House of Commons Journal Volume 2: 10 December 1640

Pages 48-49

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 2, 1640-1643. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Jovis, 10 Decembr. 1640.


Smyth's Nat.

1a vice lecta. AN Act for the Naturalization of Geo. Smyth, of London, Merchant.

Hunt's Estate.

1a vice lecta, An Act to enable Tho. Hunt, & al. of Longton, in the County of Stafford, to make Sale of certain Lands in the County of Stafford.

Committees added.

Lord Ruthyn, Mr. Oldsworth, Sir Christopher Wray, Mr. Purefrey, Mr. Upton, Sir Edw. Aiskew, Mr. Noell, and the Burgesses of London, are added to the Committee for Sir H. Spiller's Business.

Leave of Absence.

Sir Robert Crane has Leave, for some great and very urgent Occasions of his own, to be absent for a Sevennight.

Printing Sermons.

This Day Sir Tho. Barrington returned Mr. Gawdy's Answer; that he was willing, at the Intreaty of this House, to print his Sermon: And it was thereupon ordered, that those Gentlemen, that, at the Request of this House, preached at the Fast, and at the Communion, be intreated to print their Sermons, if they themselves shall so please.

Prisoners discharged.

Mr. Warner, and Mr. Halford, were, one after another, called in; and, kneeling at the Bar, the Petitions they exhibited during their Imprisonment at the Tower, in which they desired the Mercy of this House, were read unto them; and, according to the Sense of those Petitions, they personally made an Acknowledgement of their Offences, and of the Justice of this House, and of their Sorrow for them; and humbly besought the Mercy and Favour of this House to be extended towards them.

Mr. Speaker told them the House did allow of their Submission; and did order them forthwith to be discharged from the Serjeant's Custody, paying their Fees; and that for the rest of their Sentence, the House would take some Course for their performing of it hereafter.

Complaint against Marsh.

Ordered, That Notice be forthwith given to Mr. Wm. Marsh, that there is a Complaint against him here; and that this House does expect, he shall give Answer to it To-morrow Morning. And it is likewise required, that Lawrence Ellison, One of the Constables of the Liberty of Westminster, be here at the same time.

Proceedings against Windebank.

Ordered, That Notice be forthwith left at Mr. Secretary Windebank's House, requiring him preremptorily to appear here To-morrow Morning; and it was moved, that if he come not, that then a Message should be sent to the Lords, to desire them to move his Majesty for a Proclamation to be awarded against him, to bring him in.

Petition found on Salisbury Plain.

Mr. Serjeant Hide, Mr. Mallory, Mr. Hollys, Lord Digby, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Gilbert Gerrard;

This Committee was appointed to peruse a Petition, that was inclosed in the Cover of a Letter, addressed to the Parliament, and found upon Salisbury Plain; and, being brought to the Mayor of Salisbury, was by him sent up to Serjeant Hide, a Member of this House, and by him this Day offered to the House.

The Committee, after they had perused it, found it of no better Consequence than to be burnt.

Captivas at Algiers, &c.

Mr. Treasurer, Sir Tho. Roe, Mr. Pimme, Capt. Rainsborrow, Mr. Kinge, Mr. Jennour, Mr. J. Moore, Mr. Potts, the Citizens of London, the Barons, and Burgesses of all the Ports and Sea Towns;

This Committee is to receive, and to take into Consideration, the Petitions that are or shall be preferred, on the Behalf of the Prisoners and Captives of Algiers and Tunis, or elsewhere, under the Turks Dominions; and are to present the State of them to this House, and some speedy Way for their Redress; and are to think of some Course for the Securing of Navigation, and of his Majesty's Subjects, for hereafter; and have Power to send for Parties, Witnesses, Papers, Records, or any thing else, that they shall think may conduce to the Business; and are to meet To-morrow in the Afternoon, at Two of Clock in the Star-chamber.

Ways and Means.

The Order made Yesterday, for debating the Way of raising the One hundred thousand Pounds, was read:

Resolved, upon the Question, That the House shall not be resolved into a Committee to debate the former Order made, concerning the Raising of One hundred housand Pounds, and to consider whether it be fit to alter it, and wherein.

Upon the Difference of the Yeas, and Noes, the House being divided;

It was Declared for a constant Rule, that those, that give their Votes for the Preservation of the Orders of the House, should stay in; and those, that give their Votes otherwise, to the Introducing of any new Matter, or any Alteration, should go out.

At this Time, before the Noes had all gone out, the Yeas yielded.

Resolved, upon the Question, That instead of the One hundred thousand Pounds, formerly ordered by this House, for the Relief of the King's Army, and the Northern Counties, Two Subsidies shall be granted, to the Uses expressed in the former Orders.

Leave to attend Lords.

Mr. Perd has Leave to be of Counsel with the Lord Brooke, in the House of the Lords.