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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Packer, Philip, grant of paymastership of the works to, recited

Packington, Sir John, Reginald Graham and George Legge, grant to, in trust recited

Packston, Capt.

Padstow, ships wrecked near

Page, Sir Thomas, of King's College, to be appointed Provost, and mandamus for conferring degree of LL.D. on
-, Mr.

Paglesham, Essex, rectory of, warrant for presentation to

Paige, John, merchant, of London
-, letter of
-, men carried off from vessel of

Paine, John, grant of denization to
-, Mr., of the Brill
-, arrival of, at Harwich

Palatine, the Elector (Charles Louis), suggested indemnity to, from France
-, the King's good offices with France requested by

Palmer, Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland, servant of, arrested
-, son of, created Duke of Grafton
-, sum due to, from Sir M. Eustace
-, grant to, of remainders on estates tail in Ireland mentioned
-, and her son, the Earl of Northumberland, warrant for grant in trust for
-, and her sons, the Duke of Grafton and the Earl of Northumberland, pass for
-, Geoffrey, pass for
-, John, loyalty and services of
-, Samuel, son of scholar of Winchester, to be preferred to New College
-, Peregrine. M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, William. See Barker Jo.

Palmes, Col., former regiment of

Paman, Henry. See Boldero, Dr. Edmund.

Panama, cause of the delay of the arrival of the plate at, from Lima

Panton, Edward, examination of, mentioned

Papacy, difficulty of rooting out
-, encouraged by King James

Papoastle and Dovenby, Cumberland, purchase of

Paper, licence to import, custom free

Papillon, Thomas, at Lord Shaftesbury's
-, See also Spragg, Sir Edward.

Papists. the, reports of a plot against the Parliament by
-, persecution of, in Staffordshire
-, proposal that, should unite in a petition to the House of Commons

Pardini, D.
-, letters of
-, pension to as a spy

Pardon, the Act of general (25 Car. II. c. 5)

Panhelia and haloes seen at Bordeaux.
-, diagrams of

Paris, officers of the Duke of Monmouth's regiment at
-, the Council of State at, English ship illegally condemned by
-, the French king returned to
-, report that Montecuculi was marching on
-, war against Hamburg not proclaimed at
-, news from
-, illegal legacies to English Benedictines and English nuns at
-, Archbishop of. See Perefixe, Harduin de, de Beaumont, Archbishop of Paris.

Park, James, John Grove and Ellis Hooker, address on behalf of the Quakers signed by

Parker, John, Archbishop of Tuam. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, John, and Benjamin Smith, vessel employed by, to transport round shot to Tunis
-, Capt. William, and William, his son, charges brought against, by Titus Otes

Parker's Grove Gate, Egham parish, hind calf killed at

Parkins, Mr., collector of the hearthmoney, Dorset, quarrel between, and Mr. Hodges

Parliament, the, many displeased to hear of the probable meeting of
-, statement by the Comte de Monterey that, will not sit
-, hopes of Yarmouth Nonconformists in
-, examinations concerning an alleged plot against
-, the speeches of the king and the Lord Keeper to
-, hope that, would revive acts against Recusants
-, satisfaction at his Majesty's good thoughts of
-, speedy dissolution of, expected
-, reasons proposed to, for a free trade in leather
-, address to, for their just severity to repress Atheism and profaneness
-, address of for recalling soldiers from the French service mentioned
-, the case of the poor prisoners humbly remonstrated to
-, reasons offered to, by drapers, mercers, &c., of the great decay of their trades
-, speech of the king to
-, reported postponement of meeting of
-, the king's resolution that, should meet
-, satirical verses on, as the Long and the Chimney Parliament
-, reasons proposed to, for reviving the Act for the transportation of leather
-, paper offered to, in answer to reasons against reviving the said Act
-, requested to discountenance the wearing of foreign manufactures
-, reasons offered to, in favour of, and objections against proposed Act for making the Derwent navigable
-, address for dissolving, debate on
-, protest against rejection of, and list of peers who voted for, or against
-, prorogation of
-, mentioned
-, Two Seasonable Discourses concerning the present (pamphlets)
-, dangerous consequences of dissolving
-, report of intended dissolution of
-, hopes that the king will call a new
-, the two Houses of, necessity of removing the bone of contention between
-, difference between, about appeals
-, members of, circular letters to
-, memoranda of, to whom letters were sent
-, See also Lords, and Commons, the Houses of.
-, the Long, design of, to reduce the king to straits, and Scotch army brought in by
-, Acts of. See
-, Clergy.
-, Coals.
-, Conventicles.
-, Corn.
-, Eighteen Months' Assessment.
-, Leather.
-, London.
-, Maidens.
-, Navigation.
-, Nonconformists.
-, Northampton.
-, Oblivion.
-, Pardon.
-, Plantation Trade.
-, Printing.
-, Prisoners.
-, Prize goods.
-, Quia Emptores.
-, Test.
-, Trade.
-, Treason.
-, Uniformity.
-, Wines.
-, Wentworth, Thomas, Earl of Cleveland.

Parliament roll of 46 Edw. III., extract from
-, rolls tendered to the House of Commons

Parliaments, collections of remarkable proceedings in several

Parrey, William, clerk of Christ's Hospital, letters of

Parry, Francis, letter of, to be laid before the Lords of the Admiralty

Parsons, Laurence. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, , brewer in East Smithfield

Pascadaway in New England, vessel of

Passes and sea-briefs, proclamation concerning

Paston, Sir Robert, Viscount Yarmouth, Lord High Steward of Yarmouth, invited to dine at Yarmouth
-, accounts of visit of, to Yarmouth
-, appointment of, as Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk

Paterson, John, Bishop of Galloway. See Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews.

Paton, Robert. See Talbot, Sir Gilbert.

Patopon river, the, in Maryland, vessel from
-, Indians, the, war beginning between, and the English

Paul, Sir John, envoy to Denmark, letters of, mentioned
-, complaints by, that English letters are stopped by Sweden

Paulet, Charles, Marquis of Winchester, petition for arrears on lands of, belonging to the dissolved priory of Selby
-, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire in place of
-, Charles, Earl of Wiltshire, eldest son of, pass to, to travel abroad

Pavia, Francisco de, grant of denization to

Pawson or Powsson, , said to be owner and lieutenant of an English hoy with a French commission, to be secured
-, escaped to London

Payne, Elias, master of the Unity, passport for, and his ship
-, William, high sheriff of Hampshire, dispensation to
-, Mr., kinsman of Sir T. Lynch letter recommending

Peace, reported propositions for, made by the mediators

Peachey, James, manslaughter of

Peadle, Aaron, the younger, deposition of

Peake, Alderman Sir William, certificates by
-, interest of, requested

Pearson, Dr. John, Bishop of Chester, letter to
-, preachers licensed by
-, Richard, letter recommending
-, , recommended to be one of Williamson's exhibitioners

Peate, William, keeper of a coffeehouse in Sheer Lane, informations against, for writing libels

Peck, Edward, warrant for constituting a serjeant-at-law
-, conference concerning the House of Commons attaching
-, death of
-, William, of the Inner Temple, son of, petition of
-, privy seal granting to, the creation money of the late Sir Edward Greene

Peculiar, notes as to whether a parish in the county and diocese of Gloucester is a

Pedlars, hawkers and petty chapmen, reasons offered to Parliament against, and answer thereto
-, case of the Glass-sellers' Company relating to the bill for suppressing

Peek, Henry, to be omitted from the commissioners for licensing hackney coaches

Peers, four protests of
-, bill for the trial of
-, quotations from law books concerning
-, mentioned

Peisley, William, of St. Margaret's, Westminster, May, wife of, alias Lewes, grant of denization to

Pelham, Mr., kinsman of Michael Warton, exemption of, from being sheriff, requested

Pell, John, of Dassingham, exemption of, from being sheriff of Norfolk requested

Pemberton, Serjeant, appointed a K.C.
-, , loom of, burnt by the weavers

Pembroke, letter dated from
-, Earl of. See Herbert, Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.

Pembrokeshire, fine levied on persons of

Penal laws, the, statement of the first Lord Conway concerning

Pendennis or Pendennis Castle, letters dated from
-, vessels arrived at
-, Dutch men-of-war at
-, report of intended visit of the king and the Duke of York to

Pendrells, the, prosecution of, for being Papists

Penn, William, works by, referred to
-, called "cursed Penn, the Quaker,"

Penne, George, of Dorsetshire, petition of, referred
-, verdict of inquisition touching fair desired by
-, grant of fair to

Pennington, Dr. Allan, letter of
-, Miles. letter of

Penrith, sessions at
-, the Honour of, lands in, petition for lease of
-, mentioned
-, report concerning
-, warrant for lease of

Penryn, vessels of

Pensions for reformed officers and disabled soldiers, establishment for

Penzance, vessel wrecked at
-, small vessel burnt at
-, vessel arrived at

Pepys, Roger, Recorder of Cambridge, signature of
-, Samuel, Secretary to the Lords of the Admiralty
-, letters of
-, letters to
-, order to, mentioned
-, orders of, mentioned
-, estimate for stores given in by, to the House of Commons
-, draft warrant by
-, request that, be sent to to have certain things done

Percival, Sir Philip, warrant for remission of quit-rent to
-, Katherine, mother and guardian of, petition of, recited
-, John, father of, and Sir Philip, grandfather of, both deceased, lands held by, in County Cork as mortgagees.
-, Sir Philip, grandfather of, deceased, late registrar of the Irish Court of Wards, and others, proposed lease to
-, clerks of, attempt to get, to alter an inquisition
-, Mr., deputy governor of Deal Castle, letters to

Percy, Elizabeth, Countess of Northumberland, letter of
-, letter recommending business of
-, petition of, referred
-, James, alleged cousin and heir male to Joscelin, late Earl of Northumberland, complaint of

Perefixe, Harduin de, de Beaumont, Archbishop of Paris, certificate by
-, Vicar-General of, the, licence by

Perkins, , approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Nottinghamshire requested

Perrot, Lancelot, weigher and teller of the Mint.

Persia, controversy with, about the customs of Ormuz and other ports in
-, the king of, letter of, mentioned

Persian documents translated by Dr. Hyde
-, grammar and dictionary projected
-, kings, projected history of the

Person of Quality, letter from a, to his friend in the country
-, warrant for searching for and seizing all copies of, and for apprehending the author
-, warrant for searching for copies of, and examination concerning buyers of

Peterborough, Earl of. See Mordaunt, Henry, Earl of Peterborough.

Petersen, John, commander of a French privateer. petition of, referred

Petit, Mr., of the Inner Temple. libels written by clerks in office of

Pettus, Sir John, appointed cup-bearer to the king

Petty, Sir William, letter to
-, and Robert Marshall, petitions of, referred
-, See also Shaen, Sir James.

Peyton, Sir Robert, to be arrested and brought before the king in Council
-, at Lord Shaftesbury's
-, Sir Thomas, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Philip, King, in New England, English destroyed by Indians of

Philips, Edward, M.P., memorandum of letter to
-, Stephen, B.D., letter in favour of
-, Mr. Auditor, report by, mentioned

Philipsburg, the taking of

Philipson, Robert, seldom acts as justice of Westmorland
-, and Christopher, justices in the barony of Kendal

Phillips, Fabian, letter to
-, Sir George, Lord Inchiquin's secretary, expected in the Mary Rose

Phinhaven, Westmains of, and Eastmains and other lands in the barony of, and forest of Plastoune, and other lands in the parochine of Othlaw, warrant for charter of

Pickin, Lieut. Edward. See Maney, Sir John.

Pickering and Scalby, manor of, Yorkshire, lease of, requested

Piedmont, plan of the Duke of Savoy for bringing commerce into

Pierce, Thomas, D.D., to be instituted to the Deanery of Salisbury
-, Capt. commander of the Nightingale, Scotch privateer's men turned out of prize by

Pierrepont, Henry, Marquis of Dorchester, and Mordaunt, Henry, Earl of Peterborough, lands conveyed to, in trust by Henry, Earl of Arundel
-, refusal of. to render an account of the trust

Pigot, Ralph, petition of, referred

Pigott, Lieut.-Col. Alexander. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.
-, Sir Richard, letter of, mentioned
-, proceedings against, in the Exchequer stayed

Pilchards, large quantities of, taken
-, high price of

Pitcairns, lands and barony of in the parochine of Doyning and stewardry of Stratherne, Perthshire, warrant for gift of

Pitcaithlie, part of the oxgate of, warrant for charter of

Pitgarvie. See Balmanie.

Pitt, James, suggested as member for Leominster

Plantations, the foreign, request for Acts transmitted from, and inquiry whether the governors of, have taken the oaths required
-, omission of governors of, to take the oaths
-, the Southward, abuses in the trade from New England to

Plantation Trade, the Act for better regulating (22 & 23 Car. II. c. 26) and the Act for better securing (25 Car. II., c. 7)

Platt, Andrew, highway robbery of
-, John, petition of, and cause between, and St. John's College, Cambridge
-, William, deceased, devise by, to St. John's College, Cambridge

Player, Sir Thomas, Chamberlain of London, letters of
-, letter of, mentioned
-, letter to
-, at the meeting of the Lord Mayor and Aldermen and members of the Common Council with the Lord Keeper
-, compensation for the ships destroyed in the Elbe paid to, by the Hamburgers
-, less powerful in the City than he supposed
-, and his party, case of, sent to Newmarket
-, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Nelthorpe, Common Councilmen, and the Common Serjeant, acknowledgement by, of their error to the Lord Keeper and Lord Treasurer
-, complaints by, of the message to Lord Shaftesbury
-, Titus, &c., the Attorney-General much in with
-, and others continue drinking with the king at Will. Chiffinch's

Pledwell, William. appointed clerk of the entries in the port of Dublin

Plumbar, Andrew, of Midlesteid, warrant for charter to

Plunkett, Christopher, Lord Dunsany, pension of

Plymouth, letters dated from
-, list of ships arrived at
-, vessels from, or for
-, vessels of
-, vessels arrived at
-, vessels wrecked at
-, fleet seen off
-, visit of Sir Bernard de Gomme to, about the fortifications
-, Dutch caper made to re-embark Frenchmen put ashore at
-, Dutch East India ship at
-, Dutch men-of-war going to
-, arrived at
-, De Ruyter's fleet to rendezvous at
-, passed by
-, case of poisoning at
-, Danish ship taken by French privateer at
-, appointment of Lord Lieutenant of
-, passage, the post prevented by a storm from getting over
-, Sound, letter dated from vessel in
-, Earl of. See Fitz-Charles, Earl of Plymouth.

Pocock, John, letters of

Poingdestre, J., lieutenant baily of Jersey, letter of
-, mentioned

Poisoning, case of, at Plymouth

Poland, envoy from, landed at Harwich and gone to London
-, news from
-, King of (John Sobieski), titles of
-, daughter of, death of

Poley, Despotine, of Jesus College, Cambridge, pardon to

Poltimore, letter dated from

Polygamy, book maintaining the lawfulness of

Pomerania, the war in

Pomponne, M. de, letter of, mentioned
-, ordered to write direct to Sir W. Temple

Pont, Matthias de, grant of denization to

Pontefract, the Mayor and burgesses of, petition of
-, privileges desired to be inserted in charter of
-, confirmation of charters of, and warrant for such confirmation

Pontoise, illegal legacy to the English nuns at

Poole, Sir Courtenay, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted
-, Lady, alleged creditor of the late Earl of Cleveland, bill promoted by, for selling his estate.

Poole, vessels of
-, lost

Pope, Nehemiah, weaver in Cabbage Lane, Westminster, committed to the Gatehouse
-, Richard, commission for, requested
-, granted

Pope, the, pernicious doctrine of Mariana and others about the monarchy of
-, contract of King James with, before his accession
-, statement that England would recognize, in two years, if liberty of conscience were reestablished

Popery, conversion of the king's natural sons from

Popish priests, proposed penalty against
-, Recusants, activity of the judges against
-, hope that Parliament will revive the Acts against
-, bill for explanation of an Act to prevent dangers from
-, mentioned
-, Acts of allegiance and supremacy designed against
-, to be prosecuted and indicted, and application of forfeitures of
-, discovering of, to be a head in the bill for securing the Protestant religion
-, See also Jesuits.

Port-o-port, vessels from

Port Louis, Brittany, vessel from
-, the Governor of Brittany fled to
-, several of the mutineers brought to

Port St. Mary. See London.

Porter, Charles, and Mr. Fenn, sureties for William Prettyman's debt.
-, George, petition of
-, report on, and draft warrant for grant to

Portland, ship lost near
-, Dutch fleet passed by
-, Dutch ship attacked off
-, and the Isle of Wight, Algiers men-of-war between
-, Earl and Countess of. See Weston, Jerome and Frances, Earl and Countess Dowager of Portland.
-, the Race of, ship lost in
-, Road, ships in
-, Dutch fleet in
-, Dantzic ship supposed to be carried off from, by French man-of-war
-, stone, request by the Commissioners for re-building St. Paul's for leave to raise, in his Majesty's quarry and to charge rent for piers, &c.
-, grant to the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's of the licence above requested

Portlester, manor of, Meath, warrant and narrative of proceedings concerning

Portlock, Mr., agent of Viscount Cullen

Portman, Sir William, desirous to have a regulated corporation settled in Taunton

Portsmouth, letters dated from
-, vessels sailed from
-, vessel arrived at
-, arrival of pay for the dockyard and ordinary at
-, arrival of Col. George Legge at
-, person embarked at
-, the king sailed from the Downs for
-, launch of the new ship (the Royal James) at
-, arrival of the Dukes of York and Monmouth at
-, the officers of the Navy and Ordnance at
-, arrival of the king at
-, yachts built at, for the French king
-, garrison at. inspected by the king
-, and the Isle of Wight, Dutch privateers anchored between
-, Duchess of. See Queroualle, Louise de, Duchess of Portsmouth.

Portsoy. See Ardinboth.

Portugal, extracts from treaties between, and England and France.
-, coast of, vessel lost on
-, fustians formerly worn in, succeeded by Exeter stuffs
-, ambassador of, monk turned Protestant persuaded to make a public abjuration in the chapel of

Post Office, the, letter addressed to

Potomac, the river, rising of the Indians at the top of

Potts, John, messenger
-, warrants to
-, Richard, letters of

Poulett, John, Lord Poulett, letters of
-, letter to

Powder maker, warrant for erection of office of

Powell, Dorothy, attempts by, to obtain the guardianship of Elizabeth Seyliard, and the administration of her father's estate
-, John, letters of

Power, Richard, Earl of Tyrone, governor of the city and county of Waterford, complaint against, of going to England without the Lord Lieutenant's licence
-, arrived at Chester with the Lord Lieutenant.

Powerscourt, Viscount. See Wingfield, Folliott, Viscount Powerscourt.

Presentation Office, the, grant of, in reversion, requested
-, letter concerning

Presbury, Cheshire, rectory of, caveat concerning

Preston, letter dated from

Pretty, Col. See Hellen, Wolsley.

Prettyman, Sir John, quotations from law books concerning the case of
-, reason of the marshal for not delivering up the body of
-, William, caveat against making an instalment of debt of, for tenths, &c.

Price, Gervas, to be sworn gentleman of the Bows in reversion
-, grant to, of office of gentleman of the Bows
-, Sir Herbert, Master of the Household
-, caveat on behalf of
-, Herbert, commission to
-, Roger, licence to, to travel
-, Thomas. receiver-general of the Royal Aid for Herefordshire, petition of

Pricket, Alan, recorder of Kendal, suggested as justice for Westmorland

Prideaux, Sir Peter, and Peter, approbation of, as deputy lieutenants for Devon, requested
-, granted
-, Peter, Elizabeth, wife of, daughter of Sir Bevil Grenville, grant of precedency to

Priests and Jesuits, hundreds of thousands of, ready to assault England
-, See also Popish priests and Jesuits.

Prigg, William, and Samuel Hale request by, for grant of markets and fairs

Prince, a Nonconformist boy baptised at Weymouth and named Mico

Printing, the Act for regulating (14 Car. II., c. 33)

Prisoners, the case of the poor, remonstrated to Parliament
-, Act for the relief of (22 & 23 Car. II., c. 20)
-, bill for relief of, detained for criminal matters
-, for debt, paper on behalf of

Pritchard, Sir W., note of letter to

Privy Seals
-, mentioned
-, warrants for

Prize goods, Act for the prosecution of persons accountable for (14 Car. II., c. 14).

Prizes, the Principal Commissioners of, letter of
-, letter to
-, letters to, mentioned.
-, warrant to
-, sum due to Silas Taylor by
-, representation by, of injury to the king's interest by a sentence in the Scotch Court of Admiralty

Probert, Sir George, M.P., memorandum of letter to

Proby, Peter, of London, merchant, agent for Col. Hayes' daughters

-, against meeting-houses, mentioned
-, commanding the return of all gone into the French service since the peace
-, to be prepared
-, mentioned
-, forbidding assistance to be given to the King of Spain's revolted subjects
-, heads of
-, report of, intended to suppress meetings of Friends
-, forbidding enlistments in any foreign service, mentioned
-, for better collection of the hearth-money (draft)
-, for the dispersion of the riotous assemblies of weavers in and about London
-, published in the City and in Middlesex, Essex, Surrey and Kent
-, setting a price on the head of Don Philip Hellen, alias Fitzgerald, a pirate
-, of 8 Feb. 1667-8 of rules to be observed in English ports during hostilities between neighbouring nations, mentioned
-, offering a reward for the apprehension of M. St. Germain and forbidding any violence to M. de Luzancy
-, list of, for the apprehension of particular persons since 20 July, 1564
-, prohibiting the importation into the plantations of any commodities produced or manufactured in Europe unless shipped from England, and putting in execution the Navigation Act, and the Acts respecting the Plantation Trade
-, touching passes and sea-briefs
-, explaining the last proclamation
-, against Englishmen navigating ships of foreigners at war with Algiers
-, for the suppression of coffeehouses
-, extending the time appointed in the last
-, list of, concerning Jesuits. priests and Popish Recusants
-, against seditious libels
-, order in Council for publishing
-, fixing the prices of wines
-, against Jesuits and priests, mentioned

Progers, Edward, Groom of the Bedchamber, warrant appointing, a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, proposed as commissioner
-, warrants for grants to
-, services and sufferings of
-, Henry, proposed as a commissioner for licensing hackney coaches
-, appointed a commissioner

Protestant religion, the, satisfaction at the king's opinion of establishing
-, heads for bill for securing, considered in committee of the House of Lords
-, proposed penalties against perverters and perverted from

Puckering, Sir Henry, M.P.
-, memorandum of letter to

Pump, patent for invention of a, requested, and diagram of
-, granted

Purdon, Capt. George, report on petition of
-, mentioned, and warrant for grant to
-, blank in grant to, to be filled up as proposed by Sir John Temple

Purslow, widow, printer

Purvis, Capt. George, of Limehouse, packet delivered to

Putt, Sir Thomas, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted

Pyle, Sir Seymour, approved as deputy lieutenant for Wiltshire

Pyott, John, reasons for excusing, from being sheriff


Quadring, Gabriel, M.A., Fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge. dispensation to

Quakers, accident at meeting of, near Truro
-, meeting-house of, near Truro.
-, meetings of, at Bridlington
-, horrible statutes and unheard of cruelties against
-, address by, to the king and Parliament
-, sufferings of
-, report of intended proclamation to suppress meetings of
-, refusal of, to close their shops on 31 Jan.

Queen, the. See Catherine of Braganza, Queen.

Queenborough, mail landed at
-, Swedish ship arrested at

Queen's County, the, grant of lands in, recited

Queroualle, Louise de, Duchess of Portsmouth, letter of
-, mentioned
-, letters to. mentioned
-, intending for London
-, creation of, as duchess, mentioned
-, said to have influenced appointments to bishoprics
-, son of, created or to be created Duke of Richmond
-, report that, was to have the money for sale of Tangier
-, report that the king was going to France to live with
-, report that, had transported a large sum out of England
-, report that, had told the Queen she was married to the king
-, request by, for a clergyman's preferment
-, considered by the French king too weak to support the French interest
-, the Lord Treasurer said to depend on
-, attempts by Don Pedro de Ronquillo to gain one about
-, notice to be given to two persons at house of
-, M. de Keroualle, father of, passenger to Southampton.
-, father and mother of, vessel that conveyed. to France
-, sister of, marriage of, to the Earl of Pembroke

Quia Emptores, the statute of (18 Edw. I., c. 1).