A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 11, Bisley and Longtree Hundreds

By A P Baggs, A R J Jurica and W J Sheils/ Edited by N M Herbert and R B Pugh. Covering the 18 parishes of the Cotswold hundreds of Bisley and Longtree and includes the market towns of Stroud, Tetbury, Painswick, and Minchinhampton.

Victoria County History - Gloucestershire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1976.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Minchinhampton: Charities for the poor 206-207
Nailsworth: Introduction 207-211
Nailsworth: Manor 211
Nailsworth: Economic history 211-215
Nailsworth: Local government 215
Nailsworth: Churches 215-216
Nailsworth: Nonconformity 216-217
Nailsworth: Education 217-218
Nailsworth: Charities for the poor 218
Rodborough: Introduction 218-221
Rodborough: Manors and other estates 221-224
Rodborough: Economic history 224-230
Rodborough: Local government 230
Rodborough: Church 230-232
Rodborough: Nonconformity 232
Rodborough: Education 232-233
Rodborough: Charities for the poor 234
Rodmarton: Introduction 234-236
Rodmarton: Manors and other estates 236-240
Rodmarton: Economic history 240-243
Rodmarton: Local government 243-244
Rodmarton: Churches 244-246
Rodmarton: Nonconformity 246
Rodmarton: Education 246-247
Rodmarton: Charities for the poor 247
Shipton Moyne: Introduction 247-249
Shipton Moyne: Manors and other estates 249-252
Shipton Moyne: Economic history 252-255
Shipton Moyne: Church 255-256
Shipton Moyne: Nonconformity 256-257
Shipton Moyne: Education 257
Shipton Moyne: Charities for the poor 257
Tetbury: Introduction 257-260
Tetbury: Growth of the town and outlying settlements 260-264
Tetbury: Manors and other estates 264-269
Tetbury: Economic history 269-273
Tetbury: Social life 273-275
Tetbury: Local government 275-277
Tetbury: Church 277-280
Tetbury: Roman catholicism 280
Tetbury: Protestant nonconformity 280-281
Tetbury: Education 281-282
Tetbury: Charities for the poor 282-283
Westonbirt with Lasborough: Introduction 283-285
Westonbirt with Lasborough: Manors and other estates 285-288
Westonbirt with Lasborough: Economic history 288-290
Westonbirt with Lasborough: Local government 290-293
Westonbirt with Lasborough: Nonconformity 293
Westonbirt with Lasborough: Education 293-294
Westonbirt with Lasborough: Charities for the poor 294
Woodchester: Introduction 294-295
Woodchester: Manor and other estates 296-297
Woodchester: Economic history 298-301
Woodchester: Local government 301
Woodchester: Church 301-302
Woodchester: Roman catholicism 302-303
Woodchester: Protestant nonconformity 303
Woodchester: Education 303-304
Woodchester: Charities for the poor 304
Index: A-J 305-320
Index: K-Z 320-338
Corrigenda to Volumes VI, VIII, and X 339