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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 3, 1643-1644. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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-, James. Vide Webster, John.

-, 1643, Order for discharging 200 Men stayed there, 29 July - For a Guard at Sea for Defence of the Fishermen - A Committee to treat with the Inhabitants about advancing Monies for a Winter Guard upon the Security of the Customs - The Committee for the Navy to take care of a Guard at Sea for the Fishermen, 23 Aug. - To provide a Ship of Strength for that Service, 19 Sept. - Order for repaying the Bailiff the Charge of Victualling, out of the Customs of the Town, 28 - Member to acquaint the Town, the House will take care of a safe Convoy for their Ships next Spring - Order for putting Powder seized there into the Magazine; Bailiffs to dispose of it - Touching a Reward to Officers diligent in searching of Delinquents, 30 Nov.
-, 1644, the Committee for the Navy to examine the Business touching a Ship taken by one of the Town, 3 June - A Committee to prepare Ordinance for Safeguard of the Passage by Sea from thence to Edinburgh, 6 Dec.

-, Humphrey, 1643, Order for his Discharge, upon taking the Protestation, 11 Apr.

-, Sir Christopher, 1643, Order for permitting his Trunks, &c. to pass into Holland, 9 Aug. Revoked; Copy of Revocation to be sent to Officers of the Out-ports - To have Warrant to send Two Sons and their Tutor beyond Sea, 10 - To send Household Stuff with them, 16.

-, Robert, 1643, his Examination and Sentence read, and to be printed; Order for putting the Sentence in Execution, 22 May.

-, County, 1643, High Sheriff appointed, 30 Dec. - Committees added to the Committee for Sequestrations, 16 Jan.
-, 1644, Ordinance for indemnifying several that have acted as Committees, and for adding them to the several Committees, 10 Aug. Agreed to by Lords, 24 - Additional Committees agreed to by Lords, with Amendments, 20 - Propositions for maintaining the Forces, and the Scots Commissioners Answer, read, 21. Read again, and referred to a Committee; Power given them to make an Assessment in the Northern Counties, according to the Proportion of 10,000 £ a Month on Yorkshire, and to confer with the Scots Commissioners thereupon, and to view the Instructions to the Committees in the North that join with the Committees of Scotland; latter Part of the First Proposition referred to the Committee of both Kingdoms, 22 - Report; Resolution that the House will apportion the Sums to be assessed Monthly upon them, 11 Oct. - Member to prepare Ordinance for disposing of sequestrable Goods and Monies to be discovered, 24 Sept.
-, City, 1644, Letter from the Leaguer before it, read; Order for the Forces to pursue their Intentions concerning the Place, 13 June - Committees Letter, desiring another Committee to be sent; Committees added - Letters concerning the Condition of the Siege, read, 17 - Letters concerning the springing a Mine, and entering the Mansion-house, and desiring Supply of Ammunition, and Pay, and concerning the Proceedings between the Generals and Earl of Newcastle, all sent to the Earl of Northumberland, 24 - General's Letter concerning the Surrender of the Town, and the Articles of Surrender, severally read, and to be delivered to Lords, 24 July - General's and Committees Desire that no Credit may be given to Reports, nor any Relation printed till they come from them, 27 - Petition of Citizens, desiring preaching Ministers may be sent down; the Assembly to consider of Four proper Persons; Resolution for an Allowance of 50 £ per Annum, to each out of the Revenues of Deans, &c. in the Diocese, 19 Aug. - Sheriff's Letter concerning chusing a fit Place for a Gaol; Member to prepare Answer, 24 Oct. - A Place appointed, 11 Dec. - Letter from Lord Fairfax and the Committee read, Member to prepare Answer; Ordinance for disfranchising several Aldermen. Vide Jaques, Sir Roger - Resolution for sequestering two Ministers from their Livings, 10 Dec. Vide Cartwright, and Stones.
-, Archbishop of, 1643, Ordinance for selling his sequestered Goods, 24 Feb.

-, Michael, 1643, Petition against Lawrence, for taking Horse and Sheep without Authority, 9 Aug. Vide Lawrence.
-, Lewis, 1643. Vide Privileges.
-, Mr. 1643, desired to preach, 31 Jan. - Thanked, and to print his Sermon, 28 Feb.
-, Robert, 1644, Order for restoring him to his Collieries and Coals upon the Staiths, 26 Nov.