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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Laces, patent for invention for working point
-, declaration that the king would not wear any foreign, and order forbidding any such being worn

Lackinshonnie and Gurteen, town and lands of, and other lands in the barony of Barretts, co. Cork, warrant for grant of, and lease of, recited

Laherfineen. See Dromkeene.

Lake, Edward, M.A., chaplain to the Duke of York, intended appointment of, to the chantership of Exeter
-, consent of the Duke of Monmouth to, obtaining the degree of D.D.
-, recommended for the degree of D.D.
-, attendance of, on the Duke of York's children
-, James, senior prebendary of Exeter, letter in favour of
-, Richard, M.A., of Sidney Sussex College, consent to, procuring letters mandatory
-, letter recommending for a fellowship

La Mott or Le Mott, , captain of a French privateer, prisoner at Harwich

Lambert, Mrs. Frances, formerly Mrs. Sanders, of Bristol, letter recommending, and services of, to the king
-, Witte, certificate of, having taken the oaths of allegiance and supremacy
-, grant of denization to

Lamberts or Lambracks, Cornelis, certificate of, having taken the oaths of allegiance and supremacy
-, grant of denization to

Lamplugh, Col. John, of Lamplugh, letter to, and arrear due from
-, letter of
-, Thomas, sale of Papcastle and Dovenby by
-, Dr. Thomas, Dean of Rochester, letter of
-, letter to, mentioned
-, former pupil of
-, application of, on behalf of William Reade

Lancashire, the preachers in, petition of, referred

Lancaster, the Duchy of, the liberty of, to be inserted in Mr. Deerham's bill
-, reference of the Countess of Northumberland's petition as to lands parcel of

Lancaster Great Park or Ashdown Forest, the Honour of Aquila and other lands in Sussex, warrant for grant of, and grants of, recited
-, rent of, warrant for grant of

Landerneau, Brittany, mutineers at

Landguard Fort, letters dated from
-, vessel anchored outside

Land's End, the, vessel taken off
-, Turkish men-of-war off
-, ships from Hudson's Bay separated off
-, men of captured French ship landed near
-, ships wrecked near

Lane, George, elected sheriff of Bristol
-, Sir George. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Col. John, the six daughters of, petition of, mentioned, and letter in favour of
-, sum payable to

Langley, Capt. Thomas, letters of
-, letter to
-, circular letters to
-, mentioned
-, bill of
-, ship and goods of, and Mr. Care, seized by a Swedish privateer, and afterwards by an Ostend privateer and carried into Norway
-, damage sustained by, from the Swedes
-, poor soldiers brought over in packet-boats of
-, Silas Taylor and John Rolfe, letter of
-, Capt., company of, commission in

Langston, Cornet, commission to

Langton, Yorkshire, rectory of, warrant for dispensation for holding another living with

Lanier, John, lieut.-colonel of the Duke of Monmouth's regiment of horse in the French service
-, come to England

Lansdown, the battle of, Sir Bevil Grenville slain at

Lansdown, Lord. See Grenville. Charles, Lord Lansdown.

Lanyon, Capt. Philip, letters of
-, postscript by
-, absence of, from Plymouth

La Roche, , tailor to the queen, complaint of prosecution of

Latham, Daniel, caveat on behalf of mentioned

Latthrop, Capt.. and hits company killed by Indians

Latimer, Lord. See Osborne, Edward, Lord Latimer.

Lattenhower, Theodorus, M.D., petition of, referred
-, petition of, and reference and report thereon

Lauderdale, the Duke of. See Maitland, John, Duke of Lauderdale.

Laugharne, Rowland, petition of, recommended

Laurie, Robert, Bishop of Brechin. See Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews.

La Varenne, Monsieur, petition of, and pension granted to, by, and sum lent by, to the late king

Law, note of tenders for the farm of the duties on proceedings at
-, sums illegally collected by the farmers of the duties on proceedings at

Law books, quotations from

Lawley, Sir Francis, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Lawrence, Richard, of Chapel Izod, lease to, recited

Laws, Mr., ensign to Capt. Graham, bearer of a letter to the Duke of Monmouth
-, to be ensign to Capt. Trapps

Lawson, Sir W., letter to
-, son of, complaints of

Lawyers, letter attacking

Layfield, Capt., promise to, mentioned

Layton, , ordered to be taken into custody

Leases to pass the Great Seal, warrant for grant of clerkship for writing

Leather, bill for continuing an Act for exportation of
-, lost by the prorogation
-, mentioned
-, reasons for a free trade in
-, Act for transportation of (19 & 20 Car. II. c. 10)
-, reasons offered to Parliament for reviving
-, reasons of the Cordwainers' Company against renewing
-, paper offered to Parliament in answer to reasons against reviving
-, Act prohibiting the exportation of, (14 Car. II. c. 7)
-, petition of the ordinary shoemakers in and about London against the suppression of the retailing of
-, reasons offered to the King against the exportation of unmanufactured

Leane, Charles, warrant for grant to

Lee, Edward Henry, Earl of Lichfield, patents passing in the name of, for the reversion of the lieutenancy of Woodstock
-, and Charlotte, wife of, Countess of Lichfield, petition of referred
-, difference between, and the Earl of Rochester, about the rangership of Woodstock Park (Lady Lindsey).
-, Dr. Richard. letter of
-, Sir Thomas, M.P., libellous paper addressed to

Leedes Castle, Kent, letter dated from

Leeke, Sir Francis, Governor of Gravesend blockhouse, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, hoy promised to
-, company of, at Gravesend, commission in
-, Francis, warrant for grant in reversion after

Leemkuell, Mr. See Jacobson, Mr.

Legers, Conrad, grant of denization to

Legge, Col. William, groom of the Bedchamber, grants to, recited
-, Col. George, son of, Governor of Portsmouth, letters of
-, paper received from
-, Williamson requested to speak to
-, arrival of, at Portsmouth
-, grant in reversion after
-, petition for
-, warrant for release of quit-rents to
-, claim of, on the profits of the Doubling Ordinance satisfied
-, See also Packington, Sir John.
-, William, cornet to the Earl of Oxford's own troop, leave of absence to

Legh, Thomas, of Adlington, caveat for notice to

Leghorn, vessels from, or for
-, pass for ship for convoying ship to, and from

Legros, David, commission to

Le Houques, John and Thomas, affidavits of, mentioned

Leichland and Over-Leichland, lands of, and other lands in the parochines of Paisley and Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, warrant for charter of

Leigh, Richard, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Robert, letters of
-, letters to
-, warrant for grant to

Leighton, Sir Ellis, lease to, recited.

Leiha, the Marquis de, going ambassador to Rome

Leith, vessel of
-, prisoner for
-, alleged prize of a Scotch privateer at
-, ship driven into

Leitrim. See Wicklow.

Lellie, Count Gustave, pass for

Leman, Philip, arrears of rents due from

Lembrack, Peter, certificate of, taking the oaths of allegiance and supremacy
-, grant of denization to

Lenden, Robert, letter in favour of
-, father of, death of, in the king's cause

Lennard, Dorothy, Baroness Dacre, letter of
-, arrears of rent due from
-, son and grandson of. See Barrett-Lennard, Richard and Dacres.
-, Mistress Elizabeth, administratrix of her sister, Mistress Howard
-, letter of
-, Thomas, Earl of Sussex, warrant for grant of lands in custodium to

Lenox, Charles, the king's natural son, creation of, as Baron of Seathrington, Earl of March, and Duke of Richmond, and grant to
-, creation of, mentioned
-, creation of, as Duke of Lenox, Earl of Darnley and Lord Tarbolton in the peerage of Scotland
-, declaration of arms, crest and supporters to be granted to
-, clergyman who christened
-, the Dukes of, titles of, descended to the king

Lenten, Mr., employed by John Gould and John Jolliffe

Leominster, the finest English wool grown about
-, persons suggested as members for

Le Pin, Monsieur, statement on behalf of Mr. Cayroze presented by

Lermont, John, outed advocate, petition of, mentioned

Leslie, Catherine, Countess of Leven memorial of protection to
-, John, Earl of Rothes, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, letters to
-, narrative concerning Sir P. Home signed by
-, warrant for disbanding troop of Horse Guards commanded by
-, and the Lord President and the remanent Senators of the College of Justice, letters to

Lesneven, Brittany, mutineers at

Lester, Squire, father-in-law of Calcot Chamber, the younger

L'Estrange, Roger, surveyor of the Press, warrants to

Le Tubelin, Aron, deceased insolvent, lands purchased by John Fautrat's father from
-, John Fautrat to be admitted tenant of inheritance of

Letterup, William, alleged to have married Queen Elizabeth's daughter, and to have been made Earl Marshal

Letellier, Francois Michel, Marquis de Louvois
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, Major Staniers dismissed at the desire of

Lethieullier, Sir John, petition of, referred and money lent by, to the king

Letter from a Person of Quality to his Friend in the Country
-, warrant for searching for and seizing all copies of, and for apprehending the author of
-, warrant for searching for
-, persons to whom copies of, were sold

Letter, a traitorous and scandalous
-, examinations concerning
-, no further trouble to be taken about

Leutea, Jacob, grant of denization to

Levant Company, the, letter to

Leven, the estate of, letter concerning the ward or non-entry of
-, Countess of. See Leslie, Catherine, and Montgomery, Margaret, Countesses of Leven.

Leverett, Capt., Governor of Massachusetts, letter of. mentioned

Lewin, John, account signed by

Lewis, Richard, chaplain to the Navy, letter recommending
-, Richard, of Edington, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire
-, Thomas, Thomas son of, warrant for pardon to

Lewis, the, discharge of the feu duty of

Leyden, book printed at
-, mail from, stopped by the inundation
-, person at

Leyenbergh, Sir J. Barckman, the Swedish Resident, letters of
-, matter to be represented to

Lezant, Cornwall, rectory of, dispensation for holding

Lichfield, former commissioner for the king in the garrison of
-, Earl and Countess of. See Edward Henry and Charlotte, Earl and Countess of Lichfield.

Lige, reported design of the Prince of Orange to besiege

Lieur alias Liex, manor of, and other lands in the Queen's County, warrant for grant of, and lease of, recited

Liever, Passchier, certificate of, having taken the oaths of allegiance and supremacy
-, grant of denization to

Light, invention of spreading, patent for requested
-, granted

Lightermen and Ballastmen, caveat against the incorporation of

Lightfoot, Dr., incumbent of Much Munden, Hertfordshire

Lilbourne, Richard and Henry, depositions of

Lillicrap, Peter, printer, deceased

Lillingston Dayrell, letter dated from

Lima, delay in the arrival of the plate from, at Panama
-, the Vice-King of

Limburg, taken by the French
-, proposed restoration of, to Spain

Limerick, vessel of, taken, and vessels bought in Holland for
-, Mayor of. See Yorke, William.

Lincoln, the bishopric of, report of appointment to
-, royal assent to election to
-, warrant for restitution of temporalities of
-, the Dean and Chapter of, cong d' lire and letter missive to
-, the Deanery of, grant of, requested
-, Bishop of. See Barlow, Dr. Thomas; Fuller, Dr. William, Bishops of Lincoln.

Lincolnshire. See Nottinghamshire.

Lindfield, Major, M.P. for Ipswich letter to

Lindsay, Colin, Earl of Balcarres, warrant for discharge to
-, John, Earl of Crawford, sum paid to

Lindsey, , younger, of Paystoune, memorial of protection to

Lindsey, Earl of. See Bertie, Robert, Earl of Lindsey.

Lingard, John, firemaster in the Ordnance Office, warrant for pension to

Lingham, John, a Barbados merchant, Williamson's packet delivered to

Limhouses. See Sharplaw.

Linlithgow, Earl of. See Livingstone, George, Earl of Linlithgow.

Lisbon, vessels from, or for
-, French lady going to
-, merchandize received on English man-of-war for

Little, Lieut.-Col. Francis. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Littleton, Capt. George, company of, commission in
-, Sir Henry, robbery at the house of
-, Sir Timothy, Baron of the Exchequer, resignation of recordership of Ludlow by
-, at Appleby for the Assizes
-, See also Raynsford, Sir Richard.
-, Mr., at Lord Shaftesbury's house
-, Lord O'Brien blamed by, for not warning Lord Shaftesbury of the king's message

Liverpool, vessels from

Livingston, George, Earl of Linlithgow, letter to
-, warrant for gift to
-, regiment of, men to be distributed among
-, commissions in

Lizard, the
-, men-of-war off
-, shipwrecks at
-, ship nearly wrecked at

Llandaff, bishopric of, royal assent to election to
-, warrant for restitution of temporalities of
-, appointment to, mentioned
-, Bishop of. See Davies, Dr. Francis; Lloyd, Dr. William, Bishops of Llandaff.

Llanelly, ship brought into the pool near

Llannynis, Denbighshire, sinecure of

Llewellin, Richard, marshal of the regiment of Horse Guards, commission in place of

Lloyd, Henry, printer
-, Henry, mayor of Chester, letter of
-, traitorous letter sent to
-, mentioned
-, Sir Philip, clerk of the Council, bonds sent from Dover to
-, Richard Hunt and John Odacio Formica, patent to
-, Dr. Richard, the king's advocate-general, warrant to, about prosecuting prizes in the Admiralty Court requested
-, and Samuel Franklin, the king's procurator-general, appointment of, to prosecute persons accountable for prize goods
-, draft of
-, Simon, incumbent of Llannynis, Denbighshire, death of
-, Thomas, petition of, referred
-, Dr. William, of Battersea, chaplain to the king, royal assent to the election of, to the bishopric of Llandaff
-, warrant for restitution of temporalities to
-, warrant for dispensation to
-, appointment of, mentioned

Loadsmanage, the Court of, held in St. James' church, Dover

Lobbe, Robert, petition of, referred

Lochmaben, appointment of minister of

Lockhart, Sir George, Sir John Cunningham, George Bannerman, and Hugh Wallace, advocates, petition on behalf of themselves and others, mentioned
-, John Ellis and Hugh Wallace. debarred advocates, petition of
-, to be restored to the exercise of their employment
-, Sir William, ambassador to France
-, letters to
-, mentioned
-, letters to, ordered
-, pass for horses for
-, person going to
-, state of the half-pay of the Duke of Monmouth's regiment sent by
-, present of horses to
-, illness of
-, death of
-, corpse of, conveyed to Rouen
-, on board a vessel at Portsmouth
-, departure of vessel with
-, vessel with, driven from her anchors at Bridlington
-, account of equipage of
-, reasons for signing
-, Lady Robina, wife of, to embark at Gravesend for Scotland
-, account signed by
-, Sir John, senator of the College of Justice, brother of, leave of absence to be given to
-, Sir William, of Carstaires, son of a receiver of the revenue in Scotland
-, Sir William, of Lee. late Justice Clerk, deceased

Lodge, Morgan, letters of
-, returned to Dover from the service of the East India Company

Loftus, Adam, grant of places in reversion after
-, Edward, Viscount Loftus, difference between, and Dacres Barrett-Lennard
-, attempt by, to procure an Act of the Irish Parliament to confirm disputed estate to
-, allegation that the Council of State put, in possession of the disputed estate for his services

Logrono, Don John of Austria to embark at

London, Capt., of the Norwich

London, letters dated from
-, certificate dated from
-, newsletter dated from
-, letter addressed to
-, pamphlets printed at
-, mails from
-, vessels of
-, lost
-, vessels for
-, person sent to
-, travellers to
-, persons from
-, the Lord Mayor of. See Vyner, Sir Robert.
-, Recorder of. See Howell, Sir John.
-, Bishop of, living in the gift of
-, no new book to be printed by Thomas Dawkes without the licence of
-, See also Compton. Dr. Henry: Henchman, Dr. Humphrey, Bishops of London.
-, the Lord Mayor of, right of, to call and dissolve the Common Council
-, negative voice of, taken away by the usurpers in Feb. 16489
-, forbidden to grant passes for ships
-, the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of, petition of, referred
-, order on petition of
-, report on petition of
-, petition of, recited
-, interview of, with the Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer and Secretary Williamson
-, no statement sent by, to Newmarket
-, suspension of the Common Serjeant by
-, and some of the Common Council, interview of, with the Lord Keeper, Lord Treasurer and Secretary Williamson
-, letters concerning the difference between, and the Common Council
-, engine for raising water presented to
-, right of guardianship of, to child of deceased freeman
-, and the Common Council of, the keepership of Ludgate in the gift of
-, the dispute between, about the Judge of the Sheriffs' Court quietly ended
-, and Sheriffs of, petition of, referred
-, order to
-, roundly admonished by the Privy Council
-, the Common Council of, tumultuous proceedings in
-, right of the Lord Mayor to call and dissolve
-, the mayor, commonalty, and citizens of, as governors of Christ's, Bridewell, and St. Thomas' hospitals, petition of recited, and warrant for grant and licence to
-, the Lieutenancy of, letter to
-, the Judge of the Sheriffs' Court of, question as to right of appointment of
-, election of
-, the militia of, letter for levying money for charges of
-, Act for levying money for (14 Car. II. c. 3)
-, the Society of the Governor and Assistants of the new plantation in Ulster of, petition of, recited
-, compensation to, for purchase of the customs of Londonderry, ordered
-, Companies of:
-, Clothworkers', the Master and Wardens of, letter to
-, Cordwainers', reasons offered by, against the renewing of the Act for transportation of unmanufactured leather
-, Glass-sellers' and others selling glass in England or Wales. case of, concerning the Bill for suppressing hawkers, pedlars, &c.
-, Mercers', interest solicited at a meeting of, for choosing a professor of Gresham College
-, Merchant Taylors', candidate for employment in
-, Stationers', letter to
-, list of printing houses brought in by
-, Weavers', intended petition of
-, endeavours of, to put down engine looms called broad looms
-, the rioters against engine loom weavers encouraged by
-, Merchant Adventurers of, the Company of, person recommended to
-, merchants of, trading to Cadiz &c., meeting of, to be summoned
-, account of result of meeting of
-, Gazette, the
-, requests for notices to be inserted in
-, English slaves from Algiers going to
-, the Duchess of Portsmouth intending for
-, list of printing houses in
-, earnest preacher during the plague of
-, reported intention of, to petition against the excessive profits of the French by English commerce
-, proposal for establishment of a Committee for Trade in
-, gentleman and citizens using archery about, and the suburbs, petition of, referred
-, the last 18 months' assessment on, petition for remission of arrears of
-, abatement of, recommended
-, warrant for release of
-, caveat concerning a king's waiter's place in the port of
-, weavers in, riot of
-, proclamation for dispersion of riotous assemblies of
-, published
-, list of prisoners at the general gaol delivery for
-, Lutheran church at
-, the French congregation in, choice of minister of, confirmed
-, the ordinary shoemakers in and about, petition of
-, return of the Lord Lieutenant from, expected
-, necessary to be secured for the king before a dissolution
-, report that the whole of, was up in arms
-, collections to be made in, for the relief of the poor
-, the diocese of, petition for payment out of the arrears of the tenths of
-, living in the king's gift through the vacancy of
-, Dean and Chapter of, the. See London and Westminster, places &c. in:St. Paul's Cathedral.
-, and Middlesex, the Sheriffs of, sum levied by
-, See also Howell, Sir John.
-, and Westminster, commissions to command the forces in and about, during the king's absence
-, appointment of Keeper of the Game within 10 miles of
-, petition for power to inspect the accounts of the Hearth money in, referred
-, the justices of. See Howell, Sir John.

London and Westminster, streets, places &c., in and about:
-, African House, the, Throgmorton Street
-, Bedford Street, Covent Garden
-, Blossom's Inn
-, Bottle of Hay, the, Islington
-, Bow Street, Covent Garden, the coffee-house in
-, Broad Street, letter dated from
-, Cabbage Lane, Westminster
-, Chancery Lane
-, Chapter House, the, certificate dated from
-, Charterhouse Lane
-, Christ's Hospital, letters dated from
-, grant of right of presentation to
-, warrant for grant for maintenance of the mathematical school at, and proposals for rendering more useful the royal foundation for the mathematical school at
-, the children of, apprenticed to masters of ships
-, circular letter to the East India and other companies recommending the children apprenticed from
-, petition for grant of surplus of Fryer's estate for mathematical school at
-, the Governors of, petition of
-, City of Amsterdam, the sign of the, behind the Old Exchange
-, Clarendon House
-, Coach and Horses, the, in St. Giles'
-, Court of Requests, the.
-, Covent Garden
-, Crown Inn, the, Holborn
-, Custom house, the, report dated from
-, books of Elzevir seized at
-, Dean's Yard, Westminster, letters addressed to
-, Doctors' Commons
-, order dated from
-, Drapers' Hall
-, Drury Lane, letter dated from
-, Exchange, the
-, Exchange Alley, near the Royal Exchange
-, Exeter House
-, Falcon Stairs, Southwark, the
-, Fetter Lane
-, Fishmongers' Hall, letter dated from
-, Fleet prison, the, letter dated from
-, prisoners in
-, the warden of, warrant to
-, See also Dickenson. Thomas.
-, Fleet Street, murderers to be executed in
-, Garraway's Coffee-house
-, Gatehouse, the, persons committed to
-, order and warrant for discharge from
-, the keeper of, warrants to
-, George Yard, Westminster
-, Globe, the, between York House and the New Exchange. Strand letter addressed to
-, Grays' Inn
-, letters dated from
-, letter addressed to
-, Green Dragon Alley in the Strand
-, Gresham College, person recommended for professorship at
-, Grocers' Hall
-, Guildhall, the, letters dated from
-, Hermitage Stairs, Wapping. the
-, Hicks' Hall
-, Holloway Street, Shoreditch
-, Ivy Bridge in the Strand
-, John's Coffee-house frequented by Lord Shaftesbury
-, King Street, Westminster
-, King's Head, the, Pall Mall
-, Lambeth, pamphlet licensed at
-, Leadenhall Market
-, Leadenhall Street, dangerous meeting at
-, Leicester Fields, letter dated from
-, Little Eastcheap
-, Little Suffolk Street
-, Lombard Street
-, Ludgate, letters dated from
-, the keeper's place of
-, prisoner in
-, Marshalsea, the, prisoners in
-, Merchant Taylors' Hall. Threadneedle Street
-, Middle Temple, the, Elm Court and Fig-tree Court in
-, Mill Stairs, Southwark
-, New Cane Street, near Longacre
-, New King Street, Bloomsbury, letter dated from
-, New Palace Yard
-, Newgate, prisoners in
-, persons to be inserted in pardon for convicts in
-, persons condemned at gaol delivery of
-, person committed to
-, Old Bailey, the, persons condemned at
-, person indicted at
-, gaol delivery at
-, Pall Mall
-, letter dated from
-, Palsgrave Head, the, at Temple Bar
-, Piccadilly, letter dated from
-, Post Office, the, letter dated from
-, Red Lion in Holborn, the, letter addressed to
-, Rolls Chapel, the, patent in
-, Rose, the, Salisbury Lane, Southwark
-, St. Alban's Street
-, St. James
-, letter dated from
-, St. James' Fields
-, St. James' Park, grant of lodgings built on wall of, near the Horse Guards
-, trial of pumping engine in
-, St. Michael's Church, Cornhill
-, St. Paul's Cathedral, rebuilding of, to be commenced
-, the Commissioners for rebuilding, letter to
-, petition of
-, Dean and Chapter of, the, conge d'lire and letter missive to
-, certificate by
-, licence to, to take stone in the Isle of Portland and to charge rents for use of the piers, &c., there
-, St. Peter's Church, Broad Street
-, St. Thomas' Hospital
-, Salisbury Court pretended jurisdiction of the Earl of Dorset in
-, Saracen's Head, the, Snowhill
-, Scotland Yard
-, Spitalfields
-, Spring Garden, letters dated from
-, Stocks Market, the
-, Swan Fields, meeting of the rabble in
-, Trinity House, the See Deptford Strand.
-, Vauxhall, great building at, lease of, requested
-, Wallingford House, letters dated from
-, reports dated from
-, note dated from
-, Whitecross Street
-, Whitefriars, letter dated from

Londonderry, sum payable for purchase of customs at

Long, Sir James, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire
-, James, demises to, mentioned
-, Sir Robert, deceased, payment certified by

Longe. Mr., Mr. Benson's case against, touching the Aldborough election

Longford, letter dated from
-, county. See Wicklow.

Longueville, Edward, warrant for pardon to
-, Sir Thomas, of Wolverton, Bucks, and his wife, Mary, and his daughter, Margaret, passport for
-, arrival of, from Calais

Lonsada, Antonio, grant of denization to
-, Aron Baron, grant of denization to

Loonedrogers, definition of

Looe, vessel of
-, the corporation of, willingness of, to serve Williamson at an election

Lords, the House of, journals of the proceedings in
-, account of proceedings in concerning the differences with the House of Commons about certain cases
-, heads offered by, at the conference concerning the House of Commons attaching Crispe's counsel
-, address of, for removing the Lieutenant of the Tower, mentioned
-, answer of the king to
-, the Lords to be in their robes in
-, counsel pleading before, arrested by the House of Commons
-, extracts from the journals of
-, protest against the rejection by, of the address for dissolving Parliament
-, address moved in, for a dissolution of Parliament
-, vote in, on proceedings of the House of Commons
-, petitions to, recited and orders of, mentioned

Lorimer, Major. See Wolsley, Hellen.

Lorraine, the Duke of (Charles), forces of, joined by the Prince of Orange
-, the French defeated by
-, a sovereignty proposed to be given to, by France
-, disputes about the form of passes for envoys of, at Nimeguen
-, absolute refusal of the King of France to give the title of Duke to
-, letter of M. de Pomponne about titles of
-, question about titles of

Lotteries, grant of all, except the Royal Oak, to the loyal indigent officers, mentioned
-, warrant for grant of holding all, in reversion

Lottery, the trustees of the, signification of his Majesty's pleasure to
-, the Royal Oak, leave recommended for exercise of, at Oxford during the Act
-, interest of Richard Royston and Robert Cleater in
-, person at Yarmouth about

Loughrea, the late commissioners at, mentioned

Louth, Roscommon and Galway, grant of lands in, recited

Louvain. See Diest.
-, the castle of, reported surrender of, to the Prince of Orange

Louvois, Marquis de. See Letellier, Franois Michel, Marquis de Louvois.

Love, Dr. Nicholas, of Winchester, deceased
-, Nicholas, son of, attainted of the murder of the late king
-, Barnaby, Robert and Edward, sons of, collusive suit between
-, Alderman, M.P.

Lovelace, Anne, Baroness Lovelace, and John, Lord Lovelace, her son, request on behalf of
-, answer on behalf of
-, Col. Francis, prisoner in the Tower, warrant for release of, on bail
-, John, Lord Lovelace, letter to
-, grant of lieutenancy of Woodstock, &c., in reversion after, mentioned
-, difference between, and Lady Lichfield, concerning patent passing for Woodstock
-, petition of, and report thereon

Lower Anceholme, letter dated from

Lowestoft, mails and passengers landed at

Lowther, Sir John, member for Cumberland
-, not allowed to join with the Attorney-General, Player, &c.
-, Sir William, Mr. Garraway and the other Commissioners of the Customs, place in the disposal of

Lubeck, war declared against, by Denmark.

Lucken, or Luckyn, Sir Capel, and Sir Thomas Lee, members for Harwich, letters to

Lucy, Sir Fulk, very bitter against the Lord Treasurer
-, Richard, of Charleton (Charlecote), Warwickshire. See Molyneux, Cary, Viscount Molyneux.

Ludlow, Col., reported to be at the head of the rebels in Brittany and of rebels in England

Ludlow, approbation of election of town clerk of
-, of recorder of
-, the bailiffs and common council of, letter to

Lulworth, mast, &c., come ashore at

Lumley, Richard, Viscount Lumley, and others, Sunderland harbour viewed by

Lundy Island, vessels driven ashore under

Lunenburg, the Duke of, passports from
-, the forces of, joined by the Prince of Orange
-, with the Duke of Lorraine
-, passports expected from

Lusty, Lord Montacute's horse, matches between, and Nutmeg

Lutheran church in London, the

Lutton, Mr. See Hide, Mr.

Luxembourg, the Duc de, pass for horses for

Luzancy, M. de, alias Hippolyte Chastelet, a Protestant convert, answer of, to a paper presented to the king by Father St. Germain
-, threatened by St. Germain and another
-, meeting between, and St. Germain at the French ambassador's house at Windsor
-, certificates of the baptism of, of the reception of the tonsure and minor orders by, and testimonial in favour of, and licence to, to preach
-, statement probably referring to
-, proclamation forbidding any violence or affront to

Lyall, Thomas, of Easter Gaigy, and Joanna Maria Lindsey, his spouse, warrant for charter on resignation of

Lyme, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, vessels arrived at
-, election of mayor of

Lynch, Stephen, consul at Ostend, letter to
-, Sir Thomas, letters of
-, letters to, mentioned
-, grant in reversion after
-, illness of

Lynford, Thomas, M.A., letter recommending
-, mentioned

Lynn, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, vessels arrived at
-, vessel for
-, Nonconformists at
-, no Roman Catholics at
-, Nonconformists near, prosecuted
-, election at
-, election of mayor of
-, ship put ashore near
-, murder at
-, postwarrant to

Lyon, Patrick, Earl of Kinghorn, warrant for payment to
-, John, bastard of John, Earl of Kinghorn, deceased, warrant for legitimation of

Lyra, Don Emmanuel de, passports in the hands of
-, memorial of

Lyttelton, Sir Charles, late cupbearer to the king, appointment in place of