Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 11 (Revised), Court Officers, 1660-1837

Provides career details of every remunerated officer and servant of the English royal household. It covers the bedchamber and the public rooms; the medical, artistic and religious establishments; the household below stairs and the stables. Officers are also indexed by name. This is a revised edition of volumes 11 and 12 of the series, first published in 1997-8.

Office-Holders in Modern Britain.

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'Office-Holders in Modern Britain', in Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 11 (Revised), Court Officers, 1660-1837, (London, 2006). British History Online [accessed 18 June 2024].

"Office-Holders in Modern Britain", in Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 11 (Revised), Court Officers, 1660-1837, (London, 2006). British History Online, accessed June 18, 2024,

"Office-Holders in Modern Britain", in Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 11 (Revised), Court Officers, 1660-1837, (London, 2006), British History Online. Web. 18 June 2024,

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Abbreviations i-iii
Acknowledgments iv
Introduction: Administrative structure and work xx-xxxvii
Introduction: Financial structure xxxvii-xlviii
Introduction: III, Patronage xlviii-liii
Introduction: IV, Remuneration and Value of Office liii-lxiii
Introduction: V, Promotion and Tenure lxiii-lxix
Introduction: VI, Administrative standards and corruption lxix-lxxvi
Chronological Survey 1660-1837: The Later Stuart Household, 1660-1714 lxxvi-xcviii
Chronological Survey 1660-1837: The Early Hanoverian Housefold, 1714-1760 xcviii-cv
Chronological Survey 1660-1837: The Later Hanoverian Household, 1760-1837 cv-cxxxii
Chamber Administration: Lord Chamberlain, 1660-1837 1-8
Chamber Administration: Treasurer of the Chamber, 1660-1782 8-10
Chamber Administration: Examiner and Deputy Examiner of Plays, 1738-1837 11
Chamber Administration: Keeper of the Privy Purse 1660-1837 11-12
Chamber Administration: Private Secretary 1805-22; 1830-7 12-13
The bedchamber: Groom of the Stole 1660-1837 13-14
The bedchamber: Gentlemen of the Bedchamber 14-19
The bedchamber: Ladies of the Bedchamber 20
The bedchamber: Grooms of the Bedchamber 1660-1837 20-24
The bedchamber: Women of the Bedchamber 1702-1714 24-25
The bedchamber: Maids of Honour 1702-1714 26
The bedchamber: Pages of the Bedchamber 1660-c. 1822 26-29
The bedchamber: Pages of the Backstairs 1760-1837 29-30
The bedchamber: Barbers 1660-?1837 30-31
The bedchamber: Menial Bedchamber Servants 1660-1837 31-35
THE PUBLIC ROOMS: Gentlemen Ushers of the Privy Chamber 1660-1837 36-38
Privy Chamber: Grooms of the Privy Chamber 1660-1837 38-42
Presence Chamber: Gentlemen Ushers Daily Waiters 1660-1837 42-45
Presence Chamber: Gentlemen Ushers Quarter Waiters 1660-1837 45-50
Presence Chamber: Sergeants at Arms 1660-1837 50-56
Presence Chamber: Cupbearers 1660-1782 56-58
Presence Chamber: Carvers 1660-1782 58-59
Presence Chamber: Gentlemen Sewers 1660-1782 59-63
Presence Chamber: Esquires of the Body 1660-1702 63-64
Presence Chamber: Pages of the Presence 1660-1837 65-68
Guard Chamber: Sewers of the Chamber 1660-1782 68-77
Guard Chamber: Grooms of the Great Chamber 1660-1837 78-89
Guard Chamber: Gentlemen Waiters 1660-1685 89-90
Guard Chamber: Clerks of the Cheque to the Messengers 1660?1837 90-91
Guard Chamber: Messengers 1660?1837 91-111
Dependent Sub-departments: Ceremonies 1660-1837 112-114
Dependent Sub-departments: Revels 1660-1782 114-115
Dependent Sub-departments: Removing Wardrobe 1660-1782 116-118
Dependent Sub-departments: Coffer Bearers 1660-1782 118-119
Dependent Sub-departments: House and Wardrobe Keepers 1660-1837 119-135
Independent Sub-departments: Robes 1660-1837 135-141
Independent Sub-departments: Jewel Office 1660-1782 141-146
Independent Sub-departments: Great Wardrobe 1660-1782 146-156
Independent Sub-departments: Tents, Toyles, Hales and Pavilions 1660-1702 156-158
The MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT: Physicians 1660-1837 159-165
The medical establishment: Surgeons 1660-1837 165-170
The medical establishment: Apothecaries 1660-1837 170-173
The medical establishment: Chemist 1660-1837 173-177
The medical establishment: Anatomist 1723-1782 177
The medical establishment: Oculist 1704-1837 177-178
THE ARTISTIC ESTABLISHMENT: Poet Laureate 1660-1837 178
The artistic establishment: Historiographer 179
The artistic establishment: Librarians 1660-1837 179-181
The artistic establishment: Painters, Menders and Surveyors of the Pictures 181-183
The artistic establishment: Masters and Conductors of the Music 184-185
The artistic establishment: Musicians 1660?1837 185-199
The artistic establishment: Keepers of the Instruments and Dancing Masters 199-200
The artistic establishment: Trumpeters 200-205
The artistic establishment: Drummers, harpers and fifers 205-210
Hunting, sporting and gaming: The buckhounds 1660-1837 211-215
Hunting, sporting and gaming: The staghounds and harthounds 215-216
Hunting, sporting and gaming: The harriers, hawks and otterhounds 216-221
Hunting, sporting and gaming: Guns and Bows 1660-1702 221-223
Hunting, sporting and gaming: Games of Bears and Bulls and Cock fighting 223-224
Hunting, sporting and gaming: Groom Porters and Masters of the Tennis Courts 224-225
Transport: Knights Harbinger and Masters of the Barges 225-227
Transport: Watermen, 1660-1837 227-243
The Chapel Royal: Deans and Sub-Deans 244-245
The Chapel Royal: Lord Almoners and Sub-Almoners 245-247
The Chapel Royal: Clerks of the Closet 247-250
The Chapel Royal: Chaplains, 1660-1837 251-278
The Chapel Royal: Gentlemen 279-287
The Chapel Royal: Composers 287-288
The Chapel Royal: Organists and organ staff 288-290
The Chapel Royal: Lutenists and violists 290-291
The Chapel Royal: The children and their masters 291-297
The Chapel Royal: The vestry 297-300
The Roman Catholic Chapel Royal 300-304
The Chapel Royal at St James's 304-315
The Chapel Royal at Hampton Court 315-316
Chapel staff at other residences 316-318
Foreign Chapels c. 1714-1837 318-323
The military establishment: Gentlemen Pensioners 324-347
The military establishment: Yeomen of the Guard 347-376
Salaried tradesmen: Embroiderers, engravers and locksmiths 377-383
Salaired tradesmen: Other 384-390
Menial servants: Firemakers and chamber-keepers 390-392
Menial servants: Necessary women and watchmen 392-396
The household below stairs: Lord Steward 1660-1837 397-398
The household below stairs: Treasurer of the Household 1660-1837 398-399
The household below stairs: Comptroller of the Household 1660-1837 399-400
The household below stairs: Cofferer of the Household 1660-1782 400-402
The household below stairs: Master of the Household 1660-1837 402-403
The household below stairs: Clerks of the Green Cloth 1660-1782 403-407