Roger Whitley's Diary: August 1693

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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August 1693

August 1st. Tuesday, I had severall petty businesses in the morning; dined at home, sister Lloyd with us; Mainwaring went early to Cumbermere; about 4 came Streete, Lloyd, Edwards,Williamson, Wright, Deane, Kinaston, Johnson, Parry, &c. went neare 6; Jackson & his wife came about money Roger owes; we took coach past 6, came home at 8; Houseman stayd at Chester all night.

[fo. 161r]

2. Wednesday, Huson & Gregory came about 12; Sir Willam Aston's servant came to visit us; Phinley dined with us; Burges came at diner; they went past 3; in the evening came a man from Stanney to cleare an account of money assigned me by Lady Bumbery; Mainwaring came back about 8; also Hussey & 2 more came from Peover.

3. Thursday, Houseman came home past 7; Morgan came & dined with us; about 4 came Jelico & Lee; went all 3 at 7; Richard Hughes came after diner & Davyes past 7; Mainwaring went to Chester at 10; retorned at 10; Davyes & Hughes stayd all night; 2 Lightfoots came past 9, went about 11.

4. Friday, Davyes went past 9; a man came from Calverley about the swine; Mercer, Coker, Hickock, Bennet, dined with us; Hatchet dined in the buttry; they went past 5. the carts retorned this evening from Lach & Dissert; Burges came from Shotwick.

5. Satorday, in the evening came cosen Whitley, then Maynewaring retorned; about 9, came 2 Lightfoots to seale a lease; retorned at 11.

6. Sonday, was not at church; Mainwaring & daughter went; Huson came about 9; after diner came Shales & Jordan; stayd not long.

Note Remainder of page 161r blank161v to 162v blank,(163r August 1693] August 7. Monday, about 11 of the clock we began our journey from Peele to London (Mainwaring went in the morning to .........ey we met at Namptwich after 2, (also Morgan Whitley interl) stayd there past 3, called at Oner; lay at Drayton that night came thither at 7.

8. Tuesday, we called at the Red Lyon in Newport; stayd 1/2 houer; lay at the Welsh Harpe; came thither at 5 9. Wednesday, we dranck at Busons Inne & afterwards at the Panyers; came to Coventry at 4. lay at the Star. 2 Hopkins came after; stayd till 10.

10. Thursday, we called at the ale house on the hill; stayd not long (onely drank) came to Northampton past 4, lay at the Rose & Crown; Mr Andrews came (with Mainwaring as he went to his house) to see us; came after supper, retorned that night.

11. Friday, we met Lewes near Northampton (about 8). we drank at the Sandy Lane; came to Dunstable before 6 at the Crowne.

12. Satorday, we called at the Post House in Barnes; stayd there neare 2 houers; Mainwaring & Morgan who lighted at the Greene Man (there was Minshall & his wife, G.Mainwaring, Common Serjeant, Baroby &c. after diner they came to us at the Post House. we went at 4. came to London past 6;. lay at the Blew Bore Holborne, Wood & his daughters came to visit us; also Mrs Tovey & her sonne.

13. Sonday, was not at church; past 5 Minshall came to me; then Jones & Lumley; Mrs Wood dined with us; about 8, 2 Mainwarings & I visited Secretary Trenchard; then Macclesfield; came back about 10.

14. Monday, we began our journey towards Tunbridge; about 12 lighted but stayd not at Fairborow; lay at the Bull in the Bush. Houseman went to provide lodgings.

15. Tuesday, we left about 7. came to Mrs Skinners at Tunbridge about 2. took lodgings there. Mr Rogers, wife & sister lay there.

16. Wednesday, I began to drink water but was not at the Wells.

17. Thursday, went to the Wells & in the evening to the Castle.

18. Friday, went to the Wells.

19. Satorday, went to the Wells; in the evening went to visit Cheife Justice Treby; found him walking on Rushall Green 20. Sonday, went to the Wells & to church in the forenoone.

21. Monday, went to the Wells & to the Castle at night.

22. Tuesday, went to the Wells. (Bidolph daughters came with his neighbour that evening; lodged at Skinners next house crossed out) 23. Wednesday, went to the Wells (Boscawen & Ashworth invited me to diner; there was also Mainwaring, Bidolph , Cratchley crossed out) Bidolph & daughters came & looked at the Skinners next house.

24. Thursday, went to the Wells dined with (Boscawen & Ashurst invited me to diner. there was also Mainwaring, Bidolph, Knatchpole crossed out) Boscawen & Ashurst; there was also Knatchpole, Vane, Mainwaring, Bidolph & Lady Ashurst dined with us25 Friday, went to the Wells (Morgan went to London interl) dined (at home; Mainaring & Bidolph with us crossed out) with Sir John Knatchpole, his lady, daughters, another woman, Ceaser & Chaire with us went to the Castle at 7 26. Satorday, (Mainwaring went to London crossed out); Roger, his wife & sister dined with us; I went to the Castle at night.

27. Sonday. went to Wells & to church; one Wharton preached. dined at home; Morgan retorned from London in the morning neare 8. went to the Castle at night.

28. Monday, went to the Wells; Mainwaring went to hunt; Bid to set. I dined at home; went past 5 to visit Hooks; then to the bowling greene; there was Mrs Rogers & sister; I gave them some Cheshire ale; went past 7 (with Mainwaring & another) to the Castle; there was Caesar, Kentolfoote &c. stayd there till past 10.

29. Tuesday, Rogers & family went towards London; I visited the Wells at 12, retorned at 2; dined at home (with Mainwaring, Csid: &c.) went at 6 to visit Boscawen & Ashurst; there was Sir John Williamson (but stayd not) I acqainted Boscowen with the state of our Chester concernes; I left them about 7. went to the Castle; there was Corsar, Cheare, Mainwaring, Bidolph, Pilkington, Morgan, Neston &c. we came home 1/2 houer past 9.

30. Wednesday, I was not at the Wells; dined at home; Bidolph & Morgan with us; past 5 Knatchpole came to visit me; past 6 came G.Mainwaring; we went to the Castle (Bidolph with us interl); there was Mainwaring, Cheare, Caesar, Buttler, &c. I left them at 9. the rest stayd late.

31. Thursday, I was not at the Wells; dranck no water. G.Mainwaring dined with us; stayd all afternoone; about 5 came Mainwaring, Lewes, Morgan; they supt stayd till past 10. Bidolph was not well, left us presently.