A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 11, Telford

By A P Baggs, D C Cox, Jessie McFall, P A Stamper and A J L Winchester/ Edited by G C Baugh and C R Elrington. Relating to an area between the left bank of the Severn and the Weald Moors, covers most of the east Shropshire coalfield.

Victoria County History - Shropshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1985.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Hadley and Horton: Nonconformity 263-265
Hadley and Horton: Sikhs 265
Hadley and Horton: Education 265-267
Hadley and Horton: Charity for the poor 267
Ketley 266-269
Ketley: Economic history 269-273
Ketley: Local government and public services 273-274
Ketley: Church 274-275
Ketley: Nonconformity 275
Ketley: Education 275-276
Ketley: Charities for the poor 276
Lawley 276-277
Lawley: Manors and other estates 277-278
Lawley: Economic history 278-280
Lawley: Local government and public services 280-281
Lawley: Church 281
Lawley: Nonconformity 281-282
Lawley: Education 282-283
Lawley: Charity for the poor 283
Wombridge: Later Oakengates 283-284
Wombridge: Communications 284-285
Wombridge: Growth of settlement 285-289
Wombridge: Social and cultural activities 289-290
Wombridge: Manor and other estates 290-291
Wombridge: Economic history 291-296
Wombridge: Local government 296-297
Wombridge: Public services 297-298
Wombridge: Churches 298-301
Wombridge: Nonconformity 301-302
Wombridge: Education 302-306
Wombridge: Charities for the poor 306
Wrockwardine 306-310
Wrockwardine: Manors and other estates 310-313
Wrockwardine: Economic history 313-316
Wrockwardine: Local government and public services 316-317
Wrockwardine: Church 317-321
Wrockwardine: Nonconformity 321
Wrockwardine: Education 321-322
Wrockwardine: Charities for the poor 322-323
Wrockwardine Wood 323-326
Wrockwardine Wood: Manor 326-327
Wrockwardine Wood: Economic history 328-330
Wrockwardine Wood: Local government and public services 330-331
Wrockwardine Wood: Nonconformity 331-332
Wrockwardine Wood: Education 332-335
Wrockwardine Wood: Charities for the poor 335
Index: A-J 337-354
Index: K-Z 354-374
Corrigenda to volumes I-III, VIII 375-377