Folios lxi - lxx: May 1317 -

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Calendar of Letter-Books of the City of London: E, 1314-1337. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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Folios. lxi.

Deed of acquittance granted by Ranulf de Waltham, rector of the church of St. Michael de Bassieshagh, and William de Coventre, chaplain, executors of Sir John de Waltham, late vicar of "Wyndelesore," to Hugh de Waltham, clerk, for the above annuity. Dated Monday after the Feast of St. Alphege [19 April], A.D. 1325.

Acknowledged on Saturday before the Feast of SS. Philip and James [1 May], 18 Edward II. [A.D. 1325].

Custodia pueror Joh'is Vanne.

Friday the morrow of the Ascension [12 May], 10 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], the guardianship of John, Peter, Isabella, Nicholas, Matthew, Thomas, Johanna, and Idonea, children of John Vanne, (fn. 1) entrusted to Dame Jakelyne, relict of the said John and mother of the said children. Surety, viz., Richer de Refham, Knt.

Script' d'ni Joh' de Britannia.

Deed of covenant by Adam le Plastrer to plaster the hall of Sir John de Brittain, Earl of Richemond, with plaster of Paris, repair walls, &c. Dated Thursday before the Feast of Pentecost [22 May], 10 Edward II. [A.D. 1317]. (fn. 2)

Folios. lxi b.

Breve Regis directum Maiori Vicecom' et Camerario suo pro buss' faci do.

Writ to the Mayor and Sheriffs and Chamberlain of the City for the delivery of a bushel sealed and in conformity with the King's Standard measure in London to Master Jordan Moraunt, John de Bousser, and Geoffrey de Hertepol, whom the King had appointed to survey and assay measures in the counties of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. Dated at Westminster, 28 May, 10 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

Friday after the Feast of St. James [25 July], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], came Petronilla, late wife of William le Bokebyndere, John, the parson of the church of St. Faith, and John de Waltham, executors of the said William, and by order of John de Wengrave, the Mayor, and the rest of the Aldermen paid to Juliana la Hokestere, mother of John, son of the aforesaid William, the sum of 20s., which the said William bequeathed to his said son.

Folios. lxii.

Scriptum executor' Will'i de conductu de denar' legat' Isabell' filie sue

Deed of acquittance by Robert de Pipehurst, goldsmith, for money received from Idonea, widow of William de Conduit, late vintner, Sir Charles [de Conduit], the rector of the church of Cullesdone, (fn. 3) and Henry de Secheford, in trust for Isabella, daughter of the said William. Sureties, viz., Gilbert de Lesnes and Thomas Rys, goldsmiths. Dated 18 June, 10 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

Acknowledged Saturday after the Feast of St. Botolph [17 June].

The above deed annulled and the guardianship of the said Isabella entrusted to John Priour ut patet anno xvii°. (fn. 4)

Scriptum exec' Will'i de conductu de denar' legat' Galfrido filio suo.

A similar acquittance, of even date, by Charles de Conduit, rector of the church of Cullesdone, for money received from the above Idonea and Henry de Secheford, his co-executors, in trust for Geoffrey, son of the above William de Conduit. Sureties, viz., Reginald de Conduit and Philip Lucas.

Afterwards, viz., on Tuesday after the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul [25 Jan.], 4 Edward III. [A.D. 1329-30], came Reginald de Conduit and Philip Lucas, the sureties of the aforesaid Charles, before Simon de Swanlond, the Mayor, Gregory de Nortone, Henry Darci, John de Caustone, and Henry de Secheford, Aldermen, and delivered the property of the above Geoffrey to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Chamberlain; and John Priour, Alderman, who had married Idonea, the mother of the said Geoffrey, came and acknowledged satisfaction. Therefore let the said Charles, Reginald, and Philip be quit.

Folios. lxii b.

Memoranda, temp. J[ohn] de Wengrave, Mayor, II Edward II.

Abrocar' lan'.

Saturday after the Feast of St. James [25 July], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], William de Ailesberi, William de York, and William Dyri, junior, were elected and presented by good men of the mistery of woolmongers to execute the office of brokers (coretariorum) of wool, and they were sworn before John de Wengrave, the Mayor, and the rest of the Aldermen, &c.

Sunday after the Feast of St. Bartholomew [24 Aug.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], proclamation made against brewers, male or female, fermenting corn for the purpose of making malt, under pain of forfeiture.

20 Oct., 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], came John de Douvedale, Knt., before John de Wengrave, the Mayor, Nicholas de Farendone, William de Leire, Richard de Gloucestre, Simon de Paris, Henry de Gloucestre, Hamo Godchep, Simon Corp, John de Lincoln, and Roger de Paris, Aldermen, William de Fourneys and John Priour, the Sheriffs, and found sureties for his satisfying Edmund and Thomas, sons of Stephen de Coventre, as to certain rents bequeathed to them, viz., Richer de Refham, Knt., Master Peter le Cirugien, Hugh de Bonggeye, "armurer," William, son of Walter de Fynchingfeld, William de Hackeford, mercer, and John de la Chaumbre, Alderman.


A clause in the will of Stephen de Coventre, proved and enrolled in the Husting for Common Pleas held on Monday after the Feast of St. James [25 July], 4 Edward II. [A.D. 1310]: (fn. 5) Item, I will that my children remain in the custody of Roysia, my mother, so long as she lives, together with their legacies, and after her decease in the custody of Isabella, my wife, until they come of age, so that she safely and honestly keep them in all necessaries, she giving surety according to the custom, &c.

Folios. lxiii.

Indenture of defeasance of a grant by William le "Mazelyner," son of John le "Mazerer," to Henry de Norhamptone, "pheliper," of a tenement in "la Bowelane," in the parish of St. Michael de Paternostercherche, near the tenements of Robert de Gunthorp and William Hardel, on payment of the sum of £25 to the said Henry at his house in the parish of St. Christopher de Bradestrete on the Feast of the Purification [2 Feb.] next. Witnesses, Andrew de Staunford, Robert Person, Luke de Haverynge, Stephen de Prestone, Stephen de Rokesle, John de Prestone, John Vivian, and others [not named]. Dated Saturday after the Feast of St. Michael [29 Sept.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

Afterwards, viz., on Saturday before the Feast of the Nativity B. M. [8 Sept.], 14 Edward II. [A.D. 1320], came Henry de Norhamptone before Andrew Horn, the Chamberlain, and acknowledged satisfaction for the above money, and asked that the above deed might be annulled.

Folios. lxiii b.

Scriptum Will'i de Camerwelle.

Deed of covenant touching a lease by Peter, son of Peter de Bosenho, to William de Camerwelle, of houses in Candelwikstrete, in the parish of St. Mary de Bothawe, for a term of four years, with use and occupation of the same for a further period of two and a quarter years. Dated Wednesday the Feast of St. Clement [23 Nov.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

Scriptum Joh'is le Hore et Alic' ux'is ejus.

Lease granted by John, called "le Bakere," of Creplegate, to John, called "le Hore," and Alice his wife, of a brewhouse within Creplegate for a term of eight years from Michaelmas, A.D. 1317. Witnesses, John de "Mymnes," Roger de "Mymnes," Alexander le Mazerer, Richard le Hodere, Thomas de Kent, Adam de Conduit, Ralph the baker, William de Horsham, Adam de Depedene, and others [not named].

Read and enrolled Monday before the Feast of St. Katherine [25 Nov.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

Folios. lxiv.

Deed of assignment by John de Nasyng, girdler, to Sir Remigius de Hedersete, clerk, of certain rents issuing from tenements formerly granted by William de Medelane, late dyer, to Thomas his son, and situate in the parish of St. James de Garlekhethe, near Sporoneslane, and in the parish of St. Michael, Queenhithe; the said rents having been granted to the said John by John de Yeveneye and Theophania his wife, widow of the above William de Medelane. Dated Tuesday the Vigil of St. Andrew [30 Nov.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

Folios. lxiv b.

Breve Regis de proclam' facta de prisis.

Writ to the Sheriffs for proclamation to be made against the seizure of goods and provisions for the King's use without payment for the same, and contrary to the wishes of the owners. Dated at Westminster, 22 Nov., 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317].

Writ to the Sheriffs for the election of two representatives of the City to attend the Parliament summoned to meet at Lincoln in the quinzaine of Hillary next. (fn. 6) [No date.]

Folios. lxv.

Assignacio £M l per pram patentem.

Letters patent assigning the City's ferm and all other demands of the Exchequer for the repayment of the sum of £1,000 advanced by the Mayor, Aldermen, and citizens of London to the King in aid of the war in Scotland. Dated at Clipstone, 8 Jan., 10 Edward II. [A.D. 1316-17].

Assignacio £M l direct' vicecom' London.

Letters patent of even date and to similar effect, addressed to the Sheriffs of London.

Folios. lxv b.

Be it remembered that on Thursday after the Feast of St. Thomas [21 Dec.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], came Clement, the clerk of the King's Marshalsea, and asked of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Sheriffs that Serjeants of the City might be deputed to accompany him, on the City's behalf, into the suburb for the delivery of hostels for the use of the King's household on his coming to Westminster, &c. For which purpose there were deputed Roger atte Watre and Roger le Barbier, Serjeant. (fn. 7)

Folios. lxvi.

Deed whereby John, son of Roger ate Pole de Edelmeton, covenants that a bond entered into by Richard de Wylehale in the sum of £40 shall be void on condition that Juliana, wife of the said Richard, allow the said John to enjoy peaceable possession of certain lands and tenements in certain fields called "Foubdesfeld," "Paynesfeld," and "le Hyde," and elsewhere in and near the vill of Edelmetone, (fn. 8) after the decease of her said husband, which lands and tenements formerly belonged to John de Luco, called "Janyn." Dated Tuesday after the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen [22 July], 13 Edward II. [A.D. 1319].

Folios. lxvi b.

Monday after the Feast of St. Lucia, V. [13 Dec.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], there were assembled at the Guildhall:- John de Wengrave, the Mayor, John de Gisors, Nicholas de Farendone, William de Leire, Richard de Gloucestre, Hamo de Chiggewelle, Simon de Corp, Elyas de Suffolk, William Servat, Roger de Frowik, John de Lincoln, Henry de Gloucestre, John de la Chaumbre, Anketyn de Gisors, and Roger de Paris, Aldermen, before whom came good men of the City, viz., John de Burford, Henry le Gaugeour, Thomas le Ropere, Adam Snowe, "coupere," Robert de Lenne, Robert de Lymyntone, Richard de Dorkynge, Robert le Callere, and Thomas Wastel.

Of the Ward of Vintry:- Thomas de Crokesle, John atte Crouche, Henry le Hore, William atte Rothe, Adam de Depedene, Nicholas Cook.

Bredestrete:- Adam atte Condut, Richard de Berdefeld, Roger le Palmere, Oliver Brouninge, Richard Gubbe, Hugh de Asshebourne, John de Castelacre, Hugh Matfrei, Nicholas Edmond, Adam de Ely.

Creplegate:-Richard Costantyn, John de Wynton', William Joye, Andrew Cortoys, Roger Lespicer, Robert Sely, Robert le Bret, Jordan de Langle, Henry atte More, Matthew Dessex.

Farendone :- Richard Jordone, William de Aroundel, John de Pikenham, Walter atte Belhous, John Lyndeseye, Gilbert de Lesnes, Roger Hosebonde, Richard de Dokesworth, Roger de Edelmetone, Richard de Shordiche, Ralph de Blithe, Stephen de Herford, John de Hereward, Adam le Marbrer, William Flori, John de Paris, William de Toppesfelde.

Aldresgate:-John atte Grove, Ralph de Blithe, Nigel de Whatele, Thomas de Berkyng, Thomas de Lincoln.

Queenhithe:-William Prodehomme, Roger de Suthcote, Robert Heyne, Roger de Bernes, Ralph de Berkweye, Richard atte Holmes, Richard atte Vygne, Richard de Bolyntone.

Colmanstrete:-Richard Trugge, Adam de Mondene, Simon Frank, John Gentil, Ralph de Braghingge, John Potyn, Adam de St. Alban, Geoffrey de Brandone, Andrew Brunne.

[For what purpose the above meeting took place is not recorded.-Editor.]

Deed of acquittance by John, son of Nicholas Pikot, late Alderman, deceased, to Hugh de Waltham, John de Dallynge, senior, and Robert de Brakene, his father's executors, for property left to him by his said father. Dated 18 Nov., A.D. 1319.

Folios. lxvii.

Saturday the morrow of St. Hillary [13 Jan.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317-18], the guardianship of Roger, son of Robert Osekyn, (fn. 9) late carpenter, entrusted to Robert, another son of the aforesaid Robert, goldsmith, by John de Wenegrave the Mayor, Nicholas de Farendone, John de Gisors, William de Leyre, Robert de Keleseye, Richard de Gloucestre, Simon de Paris, and Hamo Godchep, Aldermen, together with certain rents in the parish of St. Benedict Fink and other property, comprising a cup of silver plate, a cup of mazer (de mucro), a brass pot, a feather bed, &c. Surety, viz., Sir John Devery.

The same day the guardianship of John, another son of the above Robert Osekyn, entrusted to Robert le Callere, together with property in the parish of St. Bartholomew. Surety, viz., Elyas le Callere. (fn. 10)

Sunday after the Feast of St. Nicholas [6 Dec.], 13 Edward II. [A.D. 1319], John le Fourbour, residing on Cornhell, attached by Hamo de Chigwelle, the Mayor, and taken to Newgate, for carrying arms contrary to the proclamation. Afterwards, viz., on the following Monday, he was taken before the Mayor and Aldermen at the Guildhall, and mainprised by Geoffrey de Blithe, Richard le Joynour de Cornhull, Robert de Arderne, taverner, and Walter Chaumpeneys, taverner.

Folios. lxvii b.

De inprisonamento Joh' is de Saxton'.

Saturday the eve of the Circumcision [1 Jan.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317], John de Saxton', "fourbour," committed to Neugate prison for assaulting a servant of Richard de Stanho, Dean of Arches. Being brought before the Mayor and Aldermen, he acknowledged his guilt and was set free on bail. (fn. 11)

Custodia Will'i Noil nepotis Will' i Trente.

Wednesday after the Purification B. M. [2 Feb.], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317-18], the guardianship of William Noille, nephew (nepotis) of William Trent, entrusted to James Beauflour, vintner, together with his property, amounting to the sum of 102s. 9d.

Acquittance by Roger Swetinge, fruiterer, and Felicia his wife, widow of Walter de Northwych, girdler, to John, son of Richard Hauteyn, for a rent charge on certain solars in Westchepe, in the parish of St. Pancras, which the said John acquired in fee from the said Walter. Dated 21 Feb., 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317-18]. Witnesses, Richard But, Hugh de Garton, Robert de Hakbourne, William de Hederset, John Amys, clerk, and others [not named].

Acknowledged Monday before the Feast of St. Peter in Cathedra [22 Feb.].

Folios. lxviii.

Lease by Ralph atte Penne de Aldenham to John de Wrotham, baker, and Alice his wife, of a tenement, formerly belonging to John atte Northawe, in the parish of St. Mildred de Bredstret; to hold the same for a term of twenty years from Easter [23 April], anno 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], paying yearly to the Prior and Convent of St. Saviour 6s., to Henry Pinkeneie 2 marks, to the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's 2s. 4d., and to the aforesaid Ralph 31s. 8d. Witnesses, John de Gysors, John de "Nicole," Roger le Paumer, Richard de Redingge, Henry le Cuver, Peter le Clerk, Ralph de Bredestret, William atte Roche [sic], Thomas de Wyght, Robert de Marsham, clerk. Dated 22 Feb. [11 Edward II., A.D. 1317-18].

Folios. lxviii b.

Scriptum Joh' is Hauteyn.

Assignment by Robert de Alegate, potter, and Johanna his wife, to John Hauteyn and Isabella his wife of a lease of a messuage in the parish of St. Michael de Wodestrate (formerly demised to the said Robert and Johanna by Margery de Somery, widow of Walter de Frowyk, saving to herself her "chamber," viz., a solar and cellar in the south part of the messuage, with right of way to a privy (cloacam) near the kitchen), for the residue of a term of fifteen years. Witnesses, John de Wenegrave, the Mayor, John Priour and William Fourneys, Sheriffs, William de Hedersete, Matthew de Essex, Richard de Meldebourne, William de Aldenham, Elyas de Suffolk, William le Chaundeler, John Scharp, Henry Langar, John de Hadham, Walter de Brughton, William de Alegate, John the clerk, and others [not named]. Dated Thursday after Ash Wednesday [8 March], 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1317-18].

Auditor' comp' custodum pont'.

3 April, 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], auditors of the account of Anketin de Gisorz and Henry de Gloucestre, Wardens of London Bridge, elected by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty, viz., Hamo de Chiggewelle and Hamo Godchep, Aldermen, Ralph le Balauncer, Thomas Prentiz, and John de Preston, of the Commonalty, &c.

Folios. lxx [sic]. (lxix?)

Traa tio cart Andr' de Rothewelle ad custod' in Cam'.

7 April, came Johanna, widow of Ralph de Watford, and Peter de "Atfeld" and William de Braghinge, executors of the said Ralph, before John de Wengrave, the Mayor, and delivered up a certain box sealed under the seals of Andrew de Rothewelle, broker, and of the aforesaid Peter de "Hatfeld," containing certain deeds of a conveyance by Ralph de Londenstone, baker, to the aforesaid Andrew and Alditha, daughter of the said Ralph, of a certain tenement in tail, the said box to be kept in trust for Thomas, the son of the said Andrew and Alditha.

De porta de Bissopesgate.

6 April, 11 Edward II. [A.D. 1318], grant by John de Wengrave, the Mayor, Stephen de Abyndone, John de Gisors, Anketyn de Gisors, Nicholas de Farendone, Henry de Gloucestre, John de Lincoln, Richard de Wirhale, and Elyas de Suffolk, Aldermen, to John le Long the Easterling (estrensi), of the upper part of the gate of Bisshopesgate (portam de Bisshopesgate superius), together with a certain turret on the east side of the said gate, &c., for life, subject, however, to the condition that in times of disturbance the Almaines of the Hanse (Alemanni de Hansa) shall safeguard the upper part of the gate (habeant custodiam dicte porte superius), according to the terms of the composition made thereon with the Mayor and Commonalty. (fn. 12)

Afterwards, viz., on Monday the eve of Christmas, 18 Edward II. [A.D. 1324], the said John le Long came before Hamo de Chigewelle, the Mayor, and Roger le Paumer, Alderman, and renounced to the said Mayor and Commonalty all his right in the custody of the said gate, and granted a general release to Conrad de Broke and all his fellows of the Hanse of Almaine.

[Folios. lxix b, lxx blank.]


  • 1. His will enrolled in the Husting in October, 1316, where he is described as a member of the Company of the Ballardi. 'Cal. of Wills, Court of Husting,' i. 264. He was a "pepperer" by trade, and is elsewhere described as a merchant of Lucca. Hust. Roll 39 (29).
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  • 10. The appearance here of Robert le Callere and Elyas le Callere is doubtless due to the fact that Johanna, the wife of Robert Osekyn and mother of these infants, was a daughter of William le Callere. 'Pleas and Memoranda,' Roll A 4, membr. 9.
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