Survey of London: Volumes 43 and 44, Poplar, Blackwall and Isle of Dogs

The dockland parish of All Saints', Poplar, encompasses the ancient hamlet of Poplar itself, the old shipbuilding centre of Blackwall, and the former industrial districts of Millwall and Cubitt Town. Poplar's story is one of development and redevelopment on both the grand and the comparatively small scale, driven in the nineteenth century by mercantile interests and manufacturing, and after the Second World War by de-industrialization and the obsolescence of the Thames-side docks. The East and West India and Millwall Docks system is discussed in detail, together with the riverside wharves and works, and the massive regeneration, still in progress, which followed the creation of the Isle of Dogs Enterprise Zone in 1982. Among important individual buildings described is the seventeenth-century church of St Matthias, a rarity from the Interregnum, built for the East India Company. A major subject is public housing, which includes the famous Lansbury Estate, built in association with the 1951 Festival of Britain.

Survey of London. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1994.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Preface v
List of commissioners and acknowledgements vi-viii
List of figures: Volume 43 xi-xvii
List of figures: Volume 44 vii-ix
List of plates xi-xx
Plan pocket
General introduction 1-20
Public Housing in Poplar: Introduction 21
Public Housing in Poplar: The Years to 1919 21-23
Public Housing in Poplar: The Inter-war Years 23-37
Public Housing in Poplar: The 1940s to the early 1990s 37-54
Poplar High Street: Introduction 55-61
Poplar High Street: North side 61-77
Poplar High Street: South side 77-90
Poplar High Street: Public housing 90-97
Poplar High Street: The church of St Matthias 98-107
Poplar High Street: The East India Company almshouses 107-110
Pennyfields 111-113
Ming Street 113-117
West India Dock Road 117-119
East India Dock Road: Introduction 120-126
East India Dock Road, North side: Nos 1-301 (and Nos 2-50) 127-147
East India Dock Road, North side: Poplar Hospital, Nos 305-479 (dem.) and All Hallows' Church 147-153
East India Dock Road, South side: Nos 2-238 153-170
Between Poplar High Street and East India Dock Road: Castor, Morant, Oriental and Hale Streets 171-173
Between Poplar High Street and East India Dock Road: Woodstock Terrace and the Clippingdale, Griffiths and St Matthias estates 173-176
Between Poplar High Street and East India Dock Road: All Saints' Church and Rectory 176-180
Between Poplar High Street and East India Dock Road: Newby Place, Mountague Place and Bazely Street (west side) 180-188
Between Poplar High Street and East India Dock Road: Bazely, Wells, Woolmore, Cotton and Ashton Streets 188-199
Poplar New Town: Introduction 200-202
Poplar New Town: Infirmary, churches, schools and almshouses 202-207
Poplar New Town: Randall's, Wade and Bell estates 207-211
The Lansbury Estate: Introduction and the Festival of Britain exhibition 212-223
The Lansbury Estate: Gazetteer of permanent developments 223-239
The Lansbury Estate: Post-Festival development 239-246
The West India Docks: Introduction 247-248
The West India Docks: Historical development 248-268
The West India Docks: The docks 268-281
The West India Docks: The buildings, introduction 281-284
The West India Docks: The buildings, warehouses 284-300
The West India Docks: The buildings, sheds 300-310
The West India Docks: Security 310-313
The West India Docks: Offices, works and housing 313-326
The West India Docks: Power and transport 326-335
Poplar Dock: Historical development 336-341
Poplar Dock: The buildings 341-344
The Millwall Docks: Historical development 345-353
The Millwall Docks: The docks 353-356
The Millwall Docks: The buildings 356-374
The Isle of Dogs: Introduction 375-387
Limehouse Hole: The riverside area 388-397
Limehouse Hole: The inland area 397-406
Limehouse Hole: Public housing in Limehouse Hole 406-408
Northern Millwall: Limehouse Entrance to Sufferance Wharf 409-411
Northern Millwall: Robert Batson's Estate 412-418
Northern Millwall: The Byng and Mellish estates 418-423
Northern Millwall: Tooke Town 423-433
Northern Millwall: The Mellish estate in Northern Millwall 433-445
Northern Millwall: Public housing in Northern Millwall 446-451
Southern Millwall: The Byng Estate in Southern Millwall 452-462
Southern Millwall: The Barnfield Estate 462-466
Southern Millwall: Drunken Dock and the Land of Promise 466-480
Southern Millwall: The Mellish Estate in Southern Millwall 480-489
Southern Millwall: Public Housing in Southern Millwall 489-494
Cubitt Town: Introduction 495-497
Cubitt Town: The inland area 498-514
Cubitt Town: Riverside area, from Ferry Street to Johnson Street 514-518
Cubitt Town: Riverside area, Island Gardens and the Greenwich Hospital estate 518-528
Cubitt Town: Riverside area, from Newcastle Drawdock to Cubitt Town Pier 528-532
Cubitt Town: Riverside area, from Cubitt Town Pier to the Graving Docks 532-539
Cubitt Town: Public Housing 539-547
Old Blackwall 548-552
Blackwall Yard: Development, to c.1819 553-565
Blackwall Yard: Development, c.1819-1991 565-574
The East India Docks: Historical development 575-582
The East India Docks: The docks 582-585
The East India Docks: The buildings 585-592
Brunswick Wharf 593-600
Southern Blackwall: The Canal Dockyard area 601-607
Southern Blackwall: Coldharbour 607-624
Southern Blackwall: Preston's Road area 624-634
Southern Blackwall: Naval Row area 634-640
Southern Blackwall: The Blackwall Tunnel 640-645
Leamouth Road and Orchard Place: Historical development 646-655
Leamouth Road and Orchard Place: Individual wharves and sites 655-685
Modern Docklands: The background to redevelopment 686-691
Modern Docklands: Docklands housing 691-696
Modern Docklands: Gazetteer of housing developments 697-702
Modern Docklands: Modern commercial developments 702-707
Modern Docklands: Gazetteer of modern non-housing developments 707-724
Glossary of terms connected with docks and riverside sites 725-726
List of abbreviations used in the references 727
References 728-816
Index: A-J 817-842
Index: K-Z 842-872
Frontispiece (vol. 43) ii
Frontispiece (vol. 44) ii
Plate 1 1
Plate 2: Poplar High Street in c1890 2
Plate 3: Poplar High Street 3