Survey of London: Volume 27, Spitalfields and Mile End New Town

Spitalfields is well known for the handsome silk-weavers' houses in and around Spital Square, Fournier Street and Elder Street, with their distinctive weavers' garret workshops. The greater part of this volume is devoted to a detailed account of these houses. The area's principle monument (Nicholas Hawksmoor's masterpiece, Christ Church, Spitalfields (1714-29)) is also studied in detail, and its complex building history explained, making use of the then recently discovered archives of the Commissioners for Building Fifty New Churches. In addition, the volume takes in the adjoining suburb of Mile End New Town, an area of eighteenth-century origin, largely rebuilt in the late nineteenth century, and at the time of writing undergoing extensive redevelopment for public housing. Spitalfields Market, and the well-known brewery of Truman, Hanbury, Buxton and Company, are also described.

Survey of London. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1957.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Preface v-vi
List of plates ix-xiv
List of figures in the Text xv-xvii
Plan pocket
General introduction 1-13
The Manor and Liberty of Norton Folgate 15-20
The Priory of St. Mary Spital 21-23
The precinct of St. Mary Spital: The Old Artillery Ground 24-38
The precinct of St. Mary Spital: The priory site 39-51
The St. John and Tillard estate: Introduction and builders 52-55
The St. John and Tillard estate: Spital Square 55-73
Street elevations: Folgate Street and Spital Square
The St. John and Tillard estate: Folgate Street 73-81
The St. John and Tillard estate: Elder Street 81-87
Street elevations: Elder Street
The St. John and Tillard estate: Blossom Street and Fleur-de-Lis Street 87-89
The St. John and Tillard estate: Norton Folgate High Street and Blossom Terrace 89-93
The St. John and Tillard estate: The proposed new church of 1711 93-95
The Wheler estate 96-99
The estate of the Whelers of Charing and Otterden 100-107
The estate of Sir Charles Wheler and the Wilkes family 108-115
The Black Eagle Brewery, Brick Lane 116-122
Brick Lane 123-126
Spitalfields Market area 127-147
Christ Church: Historical account 148-169
Christ Church: Architectural description 169-177
The Wood-Michell estate: Introduction and builders 178-184
The Wood-Michell estate: Princelet Street west of Brick Lane 184-189
The Wood-Michell estate: Hanbury Street west of Brick Lane 189-193
The Wood-Michell estate: Wilkes Street south of Hanbury Street 193-198
Street elevations: Wilkes Street and Christ Church
The Wood-Michell estate: Puma Court 198-199
The Wood-Michell estate: Fournier Street 199-225
Street elevations: Fournier Street and Christ Church
Artillery Passage and south side of Artillery Lane 226-236
The Halifax estate in Spitalfields 237-241
The Tenter Ground estate 242-244
The Fossan (Keate and Tonge) estate 245-251
Bishopsgate Railway Terminus 252-255
Commercial Street 256-264
Mile End New Town 265-288
Appendix: Craftsmen's accounts for the building of Christ Church 289-296
List of abbreviations 297
References 297-325
Index 327-348
Plate 1: Extract from Agas's map,c.1560-70. 1
Plate 2: Extract from Ogilby and Morgan's map of 1681–2 2
Plate 3: Extract from Rocque's map of 1746 3
Plate 4: Extract from Horwood's map of 1819 4
Plate 5: Extract from the Ordnance Survey map of 1873–5 5
Plate 6: Christ Church 6
Plate 7: Christ Church 7
Plate 8: Christ Church, 'hall church' design 8
Plate 9: Christ Church, 'hall church' design 9
Plate 10: Christ Church 10
Plate 11: Christ Church, the portico 11
Plate 12: Christ Church, crypt plan 12
Plate 13: Christ Church, crypt plan 13
Plate 14: Christ Church, floor plan 14
Plate 15: Christ Church, floor plan 15
Plate 16: Christ Church 16
Plate 17: Christ Church, elevations 17
Plate 18: Christ Church, elevations 18
Plate 19: Christ Church 19
Plate 20: Christ Church, longitudinal section 20
Plate 21: Christ Church, ceiling plan 21
Plate 22: Christ Church, cross sections 22
Plate 23: Christ Church, cross sections 23
Plate 24: Christ Church 24
Plate 25: Christ Church, west front 25
Plate 26: Christ Church, south-west view 26
Plate 27: Christ Church, south-east view 27
Plate 28: Christ Church 28
Plate 29: Christ Church, tower and spire 29
Plate 30: Christ Church, east end 30
Plate 31: Christ Church, windows 31
Plate 32: Christ Church, interior 32
Plate 33: Christ Church, interior 33
Plate 34: Christ Church, interior 34
Plate 35: Christ Church, interior 35
Plate 36: Christ Church 36
Plate 37: Christ Church 37
Plate 38: Christ Church 38
Plate 39: Christ Church 39
Plate 40: Spitalfields Great Synagogue, Fournier Street, formerly French Church, etc., exterior 40
Plate 41: Spitalfields Great Synagogue, Fournier Street, formerly French Church, etc., interior 41
Plate 42 42
Plate 43 43
Plate 44: St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Underwood Road. 44
Plate 45: St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Underwood Road. 45
Plate 46 46
Plate 47 47
Plate 48 48
Plate 49 49
Plate 50 50
Plate 51 51
Plate 52: Truman's Brewery, Brick Lane. 52
Plate 53: Truman's Brewery, Brick Lane. 53
Plate 54 54