A History of the County of Chester: Volume 5 Part 2, the City of Chester: Culture, Buildings, Institutions

Part 2 of the volume details thematically with the economic, cultural and religious institutions of the city, as well as its local government and public services.

Victoria County History - Chester. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2005.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations x-xv
Preface xvii
List of abbreviations and records used xviii-xxiv
The city of Chester: Introduction 1-8
Local government and public services: Boundaries 9-15
Local government and public services: Municipal buildings 15-20
Local government and public services: Law courts 20-28
Local government and public services: Law and order 28-35
Local government and public services: Public utilities 35-49
Local government and public services: Medical services 49-58
Local government and public services: Charities for the poor 58-70
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Population 71-73
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Roads and road transport 73-83
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Water transport 83-91
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Railways 91-94
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Markets 94-100
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Fairs 100-104
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Mills and fisheries 104-114
Economic infrastructure and institutions: Craft guilds 114-124
Churches and religious bodies: The collegiate church of St John 125-133
Churches and religious bodies: Medieval parish churches 133-156
Churches and religious bodies: Medieval chapels 156-159
Churches and religious bodies: Modern parish churches 159-162
Churches and religious bodies: Roman Catholicism 162-165
Churches and religious bodies: Protestant Nonconformity 165-180
Churches and religious bodies: Other churches 180-183
Churches and religious bodies: Non-Christian religions 183-184
Major buildings: Cathedral and close 185-204
Major buildings: Castle 204-213
Major buildings: City walls and gates 213-225
Major buildings: The Rows 225-239
Major buildings: Medieval religious houses 240-246
Leisure and culture: Plays, sports and customs before 1700 247-255
Leisure and culture: Chester races 255-260
Leisure and culture: Sport after 1700 260-269
Leisure and culture: Places of entertainment 269-273
Leisure and culture: Cathedral music and music festivals 273-275
Leisure and culture: Revival of the mystery plays 275-276
Leisure and culture: Education 277-291
Leisure and culture: Learned societies 291-292
Leisure and culture: Libraries 293-294
Leisure and culture: Museums 294-297
Leisure and culture: Newspapers 297-298
Leisure and culture: Open spaces and parks 298-304
Mayors and sheriffs of Chester 305-321
Manors and estates in and near the city 322-330
Corrigenda to volume V part 1 398