Churchwardens' accounts: 1557-8

Pages 408-410

The Medieval Records of A London City Church St Mary At Hill, 1420-1559. Originally published by Trübner, London, 1905.

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[a.d. 1557–8.

Thomas Blancke Wardens.]
William Hollestocke

(fn. 1) Hereaffter ffolowythe The Acownte of Thomas Blancke, Chowrchewarden with William Hollestocke of the parrysche at saynte mary at hill, frome the feste of the natyvyte of owr Lorde god Anno 1557 vnto the ffeste of the natyvyte of owr Lorde god Anno 1558, as folowyth.


(fn. 2) Resseved of the clarkes waedges for oeen hole yere as yt aperethe by a Rovlle of particullers, the somma of x li viij s x d. And the Reste that is not gathered yt shall appere in the latter ende of this boke, soe that as myttche as I cane Resseve ys x l'i viij s x d
* * * * *
Resseved towardes the pascall lyght at ester of the parrysyeners xij s iij d
Resseved More of the parryssiners for ther ffower offerynge dayes the somma of l s ij d
* * * * *


(fn. 3) [Casual Receipts.]

Ressevid for the knyll of Mr frogenolde & brekyng the grovnde the somma of xiij s iiij d
Ressevid for waste of the iiij torches j s iiij d
Ressevid for the knyll & brekynge the grovnde of owlde Mr tv[i ?]ke iij s iiij d. Soe he Rebatid for that the churche dyd owe vnto hym [e ?] x s; so I ressevid bvtte iij s iiij d
Ressevid for Mr Clayttons knyll & brekynge of the grovnde the s[. ?]s of xx s
Ressevid for Mrs Leversshame knyll & brekyng the grovnde the somma of xiij s iiij d
Ressevid for Mr Passmors knyll & brekynge the grovnde the Svmma of xvj s viij d
Ressevid for yoodwyffe Lames dowghter for brekynge the grovnde in pardon chvrcheyarde ij s
Ressevid of Mr Ioegame for the waste of iiij torches Svmme of xvj d
Ressevid of Mrs hartfforthe for the waste of ij torches Svmma of viij d
Ressevid of Mr yonge for the waste of ij torches Svmma ys viij d
Summa of thys syde Ressevid iij l'i xij s viij d
(fn. 4) Summa totales Ressevid by me Thomas Blanke ffor thys hole yere ys lxvj l'i xv s xj d.

(fn. 5) Paymentes payd by me Thomas Blancke for this yere after ffolowythe.

The chardges of the quyer.

Payde to doctor hardyman, parysche pryste, for oen hole yeres waedges endynge at chrestemas laste paste xvj l'i
Payde to Iylles havkes for oen hole yere endinge at chrestemas viij l'i xiij s iiij d
Payde to wyllyam Movndye for his hole yeres wadges with xxvj s viij d for gatherynge the parssons tythes viij l'i xiij s iiij d
Payd to thomas Mvndye for his hole yeres waedges the somma of iiij l'i
Payde to Tanner, the basse, for oen quarters [wages] frome myhellmase to chrystmas ij l'i
Payd to wyllyam Elssame for j quarter and vj wyekes the soms of xix s vj d
Payd one owr Lady daye to a pryste that dyd synge a basse for vij wyckes, at ij s viij d the wycke xviij s viij d
Payde to a syngynge man one palme sondaye xij d
Payd to a syngynge man in the ester holy days v s
payd to a syngynge man at whyttsontyde iij s iiij d
payd to dyvers one owr Lady daye to dryncke xij d
Payd to [blank] the xiiijt daye of Ivly yat dyd synge in [illegible] v s
Summa payyd to the Cvratt & alle owther synggyng men ffor the hole yere ys xlij l'i – 0 – ij d.

(fn. 6) Qvytt Rentes & Svbsedyes and tenthes.

* * * * *

(fn. 7) Ovther ordenary chardges & ovthers.

* * * * *

Payd for j l'i franckenssons xij d
* * * * *
(fn. 8) Payd for wyne for the mawndy one mvnday thvrsdaye the Svmma of ix s viij d
* * * * *
payd for brede at the mavndye iij s iiij d
payd the 18' daye Auguste to the clarckes and syngynge men for a [backet ?] or Recreassion at Mr haywardes one owr Lady even to macke them to dryncke v s vj d
payd for the children of saynte magnus vj s viij d
payd for borowenge of ij sylver crosses oen owr Lady daye Summa of xij d
* * * * *
payd one Relycke sondaye for brede & dryncke ij d
* * * * *
Payd to my Lorde of Londons somner iij s
* * * * *
Payd for syngynge brede and owsselynge for one hole yere. Svmma xx d
* * * * *

(fn. 9) Thes parrysshenars woos names dothe ffolowe Are behynde with the parssons dewtye & is dewe To me, thomas blancke, churche warden, for mye yere oenl'y, beynge in the yere of owr Lorde god 1588.

Wyllyam Holdestocke for oen yere endynge at myhellmas laste paste xvj s vj d
* * * * *
(fn. 10) Item, ther is dewe in my yere of the Clarkes wages that I cane no[t ?] have, as foloethe.
Vxor Collynes for j hole yere iiij d
* * * * *

[Three debts.]


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