Venice: February 1517, 21-28

Pages 367-368

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 2, 1509-1519. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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February 1517, 21–28

Feb. 26. Marco Minio's Original Letter Book, (fn. 1) MS. penes me. Letter no. 11. 845. Marco Minio to the Council of Ten.
On that morning in chapel had met the Emperor's ambassador, the Lord Albert of Carpi, (fn. 2) who said he was expecting news of the interview between Lis Imperial Majesty, the King of France, and the King of Spain, and that he was aware that King Francis desired this meeting, from which the King of England had written to dissuade the Emperor. Some were of opinion that the Emperor would convert his grandson (fiolo) to his own opinion, whereas others thought that the Catholic King would overcome his grandfather (padre — sic).
Rome, 26th February 1517.
[Extract, Italian.]
Feb. 27. Marco Minio's Original Letter Book, Letter no. 13. 846. Marco Minio to the Signory.
At his audience of the Pope on that day inquired what news his Holiness had. Received for answer that he had letters from Flanders dated the 14th, but the messenger did not depart until Monday, the 16th; and that his nuncio wrote to him that the Emperor had sworn to the peace with the most Christian King, and that the English ambassador (fn. 3) had done his utmost to prevent the taking of this oath, notwithstanding which the Emperor appeared neither tranquil nor satisfied, and evinced ill will. This the Pope repeated several times. Replied it was probable the Emperor would keep his promise, especially as, according to his Holiness, it had been made in the very teeth of the English ambassador.
Rome, 27th February 1517.
[Extract, Italian.]
Feb. 28. Misti Consiglio X. v. xl. p. 176, tergo. 847. Andrea Badoer.
Recital by the Council of Ten and Junta of their Act, dated 30th January 1509, appointing Andrea Badoer, knight, ambassador in England, with a monthly salary of 100 ducats. Repeal of a subsequent Act passed by the Senate on the 11th Sept. 1510, reducing the salary to 70 ducats.
Ayes. 21. Noes, 5. Neutrals, 0.
Andrea Badoer withdrew from the ballot.
[Italian, 6 lines.]


  • 1. Marco Minio arrived at Rome, as ambassador from the republic of Venice to Leo X., on the 19th February 1517, and remained at the Papal Court in that capacity during upwards of three years and four months. On the 2nd of June, 1520, Minio made his report to the Senate of what he had observed on this mission, and Sanuto's Diaries contain a summary of it, which was published by Dr. Tommaso Gar. The despatches of Minio do not exist in the Venetian Archives, hut the ambassador's original letter-book passed from the Tiepolo Library into my possession in the year 1837.
  • 2. Alberto Pio, Prince of Carpi, was one of the ablest diplomatists of his day. Some time after the date of this letter, viz., in 1521, he filled the post of ambassador in Rome from Francis I. and the Queen mother. Alberto Pio had for tutor Aldus Manutius, whom he befriended greatly. (See Cicogna, Iscrizioni, vol. iii. p. 42.)
  • 3. Dr. Cuthbert Tunstall. (See Ellis's Letters, vol. i. p.134, letter dated Mechlin, 12th February 1517.)