A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 11, Bisley and Longtree Hundreds

By A P Baggs, A R J Jurica and W J Sheils/ Edited by N M Herbert and R B Pugh. Covering the 18 parishes of the Cotswold hundreds of Bisley and Longtree and includes the market towns of Stroud, Tetbury, Painswick, and Minchinhampton.

Victoria County History - Gloucestershire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1976.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations x-xi
List of maps and plans xii
Editorial note xiii
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xv
Gloucestershire record office accumulations xvi
Note on abbreviations xvii-xix
Bisley Hundred 1-3
Bisley: Introduction 4-11
Bisley: Manors and other estates 11-20
Bisley: Economic history 20-30
Bisley: Local government 30-32
Bisley: Churches 32-36
Bisley: Roman catholicism 36
Bisley: Protestant nonconformity 36-37
Bisley: Education 37-40
Bisley: Charities for the poor 40
Edgeworth: Introduction 41-42
Edgeworth: Manor and other estates 42-44
Edgeworth: Economic history 44-45
Edgeworth: Local government 45
Edgeworth: Church 45-46
Edgeworth: Nonconformity 46
Edgeworth: Education 46-47
Edgeworth: Charities for the poor 47
Miserden: Introduction 47-49
Miserden: Manors and other estates 49-52
Miserden: Economic history 52-53
Miserden: Local government 53-54
Miserden: Church 54-55
Miserden: Nonconformity 55-56
Miserden: Education 56
Miserden: Charities for the poor 56
Painswick: Introduction 56-65
Painswick: Manors and other estates 65-70
Painswick: Economic history 70-79
Painswick: Local government 79-80
Painswick: Churches 80-83
Painswick: Roman catholicism 83
Painswick: Protestant nonconformity 83-85
Painswick: Education 85-86
Painswick: Charities for the poor 86-87
Sapperton: Introduction 87-90
Sapperton: Manors and other estates 90-93
Sapperton: Economic history 93-96
Sapperton: Local government 96
Sapperton: Church 96-98
Sapperton: Nonconformity 98
Sapperton: Education 98-99
Sapperton: Charities for the poor 99
Stroud: Introduction 99-104
Stroud: Growth of the town and outlying settlements 104-111
Stroud: Manors and other estates 111-119
Stroud: Economic history 119-132
Stroud: Social life 132-134
Stroud: Local government and public services 134-136
Stroud: Churches 136-140
Stroud: Nonconformity 140-141
Stroud: Jews 141
Stroud: Education 141-144
Stroud: Charities for the poor 144-145
Winstone: Introduction 145-147
Winstone: Manors and other estates 147-148
Winstone: Economic history 148-149
Winstone: Church 149-151
Winstone: Nonconformity 151
Winstone: Education 151
Winstone: Charities for the poor 151
Longtree Hundred 152-155
Avening: Introduction 156-157
Avening: Manors and other estates 157-160
Avening: Economic history 160-162
Avening: Local government 162
Avening: Church 162-164
Avening: Nonconformity 164-165
Avening: Education 165
Avening: Charities for the poor 165-166
Cherington: Introduction 166-168
Cherington: Manor and other estates 168-170
Cherington: Economic history 170-173
Cherington: Local government 173
Cherington: Church 173-175
Cherington: Nonconformity 175
Cherington: Education 175
Cherington: Charities for the poor 175
Horsley: Introduction 175-177
Horsley: Manor and other estates 177-179
Horsley: Economic history 179-181
Horsley: Local government 181-182
Horsley: Church 182-183
Horsley: Nonconformity 183
Horsley: Education 183-184
Horsley: Charities for the poor 184
Minchinhampton: Introduction 184-190
Minchinhampton: Manors and other estates 190-193
Minchinhampton: Economic history 193-200
Minchinhampton: Local government 200-201
Minchinhampton: Churches 201-204
Minchinhampton: Roman catholicism 204
Minchinhampton: Protestant nonconformity 204-205
Minchinhampton: Education 205