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Calendar of State Papers Domestic: Charles II, 1675-6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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Rabett, Ralph, letter of

Raby Castle, death of Thomas Vane at

Radcliffe, Sir Francis, newsletters to.

Radham Park, Yorkshire, petition concerning

Raes, Michael de, grant of denization to

Rainbow, Dr. Edward, Bishop of Carlisle, letter of
-, letter to

Ralegh, Capt. George, letters of
-, to be captain of first vacant company in Jersey

Ram, Abel, of Dublin, goldsmith, letter directing debts of the '49 security to be paid to

Ram Head, the, boy picked up off.

Ramsay, Sir Charles, of Balmanie, warrant for charter to
-, James, Bishop of Dunblane, petition of, mentioned
-, order for translation of, to the bishopric of the Isles
-, recalled
-, commission appointed to examine the case and conduct of
-, to be restored to the bishopric of Dunblane
-, John, at the Lord Treasurer's, letter to
-, Capt., at Toul, letters of, mentioned
-, letters to
-, to act as major in Major Kirke's absence
-, company of, commission in

Ramsden, John, high sheriff of Yorkshire, note by
-, William, Lord Mayor, and the justices of York, letter to
-, warrant to

Ramsey, Sir Andrew, of Abbotshall, to be admitted to the Privy Council of Scotland

Ramsey, Isle of Man, sum allowed to school at

Ramsgate pier, vessels making for, or got to

Randall, Martha, mother of Martha Rayner, threats of, to prosecute those concerned in her daughter's marriage without her consent
-, proposals between, and Thomas Rayner touching her daughter's marriage

Randolph, Dorothy, deceased, receipt for trophy money due from

Randue, Mr., note of grant to

Ranelagh, Lord. See Jones, Richard, Viscount Ranelagh.

Ranken or Rankin, Capt., commander of a Scotch privateer, sentence of Scotch Court of Admiralty in favour of

Rannoch. See Athole.

Ratcliffe. Joshua, senior B.A., of Emmanuel College, dispensation in favour of
-, Thomas, printer
-, Thomas, to be sworn a Privy Councillor in Ireland

Rathgormuck. See Mothel.

Ratisbon, peace demanded by the Diet at
-, Mr. Skelton arrived at

Rawdon, Sir George. See Boyle, Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington.

Rawlins, William, printer

Ray, Mary, petition of, referred
-, father of, forfeited estate of

Rayner, Thomas, of St. Giles' in the Fields, and Christopher, his son, and Martha, wife of the latter, petition of
-, negotiations of, with his daughter-in-law's friends
-, warrant for pardon to for the clandestine marriage of his son and daughter-in-law
-, Sarah, warrant for pardon to

Raynsford, Sir Richard, justice of the King's Bench, one of the leaders in the meeting about rebuilding Northampton
-, opinion of, about coffeehouses
-, and Sir Timothy Littleton, justices for the Northern Circuit, letter to
-, persons fined by

Reade, Sir Compton, reasons for excusing, from being sheriff
-, William, letters of

Reading, John, letters of
-, Robert, warrants for grant of a baronetcy of Ireland to
-, letter recommending
-, mentioned
-, Elizabeth, daughter of, limitation of baronetcy to issue male of

Reape, , former apprentice of James Gould

Recognizances, the clerkship of the, grants of

Recusants. See Popish Recusants.

Red Sand buoy, the, the king and his squadron at

Redmayne, John, printer

Redriffe, parish of, right of presentation to, dispute about, and caveat concerning

Reed, Sir John, excommunication of, and living in gift of

Reekes, Mr., Fellow of Magdalen College, deceased

Reeve, John, receipt by
-, Richard, petition of, referred
-, patent granted to

Renalaghs or Knockbrea, place called, pretended to be purchased for Calcot Chambre
-, the Chambre family turned out of

Rennes, risings at
-, persons killed at
-, report that collectors of new duty on tobacco had been burnt at
-, removal of the Parliament at
-, people standing out at
-, refusal of, to admit the Duc de Chaulnes' forces

Rents, money arising from sale of feefarm

Reresby, Sir John, Mr. Benson's case against, touching the Aldborough election

Reve, Sir George, letter of

Revels, the Master of the, dispute between, and the Groom Porter and the loyal indigent officers about lotteries

Revenette, Monsr., departure of, for Calais

Rew, James, of Ashbrittle, Somerset, warrant for reprieve of, if found guilty
-, Alice, wife of, acquitted on the same charge
-, warrant for reprieve of

Rewse, Dudley, late receiver-general of moneys given by divers Acts, deceased, lease of extended lands of, requested

Reyners, Bastian, grant of denization to

Reynolds, Dr. Edward, Bishop of Norwich, inquiry ordered by, as to numbers of communicants, and of Popish Recusants and other Dissenters at Yarmouth
-, Richard, Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, schoolmaster at Tangier, letter in favour of
-, William, of Jesus College, Cambridge, pardon for the killing of

Rheinberg, taken by the French

Rhine, the, retreat of the French army over
-, Prince Rupert's yacht bound for

Rhodes, Samuel, warrant for reprieve of
-, warrant for pardon to
-, Thomas, warrant for pardon to

Rich, Charles, of London, and Robert, second son of Nathaniel, of Stondon, Essex, and husband of Mary, daughter of the said Charles, grant of baronetcy to
-, privy seal for discharge of creation money to

Richards, John, clerk of the Privy Seal
-, clerk formerly under

Richardson, John, printer
-, John, commission to
-, Capt. Richard, company of, commission in, requested
-, granted
-, Mr., elected judge of the sheriffs' court

Richbell, Edward. See Shaen, Sir James.
-, Robert, of Southampton
-, letter of

Richmond, Yorkshire, prisoner escaped from gaol at
-, the castle of, grant of
-, the Duchess of Portsmouth's son to be created Duke of, by the names of Charles Richmond
-, Duke of. See Lenox, Charles, Duke of Richmond.

Richmond, Surrey, grant of mansion house and little park at, recited and licence to keep a pack of beagles at

Rickwood, Mr., consul at Smyrna

Ricroft, Josiah. See Wood, William.

Rider, Richard, grant of office of master carpenter of the works to, recited
-, William. See Shaen, Sir James.

Riga, vessel for
-, Protestant church to be allowed in
-, seizure of an Englishman's goods at

Rigby, Edward, letters of

Rigbye, Alexander, letter of

Ripon quarry, &c., petition concerning
-, the deanery of, letter concerning the mode of appointment to
-, letter concerning
-, reversion of, sought after
-, presentation to

Rivett or Ryvett, John, of St. Sepulchre's parish, brasier, felo de se, estate of, warrant for gift of
-, recalled
-, personal estate of, grant of
-, Eleanor, widow of, grant to

Roche or Roach, Lieut. William, commander of Hurst Castle, murder committed by
-, escape of
-, warrant for reprieve of

Roane, John, D.D., Dean of Clogher, warrant for grant to, of the bishopric of Killaloe

Robartes, John, Lord Robartes, letter of
-, mentioned
-, letter to
-, letter to, as intended Lord Deputy, mentioned
-, son of, and his wife, difference between, and Mr. Cressett

Roberts, Edward, deficiencies held by Lord Kingston in trust for
-, John, grant of denization to
-, Joseph, of All Saints' parish, Canterbury, warrant for grant to, of fines paid by him for himself and others
-, Sir William, proposed as commissioner for licensing hackney coaches, and warrant for appointment of

Robertson, John. See Turner, Archibald.

Robinson, Sir John, M.P., lieutenant of the Tower
-, letters of
-, mentioned
-, letters to
-, memorandum of letter to
-, warrants to
-, report on petition of
-, petition of, referred
-, answer to address for removal of
-, refusal of, to release counsel committed by the House of Commons
-, debts due to, from the king
-, attendance of, before the Council
-, scolded by the Lord Keeper
-, accused of countenancing the weavers
-, blamed by the king
-, not to be removed from the lieutenancy of the Tower,
-, order in Council concerning, sent to the king
-, letter concerning
-, Matthew, at Newmarket, letter to, and indisposition of
-, Sir Robert, late commander of the Royal Oak, petition of

Robson, James, Mayor of Cambridge, signature by

Roch, Major. See Maney, Sir John.

Roche, Jack

Rochefort, men-of-war fitting at

Rochelle, vessels for, or from
-, vessel of, taken
-, vessels gone to, from Bordeaux
-, English ship carried into
-, French lady to embark at, for Lisbon
-, no disturbances at
-, forces drawing out. at, against the rebels in Brittany
-, French men-of-war off
-, merchandize secured on English man-of-war at
-, and Tangier, vessel met between

Rochester, letter dated from
-, vessel of, lost
-, refusal of a Quaker to close his shop at, on 31 Jan.
-, Deanery of, caveat concerning
-, Bishop of. See Dolben, Dr. John, Bishop of Rochester.
-, Earl of. See Wilmot, John, Earl of Rochester.

Rock, Thomas, soldier, statements by, about a letter concerning an alleged plot
-, warrant to search for and bring, before Secretary Williamson
-, examination of
-, sister of

Rockall, Dutch vessel taken at

Rodaway. See Cannington.

Rodrigues, Antonio and Gomez, grants of denization to

Rogers, Hugh, an idiot boy. wonderful preservation of, when adrift in a boat
-, Mr., cousin of Secretary Coventry, candidate for a fellowship at Magdalen College

Rohan, a person of the house of, said to be among the rebels in Brittany
-, illegal legacy to the English nuns at

Rolfe, John. See Langley, Capt. Thomas.

Rolle, Sir John, K.B., grant of fairs to
-, approbation of, as deputy lieutenant for Devon requested
-, granted

Rolling Grounds, the, vessels in

Rollo, David, son of Andrew, minister at Doneing, memorial of protection to

Roman Catholics, no, at Lynn
-, bill for the better and more speedy conviction of
-, children of deceased, to be brought up in the Protestant religion
-, provision for poor, who become Protestants, proposed
-, lines abroad of, for their liberty
-, difficulties of preserving, from ruin
-, See also Papists and Popish Recusants.

Rome, the Marquis de Leiha going as Spanish ambassador to

Romish priest, no, except foreigners, to attend the Queen

Ronquillo, Don Pedro de, Spanish ambassador to England, not yet ordered to come over
-, no moneys brought by for presents or corruption
-, interview of, with the Dutch ambassador, and offers to introduce to Parliament men
-, complaints by, of assistance to the rebels at Messina
-, letter feigned to be written by
-, named a plenipotentiary for the peace congress
-, refusal of, to send M. de Luzancy to Flanders
-, attempts by, to gain one about the Duchess of Portsmouth
-, copies to be sent to
-, letter to be sent to

Rookby. Lady, fellowship at St. John's College, Cambridge, founded by

Rooke, George, commission to

Rooster, Peter, grant of denization to

Rooth, Sir Richard, commander of the Adventure

Roquette, Gabriel de, Bishop of Autun, testimonials by

Rosoarrock, Col. Edward. See Holmes. Sir Robert.

Roscommon. See Louth.

Rose Castle, letter dated from

Rosewell, John, headmaster of Eton, letters of
-, letter to
-, promise of prebend at Windsor to

Ross, Arthur, late parson of Glasgow, warrant for gift to, of the bishopric of Argyle and warrant for consecration of
-, to be allowed to continue as parson of Glasgow
-, to be allowed to reside at Glasgow
-, See also Sharp, James, Archbishop of St. Andrews.

Rosse, Charles, writer to the signet, commission to
-, warrant for payment of allowance to
-, George, See Wallace, James.
-, Thomas, the king's pleasure signified to

Rossington, James, dispensation in favour of

Ross-shire, warrant for gift of the office of sheriff principal of

Rotherby, letters dated from

Rotherham, Thomas, letters of

Rothes, Earl of. See Leslie, John, Earl of Rothes.

Rotterdam, vessels from
-, vessels for
-, vessel of
-, fleet fitting at, for Greenland
-, East Indiamen at
-, war between the Dutch and Swedes proclaimed at
-, English ship rebuilt at
-, storm at
-, goods shipped on account of an Englishman at
-, arrival of Sir L. Jenkins at
-, ship seen in the moon at
-, many English ships at

Rouen, vessels from
-, corpse of Sir William Lockhart brought to
-, ironwork for sugar mills to be exported to

Rousseau, Charles de, knight of the Holy Roman Empire, petition of

Rowde, near the Devizes

Rower, Ned

Rowlandson, Richard, M.A., Fellow of New College, former letters in favour of, mentioned

Royal Oak lottery, the. See Lottery.

Royal Society, the, paper in vindication of, mentioned
-, list of, and of the present Council of

Roycroft, Thomas, printer to the king in the Oriental tongues

Royden, Essex, vicarage of, dispensation for holding another living with

Royly or Riley, Elizabeth, receipts to, for trophy money
-, Francis. letter to

Royston, Richard, and Robert Cleater, assignees of the interest of Col. Slingesby, deceased, in the Royal Oak lottery, caveat on behalf of

Royston House, petition for grant of outhouses at, referred

Ruffhey, Staffordshire, coal mines in, petition concerning

Rugeley, letter dated from

Rumbold, Mr., statement by, about consulage at Cadiz. &c.

Rupert, Prince, promise of, mentioned
-, appointed Lord Lieutenant of Surrey
-, warrant for allowance to, of vehicles on all the king's removes, and for increase of allowance of claret to
-, as governor and constable of Windsor Castle, warrant to
-, Indian from Hudson's Bay to be presented to
-, caveat on behalf of
-, yacht of, at Harwich
-, order of, mentioned
-, foot company under, in Windsor Castle, commission in

Rushworth, John, note by
-, collections of proceedings in Parliament out of

Russell, Sir Francis, letter of
-, Williamson remembered by
-, Col. John, letter of
-, appointed commander-inchief in London and Westminster during the king's absence
-, ill-will of, to Henry Sandys
-, regiment of. See Army. the.
-, William, Earl of Bedford. letter of
-, daughter of. See Alington, Diana, Lady Alington.

Russia, vessel from
-, the Emperor of, draft of proposed letter to
-, English privileges taken away by, and English banished by, from Moscow and confined to Archangel
-, Company, the, to entertain boys from the mathematical school of Christ's Hospital

Rustat. Robert, page of the Robes, warrant for swearing, supernumerary groom of the Robes
-, Tobias, uncle of, yeoman of the Robes, warrant granted at request of

Ruvigny, M. de, French minister in England
-, letter of
-, letter to, mentioned
-, letter to be sent to
-, pass from
-, declaration by, concerning Prince William of Furstenberg
-, declaration by, that the French king accepted Nimeguen as the place of treaty
-, memorials of, mentioned
-, paper sent to Williamson by
-, house of, at Windsor
-, secretary of, gone to France
-, spoken to, about the French passports for the envoys to Nimeguen, and answer of, concerning the neutral country about Nimeguen
-, note of conversation between, and Williamson
-, pressed to write to the King of France to remove the new difficulties about the congress
-, passes delivered by
-, reasons of, why his master persists in his difficulties
-, what, let fall to Williamson
-, the University of Heidelberg to be commended to the King of France by
-, reply framing in Holland to

Ruyter, Admiral de, to command the Dutch fleet for the Sound
-, with his fleet, before Dunkirk
-, said to be going to Messina
-, part of fleet of, in St. Helens Road
-, report that fleet of, would land men and ammunition for the mutineers in Brittany
-, fleet of, to rendezvous at Plymouth
-, and his fleet, passed by Rye, Falmouth and Plymouth
-, reported as passing the South Foreland for Holland
-, narrow escape of the Marseilles fleet from
-, reported engagement between, and the French

Rydal, letters dated from

Ryder, John, master of the Morlaix Merchant, statement by

Ryley, William, under-keeper of the records in the Tower, letter of
-, illness of

Rye, high price of, at Hull

Rye, letters dated from
-, vessels of
-, vessel arrived at
-, vessel from
-, fishing boat of, outrage on, by Ostend caper
-, account of charge of shallop sent out from, in May
-, persons and horses embarked from
-, harbour of, French vessel seized for disorder in
-, release of, requested
-, scuffle between a French shallop and Dutch longboats in
-, mayor of, the
-, depositions taken before
-, and jurats of, account of outrage by Ostend caper sent by
-, certificate by

Ryssiebrigs. See Utterstowne.

Ryves, Dr. Brune, Dean of Windsor. letter of
-, Sir William, deceased, sum due to, as Speaker of the Irish House of Lords
-, Dame Dorothy, widow of, transfer by, of the said sum to her daughter's husband as a marriage portion