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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Oakes, Edward, printer, deceased

Oakley, living of, belonging to Queen's College

Oatlands, the manor of, Surrey, warrant appointing keeper of the game in and about, with boundaries thereof

Oaze Edge buoy, the
-, the king anchored between, and the Cant

Oblivion, the Act of (12 Car. II. c. 11)

O'Brien, Daniel, Viscount Clare, quitrents of, in arrear
-, lands of, warrant for reduction of quit-rents on.
-, warrant for grant of custodium of, to the Earl of Sussex, till arrears of quit-rents are discharged
-, petition for grant of custodium of
-, note of letter in favour of
-, at Neston
-, Henry, Viscount Ibrackan, letter of, mentioned
-, letters to, mentioned
-, former officer of
-, not yet arrived at Chester
-, arrival of, at Chester
-, departure of, for Billing
-, information from, about Lord Shaftesbury and his friends
-, Lady Katherine, wife of, letter of, mentioned
-, compliments of
-, William, Earl of Inchiquin, captain-general of Tangier
-, petition of, referred
-, report on, further referred
-, letter of, mentioned
-, packets for
-, commission to, as colonel of the foot regiment at Tangier, and captain of a company
-, vessels waiting for, at Spithead
-, said to have been sent to Tangier at the Duke of York's request
-, departure of, for Tangier
-, to touch at Cork, to take in his lady
-, case of
-, Murrough, Earl of Inchiquin, father of, deceased, recompense to, for resigning the Presidency of Munster
-, Margaret, wife of, Countess of Inchiquin, illness of

O'Driscoll, Col., letter recommending

Odyke, Mynbeer, complaints against

Officers, the loyal indigent, dispute beween and the Master of the Revels and the Groomporter about lotteries
-, grant to, of the benefit of all lotteries recited
-, the reformed, and disabled soldiers, establishment for pensions for
-, the remainder of, petition of
-, and gentlemen formerly of the king's, queen's and duke's troops, petition of

Offley, Edward, attorney for the town of Maidenhead

Ogden, George, M.A., petition of, mentioned
-, letter on behalf of
-, caveat on behalf of

Ogilby, John, letter of
-, grant of place of cosmographer to, recited
-, book of, pirated
-, and his kinsman, William Morgan, warrant for grant to

Ogilvie, Patrick, of Murie, commission to
-, memorial of protection to

Ogilvy, George, Lord Banff, memorial of protection to
-, James, Earl of Findlater, warrants for charters on the resignation of
-, John, elder, of Peile, protection to
-, Sir Patrick of Boyne, warrant for charter to

Ogle, Earl of. See Cavendish, Henry, Earl of Ogle.

Oke, Henry, letter of

Oldenburg, Henry, secretary of the Royal Society, letters of
-, petition of
-, collection of philosophical fragments by
-, warrant for patent to
-, deputed to license books

Oliphant, William, of Colcuquhar, and David, his son, warrant for charter to

Olfield, Mistress, letter to, and overtures of marriage to, mentioned

Onslow, Stoughton v., case of
-, day appointed for hearing of

Orange, William, Prince of, letters to
-, letter of, and letter to, mentioned
-, to be moved in Mr. Boeve's business
-, return of, to the Hague
-, reported plot to poison
-, contradicted
-, ill of the small pox
-, recovery of
-, attended only by Sir William and Lady Temple and his sister and the Duchess of Simmern
-, no news of
-, persons hanged for plotting against
-, physicians sent to, by Charles II.
-, departure of, towards Brabant
-, encamped near Charleroi
-, to meet his army about Bergen-op-Zoom
-, at Duffell
-, said to be ruled by women and ungodly counsellors
-, near the French king
-, junction of, with the Duke of Lorraine's and the Lneburg forces and battle offered to the French by
-, desire of Charles II., to have a perfect kindness and confidence betwixt, and himself
-, said to be seeking out the French army
-, joined with the Imperialists and besieging Trier
-, reported surrender to, of towns taken from the Spaniards by the French
-, battle offered by, declined by the French
-, reported intention of, to besiege Charleroi
-, reported design of, to besiege Maestricht or Lige
-, about Hainault
-, expected at the Hague
-, good offices of, for Prince William of Frstenberg refused
-, informed of M. de Pomponne's letter
-, prays that Charles II. will not lose what has been done towards the treaty
-, reported defeat of the French by lieutenant-general of
-, attempt to get Meurs included in neutral territory for sake of
-, army of, date of, going into winter quarters
-, sickness amongst, and many deserters from
-, the French resolved to see in garrison before themselves
-, William, father of, death of, from smallpox
-, the Princess Dowager of, death of

Ordnance, the, the officers of, at Portsmouth
-, See also Chicheley, Sir Thomas.
-, the Treasurer of, the expenses of building Greenwich Observatory to be paid by
-, the Treasury of, warrant for payment from
-, Office, the, debts of
-, appointment of engineer to

Orgill, Andrew, a West Indian merchant, ironwork for sugar mills invented by

Orkney and Zetland, rents of, warrant for tack of, and former ferm of
-, appointment of steward of the stewardry of

Orleans, the Duchess of, horses for

Ormuz, controversy about the customs at

Orrery, Earl of. See Boyle, Roger, Earl of Orrery.

Orsett, Essex, rectory of, warrant for presentation to
-, letter concerning

Orton, Capt. Simon, request that, be commanded down to the America
-, arrival of, at Deal or the Downs

Osborne, Nathaniel, letters of
-, letter to
-, letter written by direction of
-, Sir Thomas, Earl of Danby, Lord Treasurer
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, letter to be sent to
-, note by
-, references or recommendations to
-, mentioned
-, reports by
-, recited
-, reference to, and report by, recited
-, desires or commands of, mentioned
-, command of
-, signatures by
-, warrant to
-, order to, mentioned
-, requested
-, petition to
-, opinion given to, by the late Attorney-General
-, mentioned in a counterfeit king's speech
-, charge of impeachment against
-, addresses of Hugh Morrell presented to
-, alleged intention of, to maintain Stirt in his suit against the University of Oxford
-, promise of, that the suit against the University of Oxford be dismissed
-, profession of, that he is satisfied with the University's right
-, report to be given to, about Mr. Hodges
-, going to Bath
-, letter to be communicated to
-, place in the gift of
-, moved for payment of Williamson's order for secret intelligence
-, claim by, to countersign the establishment for Ireland
-, interest with, requested
-, report that the Duchess of Mazarin had been brought over to ruin
-, thought to depend on the Duchess of Portsmouth
-, list of members of the House of Commons under the influence of
-, account standing before
-, concurrence of, with reports
-, to pay the excesses of the victuallers of the Navy and the yards and seamen's wages
-, additional payments to be made by, by warrant from his Majesty
-, (Sir Fulk ?), Lucy, very bitter against
-, assistance or favour of, requested
-, and Secretary Coventry, proceedings in the dispute between the Irish Treasury Commissioners and the Duke of Ormonde transmitted to
-, and the Lord Lieutenant, reference to, and report by, recited
-, Edward, Lord Latimer, eldest son of, letter of
-, memorandum concerning
-, Peregrine, Viscount Dunblane, second son of, warrant for delivery of ordnance to
-, See also Finch, Heneage, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper.
-, Mr., former servant of Williamson, at Yarmouth about the Royal Oak lottery

Ossory, Earl of. See Butler, Thomas, Earl of Ossory.

Ostend, vessels for, or from
-, vessel from, wrecked
-, vessel of, lost
-, aground near Kingsdown
-, vessels of, debate about
-, man-of-war of, at Pendennis
-, supposed fight between, and a French man-of-war
-, chased by Algerines
-, captured by Algerines
-, caper or privateer of, vessel chased ashore by, near Hythe
-, at Falmouth
-, prize of, retaken
-, that committed the insolence on the French shallop off Folkestone, to be detained
-, English ship taken by Swedish ship taken by, and carried into Norway by
-, French prize brought into Salcombe Road by
-, charge of striking to
-, come into Deal
-, capers or privateers of, taken by the French
-, English ships plundered by
-, complaints against
-, many captures made by, from the French
-, French ships taken by
-, in the Channel
-, on the French coast
-, off Dover
-, the coast near Bordeaux full of
-, French ship twice taken by, and retaken.
-, Jersey seamen ill-used by
-, person from
-, goods of an English merchant on neutral ships carried into, statements concerning
-, injustice of the Admiralty Court at
-, decay of navigation of
-, ships carried into
-, saluted by the Dutch Straits fleet
-, rejoicing in, at the victory over the French
-, village near, fired by the French
-, English ship from, carried out of Torbay by French ship
-, widow of the late governor of, on board

Osterrisr, Norway, report at, of the King of Sweden's being poisoned

Ostler, Robert, messenger, warrant to

Otes, Samuel, letter of, mentioned
-, Titus, son of, summoned before the Privy Council and charge brought by

Othlaw, grant of patronage of parish, kirk of

Ottoman Empire, the, importation of commodities of, restricted to English-built shipping

Otway, Sir John, Attorney-General for the county palatine of Lancaster
-, letter of
-, petition of
-, warrant to
-, requested
-, order to be sent to
-, going to London
-, seldom acts as justice of Westmorland
-, a justice in the barony of Kendal
-, Charles, son of, petition on behalf of
-, dispensation to
-, wife of uncle of

Oudart, Nicholas, Latin secretary, caveat on behalf of
-, petition of

Oulson, Gunter, certificate concerning
-, grant of denization to

Ousley, , master of a Plymouth ship

Overbury, Thomas, letter of
-, invited to stand for Parliament

Owen (?), Richard, letter of
-, Mr., lieutenant to Sir Samuel Clarke, letter on behalf of

Owens, Abel. See Winter, Owen.
-, David, murder committed by
-, forfeited estate of, grant of, requested
-, caveat concerning
-, grant of
-, Edward, uncle of, request for presentation of petition of
-, petition of, referred
-, estate of David Owen granted to

Oxendean. See Utterstowne.

Oxenstierna, Lord, made Groom of the Stole to the King of Sweden, yacht for, requested

Oxford, letters dated from
-, Holywell at, letter dated from
-, the Chapterhouse at, certificate dated from
-, Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christiance printed at
-, the surrender of, in
-, appointment of Archydecon of
-, Greyhound inn at, and coffeehouse in St. Mary Lane at
-, circuit, the, person to be inserted in general pardon for
-, royal assent to election of bishop of
-, bishopric of, warrant for restitution of temporalitites of
-, leave recommended for excercise of the Royal Oak lottery at, during the Act.
-, Bishop of. See Compton, Dr. Henry; Fell, Dr. John, Bishops of Oxford.
-, Earl of. See Vere, Aubrey de, Earl of Oxford.
-, Unversity of, the, the Press of, intention of reprinting Grotins, de Veritate Religionsis Christiane at
-, the Curators of, Elzevir's copies of Grotius seized at the instance of
-, consent of, to the discharge of the said copies
-, privilege of, of licensing taverns
-, suit against by Stirt, a vintuer, about licensing
-, account of the reception of the Prince of Neuburg at
-, disclined to license more taverns in order to get revenue
-, Library of, projected catalogue of MSS, in, and catalogue of printed books in
-, the Vice-Chancellor of. See Bathurst, Dr. Ralph.
-, Colleges of:
-, All Soul's, fellowships at
-, account of election to fellowship at
-, the Warden of, letter to
-, letters to, requested
-, Brasenose, letter dated from
-, Christ Church, letters dated from
-, request that scholar be elected to
-, grant of canonry of
-, dispensation for holding the Deanery of
-, the Dean and Chapter of, cong d'lire and letter missive to
-, certificate by
-, Magdalen, letter dated from, and fellowship at
-, Merton, fellowship at
-, Warden of. See Clayton, Sir Thomas.
-, New, the Warden and other electors of, and Winchester College, letters to
-, the Sub-Warden and Fellows of, letter to
-, petition for fellowship at
-, Queen's letters dated from
-, Williamson's care of
-, mentioned in Payne Fisher's book
-, the Provost and Fellows of, living conferred by
-, St. Edmund Hall, letter dated from
-, St. Mary Hall, letter dated from

Oxwich Bay, vessel lost in