Survey of London: Volume 40, the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair, Part 2 (The Buildings)

Edited by F H W Sheppard. This volume completes the Survey's study of the Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair by looking in detail at its rich and varied architectural and building heritage. From the fine eighteenth-century houses of Brook Street and Grosvenor Street to the smart inter-war flats of Park Lane, the Grosvenor Estate offers a compendium of some of the best English urban architecture, often by leading practitioners, from Colin Campbell (who lived here in a house of his own design) and Robert Taylor in the eighteenth century, to Lutyens and Detmar Blow in the twentieth. Among the larger buildings described, both standing and demolished, is Grosvenor House, the Grosvenor family's own London mansion, the internationally renowned Claridge's Hotel and the American Embassy's controversial post-war building on the west side of Grosvenor Square.

Survey of London. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1980.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Preface v-vi
Acknowledgements vii
List of plates xi-xvi
List of figures xvii-xix
Plan pocket: The Grosvenor Estate in Mayfair 1
Brook Street: Introduction 1-2
Brook Street: North Side 2-21
Brook Street: South Side 21-32
Grosvenor Street: Introduction 33-35
Grosvenor Street: North Side 35-44
Grosvenor Street: South Side 44-57
Bourdon Street and Grosvenor Hill Area 57-63
Berkeley Square, North Side 64-67
Davies Street Area: Introduction 68-69
Davies Street Area: Davies Street, East Side 69-76
Davies Street Area: Davies Street, West Side 76-80
Davies Street Area: Mount Row 80-81
Davies Street Area: Three Kings Yard 81-82
Davies Street Area: St. Anslem's Place 82-83
Davies Street Area: Davies Mews 83-84
Davies Street Area: Brook's Mews 84-85
Davies Street Area: Avery Row and South Molton Lane 85
Duke Street Area: Introduction 86-87
Duke Street Area: Duke Street, East Side 87-91
Duke Street Area: Duke Street, West Side 91-92
Duke Street Area: Redevelopment by Seth Smith in the 1820's 92-93
Duke Street Area: Artisans' Dwellings in the Duke Street Area 93-98
North Audley Street: Introduction 99-100
North Audley Street: East Side 100-109
North Audley Street: West Side 109-110
North Audley Street: Balderton Street 110-111
Grosvenor Square: Introduction 112-117
Grosvenor Square: Individual Houses built before 1926 117-166
Grosvenor Square: The Rebuilding of the Square from 1926 166-170
Oxford Street: Introduction 171
Oxford Street: The Development of the Frontage 171-173
Oxford Street: Hereford Street and Hereford Gardens 173-176
Oxford Street: The Rebuilding of Oxford Street 176-184
Green Street Area: Introduction 185-187
Green Street Area: Green Street, North Side 187-188
Green Street Area: Green Street, South Side 188-194
Green Street Area: Dunraven Street 194-195
Green Street Area: North Row 195-196
Green Street Area: Lees Place, Shepherd Close and Shepherd's Place 196-198
Green Street Area: Wood's Mews 198
Upper Brook Street: Introduction 199-200
Upper Brook Street: North Side 200-210
Upper Brook Street: South Side 210-221
Upper Grosvenor Street: Introduction 222-224
Upper Grosvenor Street: North Side 224-231
Upper Grosvenor Street: South Side 231-238
Old Grosvenor House 239-250
Park Street and Culross Street: Introduction 251-252
Park Street and Culross Street: Park Street, East Side 252-256
Park Street and Culross Street: Park Street, West Side 256-259
Park Street and Culross Street: Culross Street east of Park Street, and Blackburne's Mews 259-262
Park Street and Culross Street: Culross Street west of Park Street 262-263
Park Lane 264-289
South Audley Street: Introduction 290-291
South Audley Street: East Side 291-303
South Audley Street: West Side 303-315
Mount Street and Carlos Place: Introduction 316
Mount Street and Carlos Place: Mount Street and Charles Street before Rebuilding 316-319
Mount Street and Carlos Place: The Rebuilding of Mount Street and Carlos Place 319-321
Mount Street and Carlos Place: Mount Street, North Side 321-326
Mount Street and Carlos Place: Mount Street, South Side 326-329
Aldford Street Area 330-335
South Street 336-344
List of abbreviations 345
References 345-386
Index: A-J 387-408
Index: K-Z 408-429
Plate 1: Brook Street. G.L.C. photographs
Plate 2: No. 66 Brook Street
Plate 3: Brook Street
Plate 4: Brook Street
Plate 5: Brook Street. G.L.C. photographs
Plate 6: Claridge's
Plate 7: Claridge's Restaurant
Plate 8: Grosvenor Street, looking east
Plate 9: Grosvenor Street
Plate 10: Grosvenor Street
Plate 11: Grosvenor Street
Plate 12: No. 46 Grosvenor Street, interiors in 1970 and 1975
Plate 13: Grosvenor Street
Plate 14: Grosvenor Street, staircases
Plate 15
Plate 16
Plate 17: Berkeley Square
Plate 18: Bourdon House, No. 2 Davies Street
Plate 19: Davies Street
Plate 20
Plate 21: No. 58 Davies Street, Boldings
Plate 22
Plate 23: King's Weigh House Church
Plate 24
Plate 25: Nos. 11 and 12 North Audley Street
Plate 26: North Audley Street
Plate 27: St. Mark's Church, North Audley Street