A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 5, Hendon, Kingsbury, Great Stanmore, Little Stanmore, Edmonton Enfield, Monken Hadley, South Mimms, Tottenham

By A P Baggs, Diane K Bolton, Eileen P Scarff and G C Tyack/ Edited by T F T Baker and R B Pugh. The volume covers 9 parishes in north and north-east Middlesex, completing Gore hundred and embracing the whole of Edmonton hundred.

Victoria County History - Middlesex. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1976.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations x-xi
List of maps xii
Editorial note xiii
Middlesex Victoria County History council xiv
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xv-xvi
Classes of Documents in the Greater London Record Office (Middlesex Records) used xvii
Note on abbreviations xviii-xix
Gore Hundred : (continued) 1
Hendon: Introduction 1-2
Hendon: Communications 2-5
Hendon: Growth before 1850 5-11
Hendon: Growth after 1850 11-16
Hendon: Manors 16-20
Hendon: Other estates 21-23
Hendon: Economic history 23-27
Hendon: Social life 27-29
Hendon: Local government 29-31
Hendon: Public services 31-33
Hendon: Churches 33-37
Hendon: Roman catholicism 37-39
Hendon: Protestant nonconformity 39-43
Hendon: Judaism 43
Hendon: Education 43-48
Hendon: Charities for the poor 48-49
Kingsbury: Introduction 49-55
Kingsbury: Manors 55-61
Kingsbury: Other estates 61-71
Kingsbury: Economic history 71-78
Kingsbury: Social life 78-80
Kingsbury: Local government 80-82
Kingsbury: Public services 82-83
Kingsbury: Churches 83-86
Kingsbury: Roman catholicism 86
Kingsbury: Protestant nonconformity 86-87
Kingsbury: Judaism 87
Kingsbury: Education 87-88
Kingsbury: Charities for the poor 88
Great Stanmore: Introduction 88-96
Great Stanmore: Manor and other estates 96-99
Great Stanmore: Economic history 99-102
Great Stanmore: Social life 102
Great Stanmore: Local government 102-104
Great Stanmore: Public services 104-105
Great Stanmore: Church 105-107
Great Stanmore: Roman catholicism 107
Great Stanmore: Protestant nonconformity 107-108
Great Stanmore: Judaism 108
Great Stanmore: Education 108-109
Great Stanmore: Charities for the poor 109-110
Little Stanmore: Introduction 110-113
Little Stanmore: Manors 113-117
Little Stanmore: Economic history 117-120
Little Stanmore: Social life 120
Little Stanmore: Local government 120-121
Little Stanmore: Public services 121-122
Little Stanmore: Church 122-124
Little Stanmore: Roman catholicism 124
Little Stanmore: Protestant nonconformity 124-125
Little Stanmore: Judaism 125
Little Stanmore: Education 125-126
Little Stanmore: Charities for the poor 126-127
Edmonton Hundred 128-129
Edmonton: Introduction 130-133
Edmonton: Communications 133-137
Edmonton: Growth before 1851 137-142
Edmonton: Growth after 1851 142-149
Edmonton: Manors 149-154
Edmonton: Other estates 154-161
Edmonton: Economic history 161-172
Edmonton: Social life 172-175
Edmonton: Local government 175-179
Edmonton: Public services 179-181
Edmonton: Churches 181-187
Edmonton: Roman catholicism 187-188
Edmonton: Protestant nonconformity 188-196
Edmonton: Judaism 196
Edmonton: Education 196-203
Edmonton: Charities for the poor 203-207
Enfield: Introduction 207-208
Enfield: Communications 208-212
Enfield: Growth before 1850 212-218
Enfield: Growth after 1850 218-224
Enfield: Manors 224-229
Enfield: Other estates 229-232
Enfield: Economic history 232-239
Enfield: Social life 239-241
Enfield: Local government 241-243
Enfield: Public services 243-245
Enfield: Churches 245-249
Enfield: Roman catholicism 249
Enfield: Protestant nonconformity 250-253
Enfield: Judaism 253
Enfield: Education 253-257
Enfield: Charities for the poor 257-260
Monken Hadley: Introduction 260-263
Monken Hadley: Manor and other estates 263-266
Monken Hadley: Local government 266-267
Monken Hadley: Church 267-269
Monken Hadley: Nonconformity 269
Monken Hadley: Education 269-270