Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1690

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1690', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711, ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online [accessed 22 July 2024].

'Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1690', in Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Edited by Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington( [s.l.], 2004), British History Online, accessed July 22, 2024,

"Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1690". Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Ed. Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington([s.l.], 2004), , British History Online. Web. 22 July 2024.

August 1690

AuG. 1st. Friday, I went to Chester (the 2 militia horse with me) alighted at Jacksons; there was Warrington, his sonne, Lee, Roger Mainwaring, &c. we dined there, also Jodrell, Bellott, &c. about 3, I went to the Feathers to see Sir Luson Gore, met Edwards & Lloyd in the Rowes; then to Angells, then back to Jacksons; stayd there (with many of the same company) till neare 6; Duckenfeild, Streete, 3 or 4 of the Lees were sometimes with us & yong Roger Mainwaring & Morgan Whitley; the next barber's man trimmed me; I took coach at the Talbot, there was Morgan, Streete, & Swetnam; I came home past 7.

2. Satorday, Huson went early to Chester (& Shotwick as he promised) about 11 came Sir Robert Cotton, dined with us; also Hoole & his daughter; they all went about 3; I sent Jonathan & Pickring with my 2 militia horse to Chester agen, past 11 o' clock; with order to continue with the troops; but they retorned at night; soe did Mainwaring & my sonne; Lee & Morgan with them after supper.

[fo. 122r]

Aug 3. Sonday, I went to church in the morning; Mainwaring & daughters with me; dined at home, Hadwar & wife with us; I stayd at home in the afternoone, the rest went to church; Traves retorned with them & supt; I left them past 10.

4. Monday, Lee went before I saw him in the morning; about 12 Yates & Holland came from Chester to discourse about slating & plastering; dined, &c. Profitte went to Dysert & Mosse to Shotwick to look at the corne,&c. in both places; my daughters, sisters, &c. went to visit Huson at Burton; Mainwaring, sonne & Morgan went a setting; Palin, & 3 or 4 more, came with wood; did eate and drink; retorned past 4; daughters retorned from Huson's about 8, Mainwaring, sonne, Morgan & Traverse after supper; the Postmaster of Chester sent a pacquet to me (past 9) with one enclosed to Lord Warington; Mainwaring took it to send away next morning; I went to my chamber past 10.

5. Tuesday, about 7 there came a messenger with a letter from Atwood, that he & Lord Brandon would dine with us; Mainwaring went about 7 to Dedington; Angell came about 11; stayd till 5; but we being expectacion of Lord Brandon stayd dinner; Angell eate something in one of the chambers & retorned; neare 4 came Hardwar & Henry, drank a bottle of wine in the Hall; went about 5; Delves came from Shotwick; retorned about 5; James brought me a letter, (that Jackson sent me) from Mr Minshall; we expected Brandon & Atwood till 8 at night before we dined; but neither came nor sent.

6. Wednesday, after dinner came Radley (Rector of Barrow) to agree about my tithes in his Parish; he stayd till past 6; Mainwaring retorned past 9; Pickering retorned from the Troop for another horse.

7. Thursday, Pickering & Jonathan went againe to the Troop; Alderman Anderson, his wife & cosen came just as we had dined; we continued at table till they had eaten; we went into the garden & to the well; about 5 they went away.

8. Friday, Huson went to Shotwick & Brombrow (about 9) & Morgan to Chester; & after dinner Mainwaring & my sonne went a setting; in the evening one Norton came to my sonne from Brandon, to speake with him about the militia of Flint, where he is mustermaster; he stayd all night; I left him before 10, with Mainwaring & my sonne.

9. Satorday, my sonne (& Norton) went to Chester (& soe to Wales) past 11; Mainwaring & I went to Chester after dinner; came to Jacksons past 3; there was sonne, Norton, Gleg, Farington, G.Mainwaring Vicars, &c. I went to another roome, was trimmed by Danold; Edwards, Deane, Taylor, Gray, Crosse, Huson came thither to me; after a while I went down agen to the other company; Hunt came to us, I discoursed awhile with him & Taylor in the entry; also with Lightfoote about his lease; Streete & Anderson was also with us; I & Mainwaring left them about 7; went home.

10. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone; Mainwaring went to Barrow, Traverse came back with him, supt, I left them together, past 10.

11. Monday, Lord Warington sent his servant: with letters: to Mainwaring about bayling the prisoners at Chester; Mainwaring went a setting in the sfternoone; Hardwar came to see us past 5, stayd past 6; Barker the carpenter came about work; Pratchet came from Dedington; Huson went to Chester past 2; stayd away all night.

12. Tuesday, Traverse & Hucknell came about 10; also one Bradshaw about taking land of me; they dined with us (Bradshaw with Huson in the buttry) drank a bottle after dinner & went away about 3, & 4 o'clock; & Prachet retorned (with fruite) to Dedington13. Wednesday, Main went to Knotsford, & Huson to Manchester; Mainwarng. retorned late at night, (about 9) [fo. 122v] AuG. 14. Thursday, Hanson of the Quire & Brock, came to see the butler (about 10) I dranck a glasse of ale to them (having met them in the garden, & left them in the buttry; MainwarinG. & my sonne retorned from Chester past 10; & Huson from Manchester in the afternoone.

15. Friday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester past 10; also Huson; dined with G.Mainwariing there was Mrs Parker, Mrs Wright, & Mrs Anderson; Streete, Wright, Comberbach, Morgan, Harvey (& severall men & women at a by table) I spoke with Crosse & Wood in the Hall; the barber trimmed me in the parlor; & I Streete left them neare 5; cald at Angells, saw him & my sister; went thence to the almes houses; spoke with the carpenter &c there; spoke with Alderman Anderson at his doore; then went to Jacksons; there came the Governor, Warburton, Alderman Wright, Cockayne, 2 Mainwarings, Morgan Cumberbach &c; Mainwaring & I left them past 7; spoke with Ephraim Bennet & another in the Forest streete about Ephraims businesse; came home before 9.

16. Satorday, Huson went to Chester about 11; I stayd at home all day.

17. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone; Traverse supt with us.

18. Monday, Warmingham (a shoemaker of Chester) his wife, the Surgeon of the Regiment there & a man from Barrow came to see house & gardens; they dranck a bottle of ale & went away; my tenant Barnet of Shotwick dined with us; went away about 3; Mainwaring went to Chester past 9; retorned about 8.

19. Tuesday, Jackson & his wife came to see us; dined with us; soe did a man (a carpenter) from Mr Lewes; Mrs Jackson stayd all night. Mainwaring, my sonne & Jackson went a setting about 4; Mainwaring & my sonne retorned to supper; I & daughters visited Mrs Hardware in the evening.

20. Wednesday, the fast day, we went to church; came in the first sermon; stayd till after the 2nd sermon, &c. came home past 3; Hardwar, his wife, Traves, Gerard & Grantham dined with us; went away about 6 & 7: 21. Thursday, MainwarinG. went to Dunham & Peover about 7; my daughter, 4 girles & servants went to Peover past 2; Tomkinson went to Shotwick.

22. Friday, Jackson came about 11; Morgan & Lightfoote, after we had dined; the last went about 3; the rest stayd all night; Tomkinson retorned about 3; Hardwar came in the evening; stayd not.

23. Satorday, Jackson, his wife, Morgan & Huson went to Chester about 9; past one my sonne & I went thither; I met Huson, Crosse & Bostocks at the quarry; Anderson at the woodyard, Jordan &c : at the almeshouses; I went thence to Jacksons; Danold trimmed me; there was Vicars, Lloyd, Morgan, my sonne, Plimley, Farington, Jackson, Parry &c : we parted past 6, went home.

24. Sonday, I went to Church in the afternoone; Travers supt with us; & Morgan; Broster came from Dysert; Tomkinson, Gill & Clare went towards Namptwich.

25. Monday, the gardner went early with fruite to Denington; retorned at night; soe did Tomkinson, from Namptwich about 5.

26. Tuesday, went early home to his wife; Tomkinson went after him, (about 10) in order to theire going to Tatenhall, Bechin &c : Broster went about 11 towards Disart; at night came a man from Staffordshire to be husbandman, but I saw him not till morning.

27. Wednesday, I discoursed the Staffordshire man, he retorned presently; I sent Gill to Frodesly & 2 carts to Shotwick; my sonne & Morgan went past 9 to Peover.

[fo. 123r]

AuG. 28. Thursday, no company; my sonne & Morgan retorned from Peover in the evening.

29. Friday, Morgan went to Chester, Traverse came with my sonne at night, supt.

30. Satorday, Hardwar dined with us; went soone after dinner; Tomkinson came back from Shotwick, Brombrow.

31. Sonday, I went to church in the afternoone.