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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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M., R., newsletter from

McCarty, Callaghan, Earl of Clancarty, petitions of, referred.
-, recited
-, quit-rents of in arrear to the farmers
-, warrant recommending reducement of
-, warrant for accepting a composition in satisfaction of arrears of
-, Capt. Charles, troop of, commissions in
-, Capt. Daniel, to be entered on the list of pensioners
-, Donough, Earl of Clancarty, deceased, estates restored to, without any reprisal
-, Charles James, late Viscount Muskerry, son of, deceased, lands mentioned in certificate of
-, lands formerly decreed to
-, Justin. going to, and at Holyhead
-, Capt. Owen, lands claimed by
-, grant to, mentioned

McCarty More, Florence, and Charles, his son, mortgages made by

McDonnell, neas, Lord McDonnell, warrant for pension to
-, Alexander, and Lady Elizabeth Teresa, his wife, case of

Machin, Samuel, approbation of, as town clerk of Newcastle-underLyme, requested
-, granted

Mackarnes, John, securities for moneys advanced by
-, balance sheets between, and Ambrose Holbeach

McKenzie, Sir George, outed advocate, petitions of, mentioned
-, to be re-admitted as advocate
-, Colin, brother of, to be re-admitted
-, Rory, advocate, warrant for pardon to

Mackenzie, Kenneth, Earl of Seaforth, discharge of the feu duty of the Lewis to
-, and his eldest son, Lord Mackenzie of Kintail, warrant for gift of the office of sheriff principal of Ross-shire to

Mackerel, great catch of

McKinnon, Donald, student of theology, warrant for presentation of

McLeane, Sir , laird of McLeane, and his father, Sir , deceased, warrant for gift of duties payable by

Maclier, Sir John, deceased, pecuniary assistance given to the king by
-, Sir James, son of, deceased, pecuniary assistance given to the king by.
-, Katherine, widow of, petition of

Maddox, Benjamin, of Wormeley, Hertfordshire, grant of baronetcy to
-, discharge of creation money to
-, Robert, appointed a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches

Madeira, vessel for

Madrid, the captain-general not gone to
-, gentleman sent to the Havana told that satisfaction must be demanded at
-, reported popularity of Don John of Austria at

Maes, the, vessels from
-, difficulty in getting out of, from the Brill
-, English yacht saluted by men-of-war in
-, inquiry in Holland about

Maestricht, said to be evacuated by the French
-, expected design of the Prince of Orange to besiege
-, proposed restoration of, to the States General
-, reported defeat of the French near

Magenis, Arthur, petition of, referred
-, ancestors of, lands granted to, by Queen Elizabeth

Mahan, Timothy, commission to

Mahomet Martella general of the camp of the Arabs, English slave given to
-, strangled by order of the Dey

Maidenhead, town of, claim by, to take oaks from the king's woods for repairs of bridge at

Maidens, Act for the punishment of such as shall take away, under (4 and 5 Phil. and Mary, c. 8)

Maidstone gaol, prisoner in

Maidwell, Samuel, appointed a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches

Maillard, Capt. ship of, arrested on pretence of piracy, release of, requested

Maine, Edmund, major of the Duke of Monmouth's regiment of horse in the French service, agreement between, and the master of a hoy for transporting men to France

Mainwaring, Sir Thomas, letters of
-, letter to
-, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Cheshire requested and granted

Maire, Jean, first printer of Grotius, De Veritate Religionis Christian

Maitland, John, Duke of Lauderdale, letters of
-, letter to
-, letters to, mentioned
-, commands to, requested
-, mentioned in a counterfeit speech of the king's
-, address of the House of Commons against
-, answer of the king to
-, notice taken by the House of Commons of, bearing the sword at the prorogation
-, information from, about Holyrood House
-, called the king's buffoon
-, Charles, brother of, Lord Halton, Treasurer Depute of Scotland, lodgings to be assigned to, in Holyrood House
-, Richard, one of the generals of the Mint in Scotland, Scotch weights to be delivered to

Malaga, vessels for, or from

Malahide. See Dublin.

Maldon, to be inserted in Mr. Deerham's bill

Malet, John, letter of

Malmo, vessel of

Malotto, , formerly lieut.-general of the Prince de Cond said to be a leader of the Breton rebels

Malta, vessel for

Man, John, letters of

Man, the Isle of, his Majesty's gift among the clergy and schools of, account of proposed distribution of
-, order for distribution of
-, requested

Manchester College, fellowship in, petition for, mentioned
-, caveat concerning
-, the Warden, &c. of, letter to
-, Earl of. See Montagu, Edward, and Robert, Earls of Manchester.

Maney, Sir John, Major Roch, Capt. Thomas Bates, and Lieut. Edward Pickin, four indigent officers, signification of the king's pleasure on petition of

Mansell, Sir Edward, M.P., letter of
-, memorandum of letter to
-, petition of, referred
-, request by, for renewal of grant of offices of chamberlain and chancellor of South Wales for the lives of his sons, Edward and Thomas, instead of other lives
-, Williamson's health drunk by

Mansfield, Capt. Thomas, commission to

Manley, Roger, deputy governor of Portsmouth, letters of
-, knighted
-, Dutch captains entertained by

Mann, Mr.

Mansera, the Marquis de, a grandee of Spain, named a plenipotentiary for the peace congress

Manwaring, Sheriff, indenture of return for Chester executed by

Mar, Earl of. See Erskine, John, and John, and Charles, Earls of Mar.

Marazion, letter dated from

Marcum, Richard, and William Scott, grant to, recited

Mardo, Norway, many Dutch ships wintered at

Margate, mails and passengers landed at
-, vessel of, ashore
-, Road, vessels in

Mariana, Bellarmin, and others, pernicious doctrine of, concerning the Pope's monarchy

Marischal, the Countess. See Keith, Anne, Countess Marischal.

Marlay, Robert, town clerk of Newcastle, resignation of

Marseilles, letters from, mentioned
-, fleet from, narrow escape of, from de Ruyter
-, vessel from

Marsh, Mr., said to be a prebendary of St. Paul's, infirmity of

Marshall, Robert. See Petty, Sir William.
-, Capt. Thomas, recommended for a place in Sutton's Hospital
-, Dr. Thomas, Rector of Lincoln College, reception of the Prince of Neuburg by

Marteel, John, grant of denization to

Martin, Capt. Henry, protection to
-, John, prisoner in the condemned hole at Newgate, petition of
-, affidavit concerning
-, warrant for pardon to
-, Richard, M.A., Fellow of King's College, recommended for a fellowship at Eton
-, Thomas, gentleman of the Privy Chamber, put on the list for sheriff, note concerning
-, Mr., captain of the Blossom from New England

Martin Hill fair near Winchester, person recommended as bailiff of

Martinico, vessels from

Mary, Queen, alleged not to have been Henry VIII's daughter

Maryland, vessels from, or for
-, the English in, war beginning between, and the Patopon Indians
-, scarcity of tobacco in
-, want of provisions in

Maskall, William, goldsmith, of York, prosecution of, to be postponed
-, the Lord Mayor of York reproved for re-imprisoning

Mason, John, weaver, a Fifth Monarchy man, sent for and brought in custody

Massachusetts colony, the Governor and Council of, letter to

Massey, Sir Edward, lease to, recited

Master, Sir Edward, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, caveat at the desire of
-, Mr., note about there being no mandamus for

Mastrick, Philip, captain of an Ostend caper

Mathew or Matthews, John, the Exeter carrier, robbed by highwaymen
-, person tried for robbery of

Mathyson, Peter, grant of denization to

Matthyson, Alexander, grant of denization to

Maude, Robert, grant of market and fairs to, ordered

Mauleverer, Francis, exchange requested for
-, commission to
-, Sir Richard, suggested as a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches

Maurice, Lewis, of Abbeville, physician, a Popish priest, examinations of
-, in custody at Dover

Maurits, Jacob, grant of denization to

Maxwell, widow, printer

May, Baptista, keeper of the Privy Purse, privy seal for payment to
-, Hugh, Comptroller of the Works, order for allowances to
-, grant in reversion after
-, letters patent to, mentioned
-, and Thomas May, grant to, of the clerkship of the recognizances
-, and John Ball, surveyor of the works, to pull down and alter buildings at Windsor Castle
-, Thomas, grant to, of the clerkship of the recognizances in reversion
-, Mr., losses of, on a horse race
-, horse of

Mayart, Col. John. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington

Maycock, John, printer

Maynard, William, Lord Maynard, to have the Earl of Suffolk's proxy

Mayne, John. author of "The Exciseman's Journal,"

Mayo. See Clare and Galway.

Mazarin, the Duchess of, arrival of, in London, and speculations about the reasons of her coming
-, charmingness of

Meadowes, Sir Thomas, removed from being town major of Yarmouth

Mearne, Samuel. grant to, recited
-, and Charles, his son, warrant for grant to, of offices of bookbinder, bookseller and stationer to the king

Measles, prevalence of, at Dover, Sandwich and Deal

Meath. See Dublin.
-, Earl and Countess of. See Brabazon, Edward and William, Earls of Meath, and Elizabeth. Countess of Meath.

Medlicott, Mr., chosen recorder of Abingdon

Mehaignel, the river, bridges made over by the French

Melbury, Dorset, death of Col. Strangewayes at

Mello, Cond Don Francisco de, to be sworn chamberlain to the Queen
-, complaint by

Melvill, Robert, of Dysert, warrant for charter on resignation of, with the consent of William, his eldest son, and Patrick Scot of Rossie

Menteath, James, drower, of Falkirk, memorial of protection to

Menzies, Col. James, of Coldaires, and Archibald, his eldest son, warrant for charter to
-, Robert, of Glassie, memorial of protection to
-, Thomas, of Carf, warrant for charter on resignation of, and confirmation of infeftment of, and of infeftments of William and Alexander Menzies, his father and uncle.
-, Thomas, brother of the deceased laird of Pitfoddells, warrant for reprieve of

Mercers. See Drapers.

Meredith, Sir Charles, Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland, a chief favourite of the Lord Lieutenant

Meres, Sir Thomas, merely a talker

Mereworth, Kent, letter dated from

Merryman, Thomas, commission to

Merscough Park, Lancashire, petition for lease of, in reversion

Messenger, Robert, former waiter in the port of Bristol

Messina, proclamation against assisting the rebels of
-, revictualled by the French
-, De Ruyter's fleet going to
-, report from, of engagement of the French with the Dutch and Spanish fleets
-, the Faro of, the Dutch and Spanish fleets entering, from the West and the French from the East

Metz, the Duke of Monmouth's regiment of horse removed from

Meurs, wish of the king that, should be included in the neutral territory about Nimeguen

Mew, Col., note of letter to

Mews, Dr. Peter, Bishop of Bath and Wells
-, promise of the Lord Treasurer to, mentioned

Meyntarge. See Mothel.

Mico, Sir Samuel, deceased, benefaction of, to Weymouth, and boy named after

Mid Lothian, lands in, gift of the ward and non-entry of

Midbelty. See Durris.

Middelburg, vessels of
-, vessel from
-, ships carried into
-, report that the French were within six miles of
-, contradicted

Middlesex sessions, person convicted at
-, list of prisoners at
-, list of deputy lieutenants and justices of
-, proclamation against riotous weavers published in
-, undersheriff of, the, person committed for refusing to assist
-, Earl of. See Sackville, Charles, Earl of Middlesex.
-, See also London and Nottinghamshire.

Middleton, Captain Charles, company of, commissions in
-, Sir George, justice of Westmorland, deceased
-, William, letters of

Milbeck, ladies travelling from.

Milbourne, Thomas, printer

Milburne, between Dorchester and Blandford, highway robbery near

Mildmay, Benjamin, Lord Fitz-Walter, the cause between the fishermen of Burnham and

Milford, letters dated from
-, vessels from
-, vessels arrived at, and sailed from
-, vessels lost near

Mill, John, of Queen's College, Oxford, letter of
-, Stanhop. See Shaen, Sir James.

Miller, William, of Priddie, near Weymouth, appointment as deputy lieutenant for Dorset requested
-, granted
-, mentioned

Milne, Robert, provost of Linlithgow, warrant for gift to
-, Robert, master mason at Holyrood House, order for payment to

Milton, John, work by, mentioned

Milton, Dorset, warrant for holding fairs and markets at, and for changing the days thereof

Miltown. See Athenry.

Mimell, Abraham, captain of a Dunkirk caper

Minehead, vessels from, lost

Mint in the Tower, the, warrant for grant of office of weigher and teller of
-, grant of office of ostiary or porter of
-, list of offices of, granted since the restoration
-, account of the value of all the gold and silver coined at from 20 Dec., 1648, to 21 Dec., 1675
-, the Warden of, warrant to

Missenden, Samuel, of the Hamburg Company, complaints against.

Mitchell, John, of Kingston, suggested as high sheriff of Dorset

Mitton. See Mytton.

Modena, pass to

Mohun, Charles, Lord Mohun, address for dissolving Parliament moved by

Molyneux, Cary, Viscount Molyneux, William, son of, and Bridget his wife, and Richard Lucy, petition of, referred
-, Sir John, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Nottinghamshire, requested

Mom, Marcus, grant of denization to

Mompesson, Sir Thomas, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Moncke, George, Duke of Albemarle, deceased, and the Duke of Ormonde persons nominated by, to set and let the '49 officers' security
-, commission granted by, nominating persons to manage the '49 officers' security
-, correspondence formerly settled by, and the Earl of Bath between the militias under their commands
-, Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, son of, letter of
-, letter to
-, petition of
-, promise of prebend of Worcester procured by
-, appointed joint Lord Lieutenant of Essex
-, appointed Lord Lieutenant of Devon.
-, to confirm all the militia officers appointed by the Earl of Bath
-, to keep good correspondence between the militia under his command and those of the Stannaries
-, going out of town
-, Lieut., absent in Holland with the Lord Lieutenant's leave

Monckton, Sir Philip, letter of
-, letter to, mentioned
-, speech of, mentioned
-, suggestion of, as to certain difficulties

Moncreef, Hugh, commission to
-, Sir John, company of, commissions in

Money, bills to prevent the illegal exaction of
-, exceptions to, and proviso suggested in

Monmouth, Duke of. See Scott. James, Duke of Monmouth and Buccleugh.

Monmouthshire, licence to the high sheriff of

Monro, Major-General Sir George, regiment of, to be disbanded

Monson, John, letter of

Montacute, Lord (probably a mistake for Montagu, meaning Edward, Baron Montagu of Boughton), horse of

Montagu, Edward, Earl of Manchester. deceased, as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, consent of, to a king's letter
-, Robert, son of, Earl of Manchester, burglary at lodgings of, Whitehall
-, name of, used as trustee in a grant
-, Thomas, near relation of, letter recommending for a fellowship
-, Ralph, Master of the Great Wardrobe, warrants to
-, reported to have induced the Duchess of Mazarin to come over

Montargis, the Sieur de, pass to, for transporting horses

Montecuculi, General, engagement between, and Turenne expected
-, reported to be marching in Paris
-, person sent to
-, defeat of Turenne by, expected.

Monterey, the Cond de, vessels with servants, &c., of
-, statement by, that the Parliament will not sit

Montgomery, Margaret, Countess of Leven, deceased

Montgomery, the advowson of the church of, petition concerning, referred

Montgomeryshire, persons nominated for sheriff of

Montmorency, Marshal de, bridges made over the Mehaignel by

Montrose, Marquis of. See Graham, James, Marquis of Montrose.

Montserrat. See Nevis.

Moody, Dr. Lively, letters of

Moon, the, ship seen in, at Rotterdam

Moor, Jo., suggested as justice for Westmorland

Moore, Sir George
-, letters of
-, mentioned
-, letters to
-, Henry, Earl of Drogheda, death of
-, given over by his physicians
-, French wine bought by
-, See also Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Horatio, warrant for grant to, of mastership of the tenniscourts in reversion
-, John, letter of
-, receipts by
-, Judith, warrant for grant of pension to, and former grant to, of the mills of Kilmainham resumed
-, or More, Mr., of Haychurch, possible candidate for Dorset
-, supported by the Earl of Shaftesbury
-, visit of, to Weymouth
-, defeated
-, Mr., letter recommending
-, Mr., mistake in grant to
-, Mr., notice to be given to at the Duchess of Portsmouth's

Moore, letters dated from

Moray, Earl of. See Stuart, Alexander, Earl of Moray.

Mordaunt, Henry, Earl of Peterborough. See Pierrepont, Henry, Marquis of Dorchester.

More, Henry, D.D., Fellow of Christ's College, dispensation for nonresidence to

Moregrange, farm called, parish of Beeford, Yorkshire

Morel, Monsieur, letter of
-, works of, presented to the king

Moreton, Mr., prebend to be granted to

Moreveine. See Mull.

Morgan, Lewis, son of John, late a Yeoman of the Guard, deceased, petition of, referred
-, Rowland, commission to
-, company of, commission in
-, Sir Thomas, Governor of Jersey, letters of
-, letter to
-, pier erected by, at St. Aubin's fort, Jersey
-, untrue that, designs to part with his employment in Jersey
-, son of, death of
-, William, of Tredegar, M.P., letters of
-, illness of
-, William, of Cardiff, letter of
-, letter on behalf of
-, son of, requests for recommendations of, for a scholarship at Westminster, and a demyship at Magdalen
-, William. See Ogilby, John.

Morice, Sir William, late Secretary of State, payment of money to be levied in lieu of the lapsed moneys ordered to
-, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon, requested
-, granted

Morison, John, younger, of Dairsie, memorial of protection to

Morlaix, letter from, mentioned
-, vessels from, or for
-, persons from, gone to wait on the Duc de Chaulnes
-, little commerce at
-, goods carried down the river at, for safety
-, mutineers close to
-, rising at, quieted
-, guard at, against the insurgents
-, the Duc de Chaulnes at
-, execution of mutineers at
-, grand provost at, the, difference between, and officers of the Duc de Chaulnes
-, the Duc de Chaulnes and his army in, and about
-, riot at
-, exempted from having soldiers quartered
-, apprehensive of having soldiers quartered

Morland, Sir Samuel, petition of, referred

Morley, Dr. George, Bishop of Winchester
-, dispensation procured from
-, Henry, horse-stealer

Morpeth, Lord. See Howard, Henry, Lord Morpeth.

Morrell, Hugh, letters of

Morris, Thomas, of Lombard Street, goldsmith, warrant for pardon to

Moscow, the English banished from

Mothel, Rathgormuck, Meyntarge and Ballyclan, co. Waterford, rectories and tithes of the parishes of, parcels of the possessions of the late abbey of Mothel, lease of, recited and warrant for grant of

Motte, Franois de la, letter of

Moulin, Peter du, letter of
-, M. du, sent to General Montecuculi

Moulsey, East, manor of, and fishing of Moulsey river and ferries of Hampton Court and Hampton town, petition for extension of lease of, referred

Mounson, John, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Mount Charles, alias Tannytallow, in the barony of Boylegh, Donegal, warrant for grant of fairs and market at

Mounteney, Richard, receiver-general of prize money, privy seal to, to be put in execution

Mountrath, Earl and Countess of. See Coote, Charles, and Alice. Earl and Countess of Mountrath.

Mount's Bay, letter from, mentioned
-, vessels in
-, rudders come ashore in
-, ships wrecked at

Mowbray, James, warrant for payment to

Much Munden, Hertfordshire, living of, promise concerning

Mulcosogram. See Killnecurra.

Mulgrave, Earl of. See Sheffield, John, Earl of Mulgrave.

Mulhausen, Monsr. Garmers sent to congress at

Mull, Moreveine and Terrie, warrant for gift of the few, teind and blench duties payable out of the lands and baronies of

Mundy, John, wounded by deerstealers

Munster, lands of Capt. Purdon in
-, lands in, petitions for leave to place deficiencies on
-, the Presidency of, abolition of
-, sum granted Lord Inchiquin in recompense of

Murray, Alexander, secretary to the Earl of Athole, warrant for gift to
-, Alexander, deceased, sum ordered as reward to, for seizure of Archibald Johnstoun of Warriestoun
-, George, and James, commissions to
-, James, of Philliphaugh, appointed sheriff of Selkirkshire, and warrant for gift to, of the ward and non-entry of lands which pertained to his deceased brother John, and of the marriage of James, eldest son of the said John
-, James, eldest son of Sir William, of Dreghorne, memorial of protection to
-, John, Earl of Athole, Lord Privy Seal, warrant for pension to
-, resignation by, of the office of Justice General
-, warrant for gift to
-, warrant for lodgings for, in Holywood House
-, warrant for creating, Marquis of Athole, Earl of Tullibardin, Viscount of Balquidder and Lord Murray Balveny and Gask
-, warrant for gift to, of the office of constabulary of the castle of Kinclevin
-, troop of Guards of, warrant for payment for silver trumpets for
-, and John, Lord Murray, his eldest son, warrant for commission to, for apprehending and trying deerslayers
-, Sir Mungo, memorial of protection to
-, Robert, of Abercarney, warrant for gift of escheat of

Muschamp, William. See Shaen, Sir James.
-, Mr., sent over by the Archbishop of Dublin as his agent during the session

Muscovy Company, the, letter to

Musgrave, Edward, a justice in the Botham of Westmorland
-, Sir Philip, letters of
-, mentioned
-, statement by, concerning the dispute about the Westmorland quarter sessions
-, in favour of removing the quarter sessions from Kendal
-, long ride of
-, attendance of, on great men at Carlisle
-, disputes between and Sir G. Fletcher
-, discourse between, and Lord Carlisle
-, memorandum of letter to
-, his Majesty and the Duke of York moved by, about Carlisle
-, state of the business between, and Mr. Fleming
-, intention of, to be at Carlisle and Appleby
-, endeavours of Lord Carlisle to make insignificant
-, Sir Christopher, son of
-, letters of
-, mentioned
-, letters to
-, petition of, referred
-, report on
-, warrant for demise to
-, gracious intentions of the king and the Duke of York to
-, requests that company of, be sent to Carlisle
-, discourse between, and Lord Carlisle
-, and Lord Carlisle to be heard by Secretary Williamson
-, Thomas, son of, Archdeacon and prebendary of Carlisle, letter of
-, prebend of, at Carlisle
-, promotion of, to Durham
-, Philip, Latin elegies by
-, Mr., lieutenant to Capt. Graham

Musgrave, ladies travelling to

Muskerry, Viscount. See McCarty, Charles James, Viscount Muskerry.

Mussart, Peter, approved as minister of the French congregation in London

Mustapha Homor, general of the camp of the Arabs in Algiers, English slave given to

Musters, the commissaries general of the, warrant to

Mutlow, Capt. John, letter of
-, company of, commission in

Mytton, John, suggested as a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, appointed a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, See also Carteret, Sir Edward.


Naden, Edward, letter to, and letter of, mentioned

Nairne, James, minister at the Weems, appointed chaplain to the king in Scotland

Nantes, vessels from, or for
-, vessel of
-, vessels from Bordeaux gone to
-, rising at
-, Hamburger stopped at
-, war against Hamburg proclaimed at

Naper, Sir Nathaniel, possible candidate for Dorset
-, Col., to be searched for and brought before Williamson

Napleton, Mr., clerk of the petty sessions, Sittingbourne, sent to Dover

Narbrough, Admiral Sir John, erroneously reported off Plymouth
-, praised for his care of English slaves at Algiers
-, negotiations of, at Algiers and Tunis
-, ships going to
-, the Tripoli ships in harbour fired by
-, the late consul at Tripoli in the fleet of
-, instructions to be framed for
-, person at sea under

Nasmyth, Sir Michael, of Posso, warrant for gift of escheat of

Navigation Act, the (12 Car. II, c. 18)

Navy, the, bill for appropriating the Customs to the use of, lost by the prorogation
-, paper about the expenses of
-, the Commissioners of, at Portsmouth
-, Capt. Langley's bill ordered to
-, yacht of
-, letter dated from
-, the victuallers of, how to be paid

Navy ticket, a, person convicted for making out

Naylor, William, chaplain to the Countess of Devonshire, promise of prebend to

Neale, James, lists of ships in the Downs sent by
-, Thomas, petition of
-, patent to

Neatby, Charles, commission to

Neath, vessel of.

Neat's Court farm. See Westminster.

Neile, John, D.D., Dean of Ripon, controversy between, and the Archbishop of York
-, death of

Neilson, Gilbert, of Craigcaffe, warrant for charter on resignation of
-, Gilbert, son of, by Jean Fleming, deceased, his first spouse, warrant for charter to

Nelthorpe, Edward. See Player, Sir Thomas.
-, and others, persons employed by, in a plantation

Neston, Cheshire, Lord Clare at
-, the Countess of Meath embarked at

Nether Crealling, lands of, and other lands in Roxburghshire, warrant for charter of, and for grant of rent out of

Netherlands. See Spanish Netherlands, the.

Neuburg, the Duke of, letters of, mentioned
-, notes of letter to
-, passes for, mentioned
-, horses for
-, the son of, Prince of Nenburg, reception of, at the University of Oxford
-, degree of D.C.L. conferred on
-, embarked at Dover for Dieppe
-, thanks for civilities to

Nevell, Richard, grant to, of waste lands, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, mentioned

Nevill, Sir Edward, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Nottinghamshire requested
-, granted
-, John, eldest son of John Nevill, of Billingbear, Berkshire, grant to, of Mastership of the Buckhounds in reversion
-, See also Eliott, Thomas.

Neville, Richard, M.P., circular letter to

Nevis, Indian prisoners sold at
-, St. Christopher's, Antego and Montserrat, appointment of secretary and marshal of

New England, vessels from
-, packets for colonies in
-, English destroyed by Indians in
-, rising of the Indians in
-, person from
-, fear of loss of colonies in
-, officers of the Customs to be set in
-, abuses in trade from, to the Southward Plantations
-, men, exorbitant prices exacted by, for provisions brought to Virginia.

New Park, deer killed by deerstealers in

New River, the, caveat concerning share in, requested.
-, granted

New Stapleton. See Skibbereen.

New York, caveat against anything passing to the prejudice of the Duke of York's interest at

Newark, a sand off Yarmouth, vessel lost on

Newbold Pacey, letter dated from

Newbridge in the manor of Northmoor, Oxfordshire, grant of fairs at

Newbury, Berkshire, rectory of, presentation to
-, persons fined for riot in church of

Newcastle, manor of, Staffordshire, petition concerning mines, &c., in

Newcastle-on-Tyne, letters dated from
-, colliers at
-, fleet from, expected
-, vessel of, master and men of, lost
-, vessels of
-, vessels or colliers from, or for
-, Clifford's Fort near, damaged by spring tide
-, appointment of town clerk of
-, note concerning and royal approbation of
-, the Trinity House at, letter of
-, land waiter's place at
-, persons chosen mayor and sheriff of
-, Duke of. See Cavendish, Henry and William, Dukes of Newcastle.

Newcastle-under-Lyme, the mayor, bailiffs and capital burgesses of, petition of
-, approbation of town clerk of

Newcombe, Thomas, printer to his Majesty
-, warrant to
-, and Henry Hills, warrant appointing king's printers in reversion

Newfoundland, vessels for, or from
-, ships from Dartmouth for
-, fleet gone and going to, from St. Malo
-, French ships from, taken
-, letter concerning
-, good fishing at
-, the Bank of, vessels for
-, the French fleet for, put to sea

Newhall, letter dated from

Newhaven, vessel of

Newman, Lieut., son of Col. Newman, murder of

Newmarket, letters dated from
-, warrants dated from
-, royal assent dated from
-, request dated from
-, report of the postponement of the king's journey to
-, commission to command the forces in and about London and Westminster during the king's absence at
-, races at
-, person expected from
-, horses of the king at
-, grant of an old way from Cheveley to, requested
-, granted
-, cold weather at

Newport, Francis, Lord Newport, caveat on behalf of

Newport, Isle of Wight, the corporation of, letter to, and appointment of recorder of

Newport, Monmouthshire, and Bristol, vessel lost between


Newton, George, yeoman, pardon to
-, Sir John

Nicholas, Sir Edward, deceased, kindness of, to his kinswoman, Susanna Durham
-, share of the lapsed moneys granted to
-, former servant of
-, Sir John, son of, letter to
-, caveat in favour of
-, payment out of moneys to be levied in lieu of the lapsed moneys ordered to
-, reliance of Susanna Durham on
-, Mr., and Mr. Cook, caveat against pardon to, for building in Spitalfields without licence

Nichols, Capt., commission to
-, to have the first company in the Duke of Monmouth's regiment

Nicol, John, servant to the Lord Chancellor, petition of

Nieuport, packet-boats to, or from
-, passengers to, or from
-, mail for
-, attack of the French on, expected

Nimeguen, agreed on, as the place for treating for peace
-, accepted by the French king
-, intended treaty at
-, questions about passes for the envoys of the different powers to
-, questions concerning the extent of neutral country about
-, questions about the mediator's ambassadors receiving first visits.
-, questions about solemn entries of ambassadors at
-, notes of letter from
-, list of the times of the posts to, and from
-, Mr. Ducker to expect orders at
-, French ambassadors to, the, letter of, mentioned

Nipho, Jerome, certificate by
-, pension to
-, presents to, from Don Emmanuel de Fonseca

Nisbett, Sir John, of Dirleton, Lord Advocate, warrant to

Noel or Noell, or Nowell, Edward, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, dinner of the king with, at Titchfield
-, appointment of, to be Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire

Nonconformists, the, recall of the Indulgence to
-, near Lynn, prosecuted
-, Act restraining, from inhabiting corporations (17 Car. II. c. 2)
-, See also Bridlington, Lynn and Yarmouth.

Norden, West Friesland, vessel of

Nore, the, vessels at
-, East India fleet convoyed by Sir R. Robinson to

Norfolk, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of
-, crcuit, the, warrant for inserting person in the general pardon for

Norleigh, Henry, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted

Normandy, Lower, report of general rising in

Norris, William, M.A., presentation of

Norton, Sir John, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Roger, printer to the king in Latin, Greek and Hebrew

North, Charles, Lord Grey de Rolleston, warrant for grant of fairs to
-, Sir Francis, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, request of, mentioned
-, satisfaction given by, at the Exeter assizes
-, opinion of, as AttorneyGeneral, about the licensing rights of the Universities
-, caveat at request of
-, opinion of, about coffeehouses.
-, and Vere Bertie, Justices for the Western circuit, warrants to
-, report to be made by, about Mr. Hodges

North Burry near Swansea, vessel forced over the bar of

North Channel, the, vessel wrecked in

North Foreland, the, the king come round
-, vessel grounded on

Northampton, letters dated from
-, request for appointment to hospital at
-, accounts of the fire at
-, proposals for rebuilding
-, petition for the king's charity to
-, Act for rebuilding (27 Car. II. c. 1)
-, timber to be felled in Whittlewood and Salcey forests for rebuilding
-, the mayor, aldermen and inhabitants of, petition of, referred
-, report on
-, Earl of, See Compton, James, Earl of Northampton.
-, Castle, petition for grant of materials and site of, referred

Northamptonshire, the Justices of, petition of, referred
-, meeting of the nobility and gentry of, about the rebuilding of the town
-, the nobility, gentry and body of, petition of

Northchurch, Hertfordshire, rectory of, request for presentation to
-, presentation to

Northcott, Sir John, and Arthur, approbation of, as deputy lieutenants for Devon, requested
-, granted

North-East passage, the, relation of what has been hitherto discovered about

Northesk. See Ardroche.
-, Earl of. See Carnegie, David, Earl of Northesk.

Northumberland, deplorable condition of the poorer inhabitants of, from the exportation and the forestalling and regrating of corn
-, the House of, obligations of Williamson to
-, Earl of. See Fitzroy, Lord George, Earl of Northumberland.
-, Countess of. See Percy, Elizabeth, Countess of Northumberland.

North-West passage, the, return of a captain from

Norway, vessels from
-, vessel of, plundered by French caper
-, scarcity caused by Dutch ships wintering in
-, Dutch fleet arrived at
-, French privateers on the coast of

Norwich, prebend at, requested
-, post warrant to
-, Bishop of. See Reynolds, Dr. Edward, Bishop of Norwich.

Nottingham, the setting up of the standard at

Nottinghamshire, approbation for deputy lieutenants of, requested
-, Lincolnshire and Middlesex, petition for power to inspect the accounts of the hearth-money in, referred

Novell, Thomas, formerly member of Jesus College, Cambridge, practitioner in physic, certificate and statement concerning
-, mandamus for conferring the degree of M.D. on

Nowell, Alexander, commission to
-, Samuel. See Gedde, John.

Noyes, William, warrant for privy seal for grant to

Nugent, Edmond, petition of, mentioned and warrant for grant to
-, Col. Robert, father of, services and sufferings of
-, Richard, Earl of Westmeath, and others, petition of, on behalf of themselves and the Nominees, and of Robert, son and heir of John Arthur, recited

Nutmeg, race between, and Lusty

Nyssen, Anthony, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to