List of commissions and officials: 1900-1909 (nos. 103-145)

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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 10, Officials of Royal Commissions of Inquiry 1870-1939. Originally published by University of London, London, 1995.

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103. Salmon Fisheries 1900-02

App. 17 March 1900. Rep. 10 July 1902, Cd.1188. Other papers: Cd.1269, xiii; Cd.1280-1, xiv. Cost £4,820.

Earl of Elgin & Kincardine; Duke of Bedford; Hon. F.J. Stuart-Gray; D.N. Paton; J. Fell; W.E. Archer; C.M.P. Burn; C. Lyne; J.A. Travers.

Secretary: A.H. Higgins. (Barrister; named in Warr.)

The Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 4 March 1901 on the accession of Edward VII.

To consider the causes affecting the yield of salmon fisheries in England, Wales and Scotland and to report whether any change of the law was desirable.

104. Port of London 1900-02

App. 21 June 1900. Rep. 16 June 1902, Cd.1151, xliii. Other papers: Cd.1152, xliii; Cd.1153, xliv. Cost £4,316.

Earl Egerton; Lord Revelstoke; Hon. A. Lyttelton; Sir R. Giffen; Sir J.W. Wolfe-Barry; Sir J. Hext; J.E. Ellis.

Secretary: B. Holland.

A Warrant of 6 March 1901 appointed Revelstoke as chairman after Egerton had resigned because of ill health; W.R.W. Peel was also appointed to the Commission. The Commission was reappointed 4 March 1901 after the death of Queen Victoria.

To inquire into the administration of the Port of London; the adequacy of, and charges for, the accommodation and unloading of vessels; and whether any change or improvement was necessary.

105. South African Hospitals 1900-05

App. 24 July 1900. Rep. pres. 18 Jan 1901, Cd.453. Other papers: Cd.454, xxix; Cd.455, xxx; 1905, Cd.2440, xlvi. Cost £8,439. (RSM&S)

Sir R. Romer; Sir D. Richmond; W.S. Church ; D.J. Cunningham; F. Harrison. Secretary: Major J.T. Tennant.

To consider and report upon the care and treatment of the sick and wounded during the South African campaign.

This was originally appointed on 19 July 1900 as a Departmental Committee, but its status was changed to a Royal Commission in order that the Witness Protection Act (1892) would apply to the inquiry. The Act covered Royal Commissions, Statutory Inquiries and Parliamentary Committees, and while the proceedings of a Departmental Committee were held to be an occasion of qualified privilege in that 'the witness is protected unless express malice is proved against him' (G. Lushington and H.H. Asquith statement, 20 Jan 1894), this was not considered to afford sufficient protection in the present case and the Queen's permission was sought in order that a Warrant could be drawn up. (PRO.H0.45/10201/B.32430)

106. Arsenical Poisoning 1901-03

App. 4 Feb 1901. Rep. (1) 6 July 1901, Cd.692, ix, 283; (2) 6 Nov 1903: 1904, Cd.1848, ix, 399. Other papers: Cd.1845, Cd.1869, ix. Cost £4,418.

Lord Kelvin; Sir W.H. Dyke; T.E. Thorpe; H.C.O. Bonsor; W.S. Church; B.A. Whitelegge.

Secretary: G.S. Buchanan. (Dr of Medicine; named in Warr.)

This was the first Royal Commission appointed by Edward VII. Warrants in force at the time of Victoria's death on 22 Jan 1901 were revoked and re-issued.

To ascertain the amount of recent sickness and death in England and Wales resulting from arsenical poisoning in beer and other articles of food or drink; the extent to, and means by, which such poisoning was introduced; and to recommend safeguards.

Whitelegge added a memorandum to the first, and Thorpe to the second, report.

107. University Education in Ireland 1901-03

App. 1 July 1901. Rep. (1) 28 Sept 1901: 1902, Cd.825-6, xxxi, 21; (2) 21 Dec 1901: 1902, Cd.899-900, xxxi, 459; (3) 28 July 1902, Cd. 1228-9, xxxii; (4) 28 Feb 1903, Cd.1483-4, xxxii. Cost £3,530.

Lord Robertson; Viscount Ridley; J. Healy; D.H. Madden; Sir R.C. Jebb; S.H. Butcher; J.A. Ewing; J. Rhys; A.W. Rücker; J.L. Smith; W.J.M. Starkie; W. Ward.

Secretary: J.D. Daly.

A further Warrant of 23 July 1901 appointed R.H.F. Dickey in place of Rücker who resigned.

To inquire into the present condition of higher, general and technical education available in Ireland, outside Trinity College, Dublin, and to report on what reforms might be needed to make that education adequate to the needs of the Irish people.

The final report was signed by all except Dickey who attached a note of dissent. Apart from Butcher all the Commissioners signed subject to various notes and reservations.

108. Tuberculosis 1901-11

App. 31 Aug 1901. Rep. (1) 16 May 1904, Cd.2092, xxxix, 129; (2) pres. 12 Feb 1907, Cd.3322, xxxviii; (3) pres. 16 Feb 1909, Cd.4483, xlix, 365; (4) pres. 5 July 1911, Cd.5761, xlii, 173. Other papers: 1907, Cd. 3584, xxxviii; Cd.3660, xxxix; Cd.3661, 3378, xl. 1908, Cd.3758, lvii; 1911, Cd.5790, xlii; Cd.5791, 5893, xliii; Cd.5894, 5975, xliv; 1913, Cd. 6796, 6904, xl; 1914-16, Cd.7941, xxxvii. Cost £75,615.

Sir M. Foster (d. 29 Jan 1907); G.S. Woodhead; S.H.C. Martin; J. McFadyean; R.W. Boyce.

Secretary: E.J. Steegmann.

A Warrant of 18 March 1907 appointed W.H. Power as Chairman.

To inquire and report with respect to tuberculosis: whether the disease was the same for humans and animals; the likelihood of reciprocal infection; and the conditions under which such cross-infection might take place.

This Commission conducted its own researches and recorded thanks to Sir J. Blyth, who allowed them the use of his farm buildings and animals for their experiments and investigations.

109. Coal Supply 1901-05

App. 26 Dec 1901. Rep. (1) 5 Aug 1903, Cd. 1724-6, xvi; (2) 24 Feb 1904, Cd. 1990-2, xxiii; (3) 7 Jan 1905, Cd. 2353-65, xvi. Cost £20,202.

W.L. Jackson (cr. Baron Allerton in 1902); Sir G.J. Armytage; Sir W.T. Lewis; Sir L. Wood; T. Bell; W. Brace; A.C. Briggs; H.B. Dixon; J.S. Dixon; C. Le Neve Foster (d. 19 Apr 1904); E. Hull; C. Lapworth; J.P. Maclay; A. Sopwith; J.J.H. Teall; R. Young (d. 17 Dec 1904).

Secretary: W. Russell. (Barrister; named in Warr.)

A Warrant of 3 Nov 1903 appointed A. Strahan as an additional commissioner.

To inquire into the extent and available resources of UK coalfields; their anticipated rate of exhaustion; the effect of exports on the home supply, having particular regard to the needs of the Royal Navy; the possibility of a reduction in costs; and an assessment of the competitive power of the industry.

The first report was not signed by Foster; the second was not signed by Lapworth.

110. Alien Immigration 1902-03

App. 21 March 1902. Rep. 10 Aug 1903, Cd.1741-3, ix. Cost £2,180.

Lord James of Hereford; Lord Rothschild; Hon. A. Lyttelton; Sir K.E. Digby; W.E. Evans-Gordon; H. Norman; W. Vallance.

Secretary: F.E. Eddis. Asst. Sec: F.W. Perrett.

To inquire into the nature of the evils attributed to the unrestricted immigration of aliens, especially in London; and the measures adopted by foreign countries and the British Colonies for the restriction and control of immigration.

The report was signed subject to a Memorandum by Rothschild and Digby.

In May 1904 Eddis submitted a draft pamphlet on the work of the Commission to the Home Office in which he claimed that Evans-Gordon had been appointed to attack unrestricted immigration and Rothschild to defend it and that witnesses for each side had been summoned accordingly. Despite the anger caused by Drage's book on the Labour Commission and the subsequent recommendation that Secretaries should be made aware of the responsibilities of their privileged position in order to prevent such publications in future, no definite instructions had been produced. As there was no procedure to be followed the Home Office made its usual response and referred the decision elsewhere: Eddis was advised that he should obtain the chairman's approval and the file note is that the matter should be left to Lord Hereford. (PRO.H0.45/10241/B.37811) The pamphlet does not seem to have been published, although Eddis subsequently wrote That Goldheim? A spy story, exposing a special danger resulting from alien immigration (1918).

111. Physical Training in Scotland 1902-03

App. 31 March 1902. Rep. 14 March 1903, Cd.1507-8, xxx. Cost £2,368.

Earl of Mansfield; Hon. T.H.A.E. Cochrane; Sir T. Glen-Coats; Sir H. Craik; M.H. Shaw-Stewart; J.C. Alston; J.B. Fergusson; G. McCrae; A. Ogston.

Secretary: R.B. Pearson. (Advocate; named in Warr.)

To inquire into the state of physical training in state-aided schools and educational establishments in Scotland; and to suggest means by which such training might add to the welfare of pupils and how it might be continued for those who had left school, and thus to contribute towards the sources of national strength.

112. Martial Law in South Africa 1902

App. 18 Aug 1902. Rep. 28 Oct 1902. Cd.1364, lxix, 295. Cost £1,369.

Lord Alverstone; Sir J.C. Bigham; Sir J.C. Ardagh.

Secretary: G. Mellor. (Barrister; named in Warr.)

The Warrant for this Commission did not include the usual clause that the Commission should report 'from time to time'; Lord Alverstone was privately informed by the Colonial Office that they were not expected to take evidence for publication, and that only their opinion was wanted. (PRO.HO.45/10285/107553)

To enquire into sentences passed by the Military Courts in South Africa during the period of martial law.

113. Military Preparation for South African War 1902-03

App. 9 Sept 1902. Rep. 9 July 1903: 1904, Cd. 1789, xl. Other papers: 1904, Cd.1790, xl; Cd.1791, xli; Cd.1792, xlii. Cost £2,178.

Earl of Elgin & Kincardine; Viscount Esher; Sir G. Dashwood Taubmann-Goldie; Sir H.W. Norman; Sir J.O. Hopkins; Sir J. Edge; Sir J. Jackson.

Secretary: B. Holland.

A further Warrant of 11 Oct 1902 appointed Lord Strathcona & Mount Royal, and Sir F.M. Darley to the Commission.

To inquire into the military preparations for the War in South Africa, and into the supply of men, ammunition, equipment, and transport by sea and land in connection with the campaign, and into the military operations up to the occupation of Pretoria. (In full.)

The report was signed by all with notes by Esher, Taubman-Goldie, Darley, Edge and Jackson.

114. Superannuation in the Civil Service 1902-03

App. 29 Nov 1902. Rep. 10 Aug 1903, Cd. 1744-5, xxxiii, 209. Cost £466.

L.H. Courtney; Sir A. Henderson; Sir R.H. Knox; Sir W.B. Gurdon; E.W. Brabrook; J.F. Moulton; W.H. Dickinson; A.H.A. Morton; W.G. Bunn.

Secretary: L.J. Hewby. (Named in Warr.)

To inquire into the possibility of amending Civil Service superannuation to give greater uniformity of advantage without increasing taxation.

The majority report was signed with notes by Henderson and Moulton; and Morton. Knox and Brabrook produced a minority report.

115. London Traffic 1903-05

App. 9 Feb 1903. Rep. 26 June 1905, Cd.2597, xxx, 533. Other papers: 1906, Cd.2751-2, xl-xli; Cd.2987, xlii; Cd.2798-9, xliii-xliv; Cd.2743-4, xlv-xlvi. Cost £24,490.

Sir D.M. Barbour; Earl Cawdor; Viscount Cobham; Lord Ribblesdale; Sir J.C. Dimsdale; Sir J.P. Dickson-Poynder; Sir R.T. Reid; Sir J.W. Wolfe-Barry; Sir F.J.S. Hopwood; Sir G.C.T. Bartley; C.S. Murdoch; F.O. Schuster; G.S. Gibb.

Secretary: L.L. Macassey. (Barrister; named in Warr.)

To inquire into means of locomotion and transport in London and to report on measures for their improvement; and on the desirability of the establishment of an authority or tribunal to which all schemes of railway or tramway construction should be referred and the powers which should be given to such an authority. Cawdor resigned 25 March 1905 when he became First Lord of the Admiralty. Dimsdale and Gibb signed the report subject to a suppplementary report and note, respectively. Bartley did not sign and attached a separate report.

116. Militia and Volunteer Forces 1903-04

App. 23 Apr 1903. Rep. 20 May 1904, Cd.2061-2, xxx, 175. Cost £1,859.

Duke of Norfolk; Earl of Derby; Lord Grenfell; Sir C. Grove; Sir R.H. Knox; G. O'Callaghan-Westropp; E.H. Llewellyn; E. Satterthwaite; J.A. Dalmahoy; H.S. Wilkinson.

Secretary: H.W.W. McAnally. (Named in Warr.)

A Warrant of 15 May 1903 appointed the Earl of March (succ. as Duke of Richmond & Gordon, Sept 1903).

To enquire into the organization, numbers and terms of service of Militia and Volunteer Forces; and to report on any changes needed to maintain such forces in a condition of military efficiency and adequate strength.

The report was signed with memoranda by Grenfell and Westropp. Separate reports were produced by (1) Knox; (2) Satterthwaite and Dalmahoy.

117. Supply of Food and Raw Material in Wartime 1903-05

App. 27 Apr 1903. Rep. pres. 31 July 1905, Cd.2643, xxxix. Other papers: Cd.2644-5, xxxix-xl. Cost £3,799.

Lord Balfour of Burleigh; Prince of Wales; Duke of Sutherland; Lord Burghclere; H. Chaplin; J.L. Wharton; Sir G.H.U. Noel; Sir J.C.R. Colomb; Sir A.E. Bateman; Sir H. Seton-Karr; H.H.S. Cunynghame; E. Robertson; T.E. Holland; A. Emmott; A.S. Harvey (d. 13 March 1905); R. Montgomery; J.E. Street; J. Wilson.

Secretary: W.H. Clark. (Named in Warr.)

The Warrant names the Prince of Wales first. Uctred Noel resigned when he was appointed to the command of the China station of the Fleet, and D.H. Bosanquet was appointed to replace him by Warrant of 7 Jan 1904.

To inquire into conditions affecting importation of food and raw materials into Great Britain and Ireland in time of war, and into the amount of reserve supplies at any given period; and to advise on measures, in addition to the maintenance of a strong Fleet, to ensure the maintenance of supplies.

The report was signed by all members of the Commission, but subject to various reservations and memoranda by all except the Prince of Wales, the Chairman and Bosanquet.

118. Trades Disputes 1903-06

App. 6 June 1903. Rep. 15 Jan 1906, Cd.2825-6, lvi. Cost £2,917.

A.G. Murray (cr. Baron Dunedin, 1905); Sir W.T. Lewis; Sir G. Lushington; A. Cohen; S. Webb.

Secretary: H.B.N. Mothersole.

To enquire into the subject of trade disputes and trade combinations and as to the law affecting them, and to report on the law applicable to the same and the effect of any modifications thereof. (In full.)

Dunedin, Cohen and Webb signed the majority report with various notes and memoranda appended, several of which were concurred in by Lushington although he did not sign the report. He and Lewis produced separate minority reports.

119. Ecclesiastical Discipline 1904-06

App. 23 Apr 1904. Rep. 21 June 1906, Cd. 3040, xxxiii. Other papers: same vol., Cd.3069-70. Cost £6,168.

Sir M.E. Hicks-Beach (cr. Viscount St. Aldwyn in 1906); Archbishop of Canterbury; Marquess of Northampton; Bishop of Oxford; Sir F.H. Jeune (cr. Baron St. Helier Jan 1905); Sir J.H. Kennaway; J.G. Talbot; Sir S. Hoare; Sir E.G. Clarke; Sir L.T. Dibdin; E.C.S. Gibson (became Bishop of Gloucester in 1905); T.W. Drury; G.W. Prothero; G. Harwood.

Secretary: E.P. Charlewood.

A Warrant of 28 Apr 1905 appointed Lord Alverstone in place of St. Helier who died 9 Apr 1905.

To inquire into the alleged prevalence of breaches or neglect of the Law relating to the conduct of Divine Service in the Church of England and to the ornaments and fittings of churches; and to consider the existing powers and procedure applicable to such irregularities and to make such recommendations as may be deemed requisite for dealing with the aforesaid matters. (In full.)

The papers of the Commission are held at the Lambeth Palace Library, and briefly described in the Library's 1991 Annual Report, pp.23-4.

120. Care and Control of the Feeble-Minded 1904-08

App. 9 Sept 1904. Rep. 10 July 1908, Cd.4202, xxxix, 159. Other papers: 1908, Cd.4215-6, xxxv-xxxvi; Cd.4217-18, xxxvii; Cd.4219-20, xxxviii; Cd.4221, xxxix. Cost £19,141.

Marquess of Bath; W.P. Byrne; C.E.H. Hobhouse; F. Needham; H.D. Greene; C.E.H. Chadwyck-Healey; H.N. Burden; W.H. Dickinson; C.S. Loch; Mrs E.F. Pinsent. Secretary: H.B.N. Mothersole. (Barrister; not named in 1st Warrant; but is in 2nd.)

Warrants of 7 Oct 1904 and 6 March 1905 appointed H.B. Donkin and J.C. Dunlop to the Commission. The Earl of Radnor became Chairman by Warrant of 25 Feb 1905 after the resignation of the Marquess of Bath. On 17 July 1906 the Commission appointed two Honorary Assistant Commissioners: Sir G.P. O'Farrell and J. Mooney.

A Warrant of 2 Nov 1906 revoked all previous Commissions and enlarged the terms of reference to consider the constitution, jurisdiction and working of the Commission in Lunacy and other Lunacy Authorities in England and Wales and into the expediency of amending the same or adopting some other system of supervising the care of lunatics and mental defectives; and to report as to any amendments in the law which should, in their opinion, be adopted. The personnel remained the same.

Five Commissioners, Byrne, Dickinson, Donkin, Dunlop and Mrs Pinsent, visited the USA to investigate matters there and produced a report, Cd.4221, 30 Apr 1907. Treasury officials were opposed to this visit and PRO.T.108/9326 records their hope that the proposal will not be pressed and suggests that the information sought by the Commissioners was available from the US Embassy.

The final report was signed subject to reservations by Hobhouse, Needham, Dunlop, Greene and Dickinson.

121. Churches in Scotland 1904-05

App. 17 Dec 1904. Rep. 12 Apr 1905, Cd.2494-5, xxiii, 113. Cost £1,005.

Earl of Elgin & Kincardine; Lord Kinnear; Sir R.W. Anstruther.

Secretary: R.A. Lee. (Advocate; named in Warr.)

To inquire into all the facts connected with the funds and properties held by the Free Church of Scotland and to report as to whether any action should be taken thereon by legislation or otherwise.

See also no. 123.

122. Trade with South Africa 1905-06

App. 28 June 1905. Rep. 31 July 1906, Cd.3127, lvii. Other papers: Cd. 3128-9, lvii; Cd.3130-1, lviii. Cost £30,518.

Sir G. Farwell; Sir G.D. Taubman-Goldie; Sir G.S. White; Sir F. Mowatt; S.H. Morley.

Secretary: H.T. Baker.

To inquire into trade with South Africa in reference to allegations made in the report of the committee presided over by Lt. General Sir William Francis Butler, 22 May 1905.

123. Church in Scotland Act 1905-09

App. 11 Aug 1905. Counter-sealed in Edinburgh 16 Aug 1905. Rep. 23 Dec 1909: 1910, Cd.5060-1, xiii, 343. Cost £418. (LPGS)

Earl of Elgin & Kincardine; Lord Kinnear; Sir T.D. Gibson-Carmichael; Sir R.W. Anstruther; Sir C.B. Logan (d. 2 March 1907).

Secretary: R.A. Lee. (Advocate)

A Warrant of 20 Aug 1908 appointed D. Crawford. Gibson-Carmichael resigned when he was appointed Governor of the Colony of Victoria in 1908. The Commission appointed seven Assistant Commissioners: J.C. Pitman, N.K. Cochran-Patrick, J. Adam, W.A. Mackintosh, G. Moncreiff, J. Prosser and W.H. Cook.

To carry into effect the provisions of the Churches (Scotland) Act, 1905.

124. Motor Car Acts 1905-06

App. 2 Sept 1905. Rep. pres. 23 July 1906, Cd.3080-1, xlviii. Cost £2,455.

Viscount Selby; Marquess of Winchester; Sir D. Harrel; Sir W.B. Forwood; E.R. Henry (ktd. 1906); W.J. Mure; H.C. Monro.

Secretary: C.C. Bigham. (Captain in Army; named in Warr.)

To inquire and report as to working of the Motor Car Acts of 1896 and 1903; law and practice connected with motor cars in principal foreign countries; amendments to the Motor Car Acts and the regulations under them; the injury to roads alleged to be caused by cars; and whether there should be additional charges imposed in respect of motor cars.

The report was signed subject to a reservation from Henry and Monro.

125. Poor Laws 1905-09

App. 4 Dec 1905. Rep. (1) 4 Feb 1909, Cd.4499, xxxvii; (2) 14 Apr 1909, Cd.4630; (3) 13 Oct 1909, Cd.4922, xxxviii, 95. Other papers: 1909, Cd.4625-27, xxxix; Cd.4684, 4704, 4755, 4764, xl; Cd.4835-6, 4888-9, xli; Cd.4850, 4573, 4593, xlii; Cd.4653, 4690, xliii; Cd.4795, 4890, 4632, xliv; Cd.4631, 4944, xlv. Cost £53,253.

Lord G.F. Hamilton; C.O. O'Conor (d. 30 June 1906); Sir H.A. Robinson; C. Booth; Sir S.B. Provis; F.H. Bentham; A.H. Downes; T.G. Gardiner; G. Lansbury; C.S. Loch; J.P. MacDougall; T.H. Nunn; L.R. Phelps; W. Smart; H.R. Wakefield; Mrs H. Bosanquet; Mrs B. Webb; Miss O. Hill.

Secretary: R.G. Duff (LGB). Asst. Secs: J. Jeffrey (Scottish LGB); J.E. Devlin (Irish LGB); E.J.E. Craven (Statistical Dept of Customs).

A Warrant of 12 Feb 1906 appointed F. Chandler to the Commission. Rev. D. Kelly was appointed by Warrant of 30 Oct 1906 to replace the O'Conor Don. Booth resigned from the Commission early in 1908 because of ill health, but continued to receive and comment on the evidence.

To inquire into the working of the Poor Laws in the United Kingdom; and into the various ways adopted for the relief of distress outside the Poor Laws; and to advise on modification or changes in administration of Poor Laws.

PRO.HO.45/12533/134807 gives some details about the drawing up of the Warrants, and notes that 'the words "to call for information in writing" were inserted at the wish of the LGB, who want to circularize Guardians, and are anxious that there should be no doubt of their powers'.

The Commission issued three majority and three minority reports; the latter signed by Wakefield, Chandler, Lansbury and Webb. The first majority report was signed subject to memoranda by Downes; Loch and Mrs Bosanquet; Miss Hill; and Nunn. The second, on Ireland, was signed subject to reservations or memoranda by Kelly; Robinson; Nunn; and Miss Hill. Downes signed neither the majority nor the minority report, giving as his reason his lack of knowledge of Irish affairs. The third report, on Scotland, was signed by the majority subject to reservations and memoranda by Hamilton; Downes; and Nunn.

126. Canals and Inland Navigation 1906-11

App. 5 March 1906. Rep. (1) 31 July 1906, Cd.3183, xxxii; (2) 31 July 1907, Cd.3716, xxxiii, Pt.1; (3) 31 July 1909, Cd.4839, xiii; (4) 4 Dec 1909: 1910, Cd.4979, xii; (5) 31 March 1911, Cd.5626, xiii, 19. Other papers: 1906, Cd.3184, xxxii; 1907, Cd.3717-18, xxxiii, Pt.1; Cd.3719, xxxiii, Pt.2; 1909, Cd.4840-1, xiii; 1910, Cd.5204, 5083, xii; 1911, Cd.5653, xiii. Cost £22,857.

Lord Shuttleworth; Lord Kenyon; Lord Brassey; Lord Farrer; Sir J.E. Dorington; Sir J.T. Brunner; Sir F.J.S. Hopwood; W.J. Crossley; R. Rea; J.F. Remnant; P. Snowden; H. Vivian; L.A. Waldron; R.C.H. Davison; J.P. Griffith; A.J. Herbertson; J.C. Inglis; H.F. Killick; J. Wilson.

Secretary: W.B. Duffield. (Barrister; named in Warr.) Asst. Sec: R.B. Dunwoody, became Secretary by Warrant of 1 Feb 1910 when Duffield resigned. G. Bray was then appointed Assistant Secretary.

The Commission appointed W.H. Lindley as Assistant Commissioner on 14 July 1906. A Commission of 8 Aug 1906 appointed M.J. Minch. Lord Kenyon resigned 23 Jan 1908 upon his election to the Board of the London and North-Western Railway Company. After the death of Edward VII on 6 May 1910 all Warrants then in force were revoked and the Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 in the name of George V.

To inquire into the Canals and Inland Navigations of the United Kingdom and to report on their present condition and financial position; and future improvements.

The fourth report was signed subject to reservations and memoranda by Farrer, Rea, Wilson, Waldron and Killick. Remnant, Davison and Inglis each published a separate report. Farrer did not sign the final report and appended a Note stating that he could not agree to any report that sanctioned further public expenditure in Ireland unless and until a purely Irish elected assembly agreed to pay for it.

127. Registration of Title in Scotland 1906-10

App. 23 May 1906. Rep. 25 July 1910, Cd.5316, lviii, 67. Evidence: Cd.5357. Cost £1,444.

Lord Dunedin of Stenton; Sir S. Chisholm; C.F. Brickdale; J.S. Clark; W.J. Dundas; J.H. Finlay; N.J.D. Kennedy; R.C. Munro-Ferguson.

Secretary: J. Lamb (Advocate; named in Warr.), resigned 31 Aug 1906; replaced by F.A. Umpherston (Advocate) 1 Sept 1906.

Finlay died and a Warrant of 17 May 1907 appointed J. Prosser in his place.

The Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 2 June 1910 on the accession of George V.

To inquire into the expediency of instituting in Scotland a system of registration of title. (In full.)

The members issued four separate reports: (1) Dunedin, Dundas and Prosser; (2) Smith, Clark and Chisholm; (3) Brickdale and Ferguson; (4) Kennedy.

128. Duties of Metropolitan Police 1906-08

App. 26 May 1906. Rep. 19 June 1908, Cd.4156, 1. Evidence: Cd.4260-1, 1-li. Cost £4,768.

A. Lyttelton; R.D. Isaacs; D.B. Jones (ktd. 1906); C.A. Whitmore; W.H. Dickinson.

Secretary: J. Leslie. Asst. Sec: J.F. Waley who replaced Leslie when he resigned.

A Warrant of 6 July 1906 appointed Brynmor Jones as Chairman in place of Lyttelton who had resigned.

To inquire into and report on the duties of the Metropolitan Police in dealing with cases of drunkenness, disorder and solicitation in the streets, and to make recommendations on the way in which such duties were discharged.

This was one of the few Commissions supported by Act of Parliament: the Metropolitan Police (Commission) Act, 22 June 1906 (6 Edw. VII c.6) gave the Commission legal powers to compel the attendance of witnesses, and the production of documents.

129. Trinity College and University of Dublin 1906-07

App. 2 June 1906. Rep. (1) 31 Aug 1906, Cd.3174, 3176, lvi, 601; (2) 12 Jan 1907, Cd.3311-2, xli. Cost £2,320.

Sir E. Fry; C. Palles; Sir T. Raleigh; Sir A.W. Rücker; H. Jackson; S.H. Butcher; D. Hyde; D.J. Coffey; S.B. Kelleher.

Secretary: J.D. Daly, app. 8 June 1906. (Barrister)

To inquire into and report on the present state of the two institutions, including their revenues; methods of government, systems of instruction and examination; provisions for postgraduate study and research; their place within Irish higher education; and the steps to be taken to increase their usefulness to the country. All signed the final report but subject to a series of seven notes signed by various combinations of the Commissioners.

130. Mines 1906-11

App. 6 June 1906. Rep. (1) 30 May 1907, Cd.3548, xiv; (2) pres. 13 Aug 1909, Cd.4820, xxxiv, 599; (3) pres. 6 March 1911, Cd. 5561, xxxvi, 465. Other papers: 1907, Cd.3549, xiv; 1908, Cd.3873, 4349, xx; 1909, Cd.4667, 4551, 4821, xxxiv; 1911, Cd.5642, xxxvi. Cost £14,393, this includes the costs of the later Commission appointed 30 May 1910, as stated in the 1913 return. (P.P. 1913 (159), li, 765)

Lord Monkswell; Sir L. Wood; H.H.S. Cunynghame; W. Abraham; F.L. Davis; E. Edwards; T.R. Ellis; J.S. Haldane; R. Smillie.

Secretaries: S.W. Harris and G.W. Chrystal. Harris was replaced by T.E. Bettany.

Monkswell died 22 Dec 1909 and was succeeded as Chairman by Cunynghame.

A new Commission of 18 May 1907 enlarged the scope of the inquiry: to inquire and report what steps could be taken for the better prevention of accidents in quarries. A further Commission 30 May 1910 (see no. 146) determined the powers of the Commissioners so far as they related to Metalliferous Mines and Quarries.

To inquire into certain questions relating to the health and safety of miners, and the administration of the Mines Acts.

The second report was signed by all members, but with qualifying notes and memoranda from all but the Chairman. The final report was signed subject to a memorandum by Abraham.

131. Church in Wales 1906-10

App. 21 June 1906. Rep. 1 Nov 1910, Cd.5432-i, xiv. Other papers: 1910, Cd.5433-5, xv-xvii; Cd.5436-7, xviii; Cd.5438-9, xix. Cost £12,683.

Sir R.L.B. Vaughan-Williams; Lord H.R.H. Cecil; Sir J. Williams; F. Edwards; O. Evans; S.T. Evans; A.M. Fairbairn; J.E. Greaves; H. Jones.

Secretary: R.M. Thomas. Asst. Sec: T.H. Davies.

Thomas resigned and was replaced by F.H.M. Corbett in Oct 1909.

A Warrant of 1 May 1907 appointed Sir D.B. Jones, J.H. Davies and J.M. Gibbon in place of S.T. Evans, Fairbairn and Jones who had resigned. The Commission was revoked and reappointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 following the accession of George V.

To inquire into and report on the origin, nature, amount and application of the temporalities, endowments and other properties of the Church of England in Wales and Monmouthshire; and the provision made by Churches of all denominations in Wales and Monmouthshire for the spiritual welfare of the people and the extent to which the people availed themselves of such provision. Five of the seven Commissioners who signed the report attached various qualifying notes or memoranda. Gibbon and Sir John Williams did not sign and appended memoranda giving their reasons.

132. Coast Erosion 1906-11

App. 6 July 1906. Rep. (1) 1 Aug 1907, Cd.3683-4, xxxiv; (2) 4 Jan 1909, Cd.4460-1, xiv, 125; (3) 31 May 1911, Cd.5708-9, xiv. Cost £11,119.

Hon. I.C. Guest (cr. Baron Ashby St. Ledgers in 1910); Sir W.H.B. ffolkes; Sir L. Lyell; W. Matthews (ktd. 1906); W.P. Beale; G.C. Frederick; H.R. Haggard; T.J. Jehu; A.L. Lever; R.B. Nicholson; P. O'Brien; T. Summerbell (d. 10 Feb 1910); A.S. Wilson.

Secretary: C.H. Grimshaw. Asst. Sec: D.R. Daniel.

A Warrant of 31 March 1908 appointed E.S. Howard, H.C. Monro, J. Galvin, W. Somerville, F. Story and J. Ward.

To inquire and report on the encroachment of the sea on various parts of the coast of the United Kingdom, likely damage and measures for its prevention; whether further power should be given to Local Authorities and other property owners for adoption of coastal protection schemes; the need for any alteration in the law for management of the foreshore; and whether any further facilities should be given for land reclamation.

The Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 after the accession of George V. A further Warrant of 31 March 1908 extended the original terms of reference: the Commissioners were to consider whether it would be desirable to make an experiment in afforestation on reclaimed land as a means of increasing employment during periods of depression.

Howard, Monro and Story resigned after the second report was produced. This was signed subject to a reservation by Wilson; and the third report was signed subject to reservations by Nicholson, Wilson, ffolkes and Jehu.

133. Congestion in Ireland 1906-08

App. 20 July 1906. Rep. (1) 14 Nov 1906, Cd.3266-7, xxxii, 617; (2) 20 Nov 1906: 1907, Cd.3318-9, xxxv; (3) 23 Feb 1907, Cd.3413-4, xxxv, 333; (4) 22 Apr 1907, Cd.3508-9, xxxvi; (5) 25 June 1907, Cd.3629-30, xxxvi, 257; (6) 30 Aug 1907: 1908, Cd.3747-8, xxxix, 697; (7) 30 Sept 1907: 1908, Cd.3784-6, xl; (8) 30 Oct 1907: 1908, Cd.3838-9, xli; (9) 25 Nov 1907: 1908, Cd.3844-5, xli, 483; (10) 28 Feb 1908, Cd.4006-7, xlii; (11) 14 Apr 1908, Cd.4088-9, xlii, 583; (12) 5 May 1908, Cd.4097, xlii, 729. Other papers: 1908, Cd.4098-99, xliii. Cost £16,613.

Earl of Dudley; Sir A.P. MacDonnell; Sir J.C.R. Colomb; Sir F. Mowatt; P. O'Donnell; J.A. Bryce; W.I. Kavanagh; C. O'Kelly; A. Sutherland.

Secretary: W.E.E. Callan. (App. 24 July 1906.)

To inquire into and report on the operations of the Acts dealing with congestion in Ireland; the working of the Congested Districts Board; legal or administrative changes needed for the relief of congestion as a whole, and for bettering the condition of people living in such areas.

The final report was signed subject to reservations or notes from MacDonnell, Colomb, O'Donnell, Kavanagh and O'Kelly.

134. Lighthouse Administration 1906-08

App. 21 Aug 1906. Rep. 29 Jan 1908, Cd.3923, 3937, xlix, 457. Cost £1,934.

G.W. Balfour; Sir F.F. Adam; I.J.C. Herbert (ktd. 1907); W.H. Henderson; M.A. Ennis.

Secretary: C.C. Bigham. (Army Captain; named in Warr.)

To inquire into the existing system of management of the Lights, Buoys and Beacons on the coast of the United Kingdom by the three General Lighthouse Authorities, and as to the constitution and working of these Authorities, and to report on any changes which were desirable in the arrangements.

Ennis signed the report subject to a note of reservation.

135. Vivisection 1906-12

App. 17 Sept 1906. Rep. (1) 26 Jan 1907, Cd.3325-6, xli, 645; (2) 15 Apr 1907, Cd.3461-2, xli, 813; (3) 29 July 1907: 1908, Cd.3756-7, lvii, 279; (4) pres. 4 March 1908, Cd.3954-5, lvii, 555; (5) 28 May 1908, Cd.4146-7, lvii, 875; (6) 29 Feb 1912: 1912-13, Cd.6112-3, xlviii, 367; (7) 1 March 1912: 1912-13, Cd.6114, xlviii, 401. Cost £4,806.

Viscount Selby; A.M. Lockwood; Sir W.S. Church; Sir W.J. Collins; Sir J. McFadyean; M.D. Chalmers (ktd. 1906); A.J. Ram; W.H. Gaskell; J. Tomkinson; G. Wilson.

Secretary: C.C. Bigham. (Named in Warr.)

Selby died 6 Nov 1909 and Ram was appointed Chairman by a Warrant of 27 Nov 1909. The Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 upon the accession of George V.

To inquire into and report upon the practice of subjecting live animals to experiments, whether by vivisection or otherwise; and the law and its administration relating to that practice; and the desirability of any changes.

The fifth report was signed only by Selby, Lockwood, Church, Chalmers and Ram; and the final report was signed subject to reservations by Lockwood, Collins and Wilson.

136. Shipping Rings 1906-09

App. 29 Nov 1906. Rep. 18 May 1909, Cd. 4668, xlvii. Other papers: 1909, Cd.4669-70, xlvii; Cd.4685-6, xlviii. Cost £5,895.

A. Cohen; Earl of Jersey; Lord Inverclyde; Hon. C.N. Lawrence; Sir H. Bell; Sir W.T. Lewis; Sir F.J.S. Hopwood; Sir D.M. Barbour (repr. India); Sir A.E. Bateman; Sir J. Macdonell; R.H.M. Collins (repr. Australia); H. Birchenough (repr. South African Colonies); Hon. W.P. Reeves (repr. New Zealand); J. Barry; E.C.K. Gonner; F. Maddison; W.H. Mitchell; O.C. Philipps; O. Sanderson; A. Taylor; J. Torrance.

Secretary: J.A. Webster. (Board of Trade; named in Warr.)

Torrance resigned and a Warrant of 25 Jan 1907 appointed I.H. Mathers (repr. Canada) in his place. A further Warrant of 22 June 1907 revoked the previous Commission, reappointing all the previous members apart from the Earl of Jersey and Hopwood, and extending the terms of reference to authorise the Commissioners to make visits outside the United Kingdom for the purposes of their inquiries. This case was subsequently quoted as a precedent when the Warrants for the RC on Museums and Galleries (no. 193) were being drawn up in order to ensure that the relevant clause about visits abroad was written into the Commission.

To inquire into the operation of Shipping 'Rings' or Conferences generally, and more especially into the system of deferred rebates, and to report whether such operations have caused, or are likely to cause injury to British or Colonial trade, and, if so, what remedial action, if any, should be taken by legislation or otherwise. (In full.)

The Commission produced a majority report signed by Cohen, Inverclyde, Lawrence, Bell, Lewis, Bateman, Gonner, Maddison, Mitchell, Philipps and Sanderson, subject to reservations from Inverclyde and Maddison. The minority report was signed by Barbour, Macdonell, Collins, Birchenough and Barry; with Barbour adding a reservation. Pember Reeves and Taylor signed neither report as they had been unable to attend meetings because of work and illness respectively.

137. Indian Decentralisation 1907-09

App. 7 Sept 1907. Rep. 25 Feb 1909 (fn. 1) 1908, Cd.4360, xliv. Other papers: Cd.4361-9, xliv-xlvi. Costs: in England £17,077: in India £16,968; all costs were charged to Indian Revenues.

Sir H.W. Primrose; Sir F.S.P. Lely; Sir S.W. Edgerley; R.C. Dutt; W.S. Meyer; W.L. Hichens.

Secretary: H. Wheeler. (Indian Civil Service)

Primrose resigned and a Commission of 21 Oct 1907 appointed C.E.H. Hobhouse chairman.

To enquire into the current relations, for financial and administrative purposes between the supreme Government and the various Provincial Governments and other authorities in India, and to report whether those relations might be improved by decentralization.

The Chairman, Lely, Edgerley and Hichens wrote supplementary notes to the report. Dutt added footnotes at various points in the report indicating his disagreement with particular sections.

138. Whiskey and other Potable Spirits 1908-09

App. 17 Feb 1908. Rep. (1) 24 June 1908, Cd.4180-1, lviii, 415; (2) 28 July 1909, Cd.4796, xlix, 451. Other papers: 1909, Cd.4797, Cd.4876, xlix. Cost £3,108.

Lord James of Hereford; L.N. Guillemard; W.E. Adeney; J.R. Bradford; H.T. Brown; G.S. Buchanan; J.Y. Buchanan; A.R. Cushny.

Secretary: A.V. Symonds. (LGB; named in Warr.)

To inquire and report whether in the interests of consumers and general public health there should be restrictions on the manufacture or preparation of whiskey and other potable spirits in the United Kingdom; whether any such requirements should be extended to imported spirits; and how a uniform practice could be achieved were such protective restrictions to be imposed.

139. Land Transfer Acts 1908-11

App. 28 July 1908. Rep. (1) 8 Feb 1909, Cd.4509-10, xxvii, 729; (2) 19 Jan 1911, Cd.5483, Cd.5494, xxx. Cost £2,801.

Viscount St. Aldwyn; Earl Beauchamp; Lord Faber; Sir C.M. Warmington (d. 12 Dec 1908); Sir S.T. Evans; S.O. Buckmaster; D. Stewart-Smith; G. Cave; P.S. Gregory; R. Pennington (d. 13 July 1910); D.J. Shackleton; E. Wood.

Secretary: J.F. Waley. (Barrister; named in Warr.)

The Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 on the accession of George V.

To consider and report upon the working of the Land Transfer Acts, and whether any amendments are desirable. (In full.)

140. Electoral Systems 1908-10

App. 31 Dec 1908. Rep. pres. 10 May 1910, Cd.5163, 5352, xxvi, 295. Cost £812.

Lord R.F. Cavendish; Lord Lochee; Hon. E.S. Montagu; Sir F.J.S. Hopwood; Sir C.P. Ilbert; Sir C.N.E. Eliot; Hon. W.P. Reeves; J.W. Hills. Secretary: C.D. Robertson (Treasury; named in Warr.), d. 26 March 1910 before the report was completed.

To examine the various schemes which have been adopted or proposed, in order to secure a fully representative character for popularly elected legislative bodies: and to consider whether, and how far, they, or any of them, are capable of application in this country in regard to the existing electorate. (In full.)

Lochee signed subject to a reservation.

141. University Education in London 1909-13

App. 24 Feb 1909. Rep. (1) 21 Apr 1910, Cd.5165-6, xxiii, 639; (2) 2 Feb 1911, Cd.5527-8, xx; (3) 4 Oct 1911, Cd.5910-11, xx, 453; (4) 15 Dec 1911: 1912-13, Cd.6015, xxii, 581; (5) 26 June 1912: 1912-13, Cd.6311-2, xxii, 587; (6) 27 March 1913, Cd.6717-8, xl, 297. Cost £4,679 up to 31 March 1912.

R.B. Haldane; Viscount Milner; Sir R. Romer; Sir R.L. Morant; L. Currie; W.S. M'Cormick; E.B. Sargant; Mrs L. Creighton.

Joint Secretaries: J. Kemp and H.F. Heath. (Named in Warr.)

To inquire into the organization of the University of London and other facilities for advanced education in London for persons of either sex above secondary school age; to consider the provision for University teaching and research; and to make recommendations as to the relation between the University of London, its associated colleges and schools and the various public bodies and institutions concerned, and any desirable changes.

Reappointed 26 May 1910 after the accession of Geoge V.

142. Mauritius 1909-10

App. 14 May 1909. Rep. 28 Apr 1910, Cd.5185-7, xlii. Cost £2,937. (RSM&S)

Sir F.A. Swettenham; Sir E.L. O'Malley; H.B.D. Woodcock.

Secretary: A.J. Harding. (Named in Warr.)

To investigate and report upon the condition and resources of the Colony of Mauritius, particularly with a view to the introduction of such economies in the establishments and expenditure as might be possible without detriment to the public interests.

The chairman added a note to the report and O'Malley signed subject to his appended note of dissent.

143. Trade Relations 1909-10

App. 9 Aug 1909. Rep. 19 Aug 1910, Cd.5369, xi, 159. Other papers: Cd.4991, 5370-1 in same vol. Cost £3,773. (RSM&S)

Lord Balfour of Burleigh; Hon. W.S. Fielding; Hon. W. Paterson; Sir J.P. Dickson-Poynder; Sir D. Morris.

Secretary: H.R. Cowell. (Named in Warr.)

R.H. McCarthy was appointed by the Secretary of State to be an expert adviser to the Commission.

Re-appointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 after the accession of George V.

To report on the commercial relations between Canada and the West Indian Colonies and steps to be taken to secure, encourage and develop mutual trading facilities.

Poynder was created Baron Islington in 1910 when he became Governor of New Zealand, and left to take up this post before the report was signed, authorising the chairman to sign for him, and attaching a memorandum giving his views on the main subjects of the inquiry.

144. Selection of Justices of the Peace 1909-10

App. 5 Nov 1909. Rep. 6 July 1910, Cd.5250, 5358, xxxvii, 647. Cost £1,148. Lord James of Hereford; Earl of Jersey; Earl of Chichester; Lord Robert Cecil; Lord Hamilton of Dalzell; Sir W.H. Dyke; H. Hobhouse; Sir F. Mowatt; Sir A.O. Williams; Sir E. Troup; F.W. Verney; J.A. Simon; W.R.D. Adkins; T.G. Ashton; W.C. Bridgeman; A. Henderson.

Secretary: A.V. Symonds. (LGB; named in Warr.)

Reappointed 26 May 1910 following the accession of George V.

To consider and report whether any and what steps should be taken to facilitate the selection of the most suitable persons to be Justices of the Peace, irrespective of creed and political opinion. (In full.)

Verney, Adkins and Ashton signed subject to memoranda attached. Jersey did not sign as he had been prevented from attending meetings by illness, but attached a letter expressing agreement with the report.

145. Divorce and Matrimonial Causes 1909-12

App. 8 Nov 1909. Rep. 2 Nov 1912: 1912-13, Cd.6478-9, xviii, 143. Other papers: Cd.6480, xix; Cd.6481-2, xx. Cost £4,443 up to 31 March 1912.

Lord Gorell; Archbishop of York; Earl of Derby; Lady F. Balfour; T. Burt; Hon. Lord Guthrie; Sir W.R. Anson; Sir L.T. Dibdin; Sir G. White (d. 11 May 1912); H.T. Atkinson; Mrs M.E. Tennant; R.D. Isaacs (ktd. 1911); E. Brierley; J.A. Spender.

Secretary: H.G. Barnes. Asst. Sec: J.E.G. de Montmorency.

The Commission was reappointed by Warrant of 26 May 1910 following the accession of George V; a further Warrant of 21 June 1910 appointed Sir F. Treves in place of Isaacs who had resigned. The Earl of Derby resigned in March 1911 and was not replaced.

To inquire into the present state of the law and administration thereof in divorce and matrimonial causes and applications for separation orders, especially with regard to the position of the poorer classes; and to report whether any and what amendments should be made.

The main report was signed subject to reservations by Tindal-Atkinson, Mrs Tennant and Spender. A minority report was signed by the Archbishop of York, Anson and Dibdin.


  • 1. Like the earlier RC on Oxford and Cambridge (no. 4) the date on the report is later than the year of publication.