The Court of Chivalry 1634-1640

This project provides abstracts, calendars and transcript of the surviving material relating to 738 cases heard in the Court of Chivalry (otherwise known as the Court of Honour or the Earl Marshal’s Court) between 1634 and 1640. The original case papers are located at the College of Arms in London and the Earl Marshal’s archive at Arundel Castle, Sussex. The cases cover a wide variety of topics relating to the social, political and cultural history of the period, from ship money and the Bishops Wars to pew disputes and duelling, from heralds’ visitations and grants of arms to brawls in the street and quarrels at race meetings.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
397 Mackworth v Owen
398 Madeson v Holt
399 Madox v Crome
400 Malett v Stokes
401 Mallock v Terrell
402 Manley v Bray
403 Mannaton v Lampen
404 Mansell v Taylor
405 Mansergh v Moore
406 Mantell v Sampson
407 Manwaring v Johnson
408 Manwood v Ellis
409 Mapowder v Parson
410 March v Coppin
411 Marshe v Fovery
412 Marten v Salisbury
413 Martin v Wrottesley
414 Mascall v Sole
415 Mason v Heber
416 Master v Dunkin
417 Matthew v Harbert
418 Maxwell v Gover
419 Merry v Merry
420 Metcalfe v Bulmer
421 Meynell v Bentley
422 Meyricke v Catchmaye
423 Michell v White
424 Midleton v Atlee
425 Midleton v Delieu
426 Midleton v Knowles
427 Milles v Buckley
428 Millicent v Flacke
429 Minshall v Jones
430 Molineux v Monday
431 Molineux v Smith
432 Molins v Waters
433 Monson v Ladd
434 Monson v Welch
435 Moore v De La Barr
436 Moore v Jenkin
437 Morfeld v Southwold
438 Morgan v Ap Howell
439 Morgan v Jenkin
440 Morgan v John
441 Morgan v Morgan
442 Morgan v Morgan
443 Morgan v Murwent
444 Morgan v Rodgers
445 Morgan v Rookes
446 Morres v Turner
447 Morrice v Fowlkes
448 Morrice v Lloyd
449 Morris v Andrews
450 Morris v Woodhall
451 Mucklowe v Skipwith
452 Mungre v Osboldston
453 Muschamp v Turner
454 Muschamp v Waterhouse
455 Napper v Bartlet
456 Napper v Moulsworth
457 Nayler v Edolphe
458 Needham v Barker
459 Nevill v Davy
460 Nevill v Palmer
461 Newman v Freeman
462 Newman v Hurley
463 Newton v Moore
464 Nicholls v Groves
465 Nicholls v Lloyd
466 Nicholson v Coxe
467 Norton v Buggs
468 Norwood v Oldfield
469 Nowell v Marchland
470 Oglander v Carr
471 Office Of The Judge v Bowne
472 Office Of The Judge v Freeman
473 Office Of Judge v Merriall
474 Office Of The Judge v Rogers
475 Officers Of Arms v Bowen
476 Officers Of Arms v Brooke
477 Officers Of Arms v Dove
478 Officers Of Arms v Fogg
479 Officers Of Arms v James
480 Officers Of Arms v Kirkham
481 Officers Of Arms v Mayney
482 Officers Of Arms v Norton
483 Officers Of Arms v Polhill
484 Officers Of Arms v Plummer
485 Officers Of Arms v Radcliffe
486 Officers Of Arms v Rivers
487 Officers Of Arms v Say
488 Officers Of Arms v Skinner
489 Officers Of Arms v Twysden
490 Officers Of Arms v Willymott
491 Officers Of Arms v Yelverton
492 Oliver v Morse
493 Osbaldeston v Holden
494 Osboldston v Mungre
495 Overton v Larret
496 Owen v Brawne