Prebendaries: Yetminster Prima

Pages 108-109

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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Yetminster (Dorset) part of pre-Conquest Sherborne episcopal estates (see AS Chs. Sherborne pp. xxxviii-xxxix, xlii, xliv, lviii, 47; DB I 75d). One of the 'villas preter militum terras' given to cans. by bp. Osmund 1091 (carta). Conf. by pope 26 Nov. 1146 (PUE II no. 53 p. 209).

Two prebs. prob. in existence by c. 1150 (Psalter list). Called 'Ethemenistr' Tancre' and 'Ethemenistr' W. de Len' in 1220s (C. 462, pd. Sar. Chs. p. 208) and in c. 1284 (C. 511), and cf. valuation of Oct. 1226 × Feb. 1227 (RSO II 72-3).

Yetminster I a dcn.-preb.; decani side; term of residence c. 1270: July-Sept.


1220s 8m.; 1226 8m.; c. 1284 100s.; 1291 £8 13s. 4d.


[M. William de Lenn (fn. 1)

First occ. as can. 15 and 18 Aug. 1222 (Sar. Stats. p. 70, also pd. RSO II 18; RSO I 339). Occ. as preb. Yetminster, perhaps this preb., Oct. 1226 × Feb. 1227 (app. 1). Occ. as can. several times. Last occ. 11 Nov. 1243 (Sar. Chs. p. 289).]

[M. Roger de la Grene

Clk., not yet can. when occ. 15 Jan. 1242 (IV/C.3/Potterne/8) and before early 1244 (Cart. St Nich. p. 16, also pd. Sar. Chs. p. 283, temp. Roger precentor, list 3). First occ. as can. 7 Dec. 1243 (ibid. p. 289). Occ. as preb. Yetminster, disp. for plurality, 23 Nov. 1250 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 4917, cal. CPL I 265). Occ. as can. frequently. Archdcn. of Wilts. from between 11 March 1257 and 27 Dec. 1258; last occ. 12 March 1271 (list 10).]

[Tedisius de Camilla (fn. 2)

Royal clk.; can. of Hereford; had ineffective royal coll. to archdcnry. of York 28 March 1266 (York Minster Fasti I 36); dean of Wolverhampton. First certain occ. as can. of Salisbury 5 July 1272 (Reg. Walter Giffard, Archbishop of York, ed. W. Brown (Surtees Soc. cix, 1904) p. 38), but occ. in connection with members of Salisbury chapter 26 Aug., 5 Sept. and 25 Dec. 1270 (CPR 1266-72 pp. 457, 458, 502), so very prob. can. by that time. Occ. as preb. Yetminster, perhaps this preb., May-June 1284 (app. 2). Excomm. 1282, case against him in papal Curia 1284 (see Reg. Pecham II 44-5, 68-9, 158-9). Papal chapl., a kinsman of pope Adrian V (CPL I 450-1), and prob. related to Gabriel de Camilla, preb. Grimston (list 34). Still alive, abroad, 8 Jan. 1291 (CPR 1281-92 p. 413). Still in possession of preb. Yetminster 1291 (Taxatio p. 182a).]

William de Sancto Johanne

Predecessor of M. Richard of Winchester, held preb. Yetminster [Prima] by papal prov., vacated by 6 Nov. 1297, by which time he had transf. to preb. Ramsbury (Reg. Gandavo II 561; list 49).

M. Richard of Winchester (fn. 3)

Coll. to preb. Yetminster [Prima] 6 Nov. 1297, in succession to William de Sancto Johanne (Reg. Gandavo II 561; for identification of this preb., see 2 Fasti III 100n.). Also subdean of Wells. Transf. to preb. Bitton, coll. 12 Dec. 1303 (2 Fasti III 35).


  • 1. Presum. Lynn, Norf., if he is to be identified with the member of the bp. of Norwich's household who occ. between 1200 and 1205, Norwich Cathedral Chs. I, ed. B. Dodwell (PRS n.s. xl, 1974) nos. 142, 144-5, 147, 149-64, 166-9, 171-2, 176-7, 256.
  • 2. A member of a branch of the Fieschi family.
  • 3. D.Th.; for his career, see Biog. Ox. III 2062-3.