Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1541-1857: Volume 11, Carlisle, Chester, Durham, Manchester, Ripon, and Sodor and Man Dioceses

By Joyce M Horn, David M Smith and Patrick Mussett. Charts the chronology and careers of the bishops and higher clergy of the dioceses of Carlisle, Chester, Durham, Manchester, Ripon, and Sodor and Man.

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2004.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Acknowledgments v
References ix-x
Abbreviations xi-xii
CARLISLE: Introduction 3-5
Carlisle: Manuscript sources 7-8
Bishops of Carlisle 9-14
Deans of Carlisle 14-18
Archdeacons: Carlisle 18-20
Archdeacons: Westmorland 20-21
Canons of Carlisle: First prebend 21-23
Canons of Carlisle: Second prebend 23-25
Canons of Carlisle: Third prebend 25-27
Canons of Carlisle: Fourth prebend 27-29
CHESTER: Introduction 33-34
Chester: Manuscript sources 35-36
Bishops of Chester 37-42
Deans of Chester 42-45
Archdeacons: Chester 45-47
Archdeacons: Richmond 47-49
Archdeacons: Liverpool 49-50
Canons of Chester 50-63
DURHAM: Introduction 67-69
Durham: Manuscript sources 71-72
Bishops of Durham 73-77
Deans of Durham 77-81
Archdeacons: Durham 82-83
Archdeacons: Northumberland 83-85
Archdeacons: Lindisfarne 86
Canons of Durham: First prebend 86-88
Canons of Durham: Second prebend 88-90
Canons of Durham: Third prebend 90-92
Canons of Durham: Fourth prebend 92-95
Canons of Durham: Fifth prebend 95-97
Canons of Durham: Sixth prebend 97-99
Canons of Durham: Seventh prebend 100-101
Canons of Durham: Eighth prebend 102-103
Canons of Durham: Ninth prebend 104-106
Canons of Durham: Tenth prebend 106-108
Canons of Durham: Eleventh prebend 108-111
Canons of Durham: Twelfth prebend 111-113
Durham: Suspension of prebends, 1848-63 113
MANCHESTER: Introduction 117-118
Manchester: Manuscript sources 119
Bishop of Manchester 121
Dean of Manchester 121
Archdeacons: Manchester 121
Canons of Manchester 122
RIPON: Introduction 125
Ripon: Manuscript sources 127
Bishops of Ripon 129
Deans of Ripon 129
Archdeacons: Richmond 130
Archdeacons: Craven 130
Canons of Ripon 130-132
SODOR AND MAN: Introduction 135-137
Sodor and Man: Manuscript sources 139-140
Bishops of Sodor and Man 141-146
Archdeacons: Man 146-150
Index 151-157