from
-, vessel of
-, vessels arrived at
-, vessels at
-, proviso to be inserted in new charter of
-, Common Hill or Drowmderrig at, houses erected on
-, Dutch vessel recaptured from pirates brought into
-, Lord and Lady. See de Courcy, John, Patrick and Ellen, Lords and Lady Kinsale.

Kinsey, Richard. See Sayer, John.

Kirk Andrew and Kirk Bryde, Isle of Man, sums allotted to schools at

Kirk Malew, Isle of Man, rectory of, note concerning value of

Kirke, George, housekeeper of Whitehall, death of
-, Major, son of, letter to
-, Capt. Ramsey to act as major in absence of
-, Sir John, proposed as a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, Percy, commission to
-, Philip, letter of, and warrant for grant to, of office of underhousekeeper of the lower rooms of Whitehall

Kirkby, Col. Richard, M.P.
-, letters of
-, indisposition of
-, (Kirby), Richard, warrant for appointing a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, proposed as a commissioner.

Kirkheaton, rectory of, Yorkshire, caveat against dispensation for holding, with rectory of Sefton

Kirkman, Francis, printer

Kirkton, Mr., secretary to Sir Thomas Edwards in 1629

Kirkwood, John, warrant for payment to

Knatchbull, Mr., secretary to the Lord Chancellor

Knight, Catherine, of St. Giles' parish, examination of
-, warrant for searching house of, and for bringing before Secretary Williamson
-, George, servant of William Empson, brought in custody, examined, and dismissed
-, James, a bad member in the post office Dublin
-, Sir John, letters of

Knightly, Hugh, high sheriff of Surrey, licence to

Knighton, Mr., the new mayor of Northampton

Knights, Dr.

Knolles, Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Knox, John. See Calvin, John.

Krighsman, John, grant of denization to

Krinsen, Francis, grant of denization to

Krogero in Norway, English ship carried into

Kroges, William, grant of denization to

Kynvin, Mr., son-in-law of Mr. Harris, letter recommending