An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 10

Describes the parishes of the hundreds of Launditch, Loddon, Mitford, Smethdon and Taverham.

Norfolk, Topographical History.

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Francis Blomefield, An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 10 ( London, 1809), British History Online [accessed 19 July 2024].

Francis Blomefield, An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 10( London, 1809), British History Online, accessed July 19, 2024,

Francis Blomefield. An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 10(London, 1809), , British History Online. Web. 19 July 2024.

Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Launditch Hundred: West Lexham 1-5
Launditch Hundred: East Lexham 5-8
Launditch Hundred: Litcham 9-14
Launditch Hundred: Longham 14-15
Launditch Hundred: Mileham 15-25
Launditch Hundred: Patesley 26-28
Launditch Hundred: Rougham 29-38
Launditch Hundred: Scarning 38-47
Launditch Hundred: Dillington 47-49
Launditch Hundred: How 49-51
Launditch Hundred: Stanfield 51-53
Launditch Hundred: Swanton-Morley 53-59
Launditch Hundred: Worthing 59-60
Launditch Hundred: Titleshale 60-71
Launditch Hundred: Wellingham 71-75
Launditch Hundred: Wesenham 75-81
Launditch Hundred: Wissingset 81-86
Launditch Hundred: Wendling 87-91
Launditch Hundred: Kirtling 91-92
Loddon Hundred 93
Loddon Hundred: Ashby 93-95
Loddon Hundred: Apton 96
Loddon Hundred: Bergh-Apton 96-100
Loddon Hundred: Bedingham 100-105
Loddon Hundred: Broke 105-108
Loddon Hundred: Brome 108-111
Loddon Hundred: Claxton 111-118
Loddon Hundred: Careton 119-122
Loddon Hundred: Chatgrave 122-127
Loddon Hundred: Ditchingham 127
Loddon Hundred: Pirnhow 128-134
Loddon Hundred: Hales 134
Loddon Hundred: Helgheton 135-137
Loddon Hundred: Hardley 137-141
Loddon Hundred: Hedenham 141-146
Loddon Hundred: Langley Town and Abbey 147-152
Loddon Hundred: Loddon 152-161
Loddon Hundred: Langale, and Kirksted 162-165
Loddon Hundred: Mundham 166-172
Loddon Hundred: Seething, or Senges 172-177
Loddon Hundred: Syseland 178-180
Loddon Hundred: Thurton 180-182
Loddon Hundred: Thwayt 182-184
Loddon Hundred: Topcroft 185-189
Loddon Hundred: Wooton 190-193
Mitford Hundred and Half 194-195
Mitford Hundred and Half: Bergh 195-197
Mitford Hundred and Half: Cranworth, and Swathing 198-203
Mitford Hundred and Half: East-Dereham 204-218
Mitford Hundred and Half: Garveston 219-221
Mitford Hundred and Half: Hardingham and Flockthorp 221-227
Mitford Hundred and Half: Hokering 228-231
Mitford Hundred and Half: Letton 231-233
Mitford Hundred and Half: Mateshale 233-239
Mitford Hundred and Half: Reymerston and Calveley 239-243
Mitford Hundred and Half: Shipdam and Throp 243-249
Mitford Hundred and Half: South-Burgh 249-251
Mitford Hundred and Half: Thurston, or Thuxton 252-255
Mitford Hundred and Half: East Tudenham 255-262
Mitford Hundred and Half: North Tudenham 263-269
Mitford Hundred and Half: Westfield 269-271
Mitford Hundred and Half: Whinburgh 271-273
Mitford Hundred and Half: Wood Rysing 273-281
Mitford Hundred and Half: Yaxham 281-284
Smethdon Hundred 285-286
Smethdon Hundred: Bircham Tofts 286-288
Smethdon Hundred: Bircham Newton 288-291
Smethdon Hundred: Bircham Magna 291-294
Smethdon Hundred: Magna Berwick 295-296
Smethdon Hundred: Berwick Parva 296-297
Smethdon Hundred: Brancaster 298-302
Smethdon Hundred: Frenge 302-307
Smethdon Hundred: Hitcham 307-312
Smethdon Hundred: Hunstanton Lordship 312-328
Smethdon Hundred: Holm by the Sea 328-334
Smethdon Hundred: Ingaldesthorp 335-339
Smethdon Hundred: Ringsted Magna 340-345
Smethdon Hundred: Ringstead Parva; or Barret Ringstead 345-348
Smethdon Hundred: Choseley 348-350
Smethdon Hundred: Shernbourn 350-361
Smethdon Hundred: Southmere and Docking 362-370
Smethdon Hundred: Snettesham Lordship 370-381
Smethdon Hundred: Stanhow, or The Stony Hill 381-385
Smethdon Hundred: Sedgeford 385-390
Smethdon Hundred: Gnatyngdon 390-391
Smethdon Hundred: Thornham 391-395
Smethdon Hundred: Titchwell, with the Manor 395-397
Taverham Hundred 398
Taverham Hundred: Attlebridge 399-403
Taverham Hundred: Beeston 403-405
Taverham Hundred: Catton 406-409
Taverham Hundred: Drayton 409-413
Taverham Hundred: Felthorp 413-416
Taverham Hundred: Fretenham 416-418
Taverham Hundred: Maideston 418-420
Taverham Hundred: Crostwick 421-422
Taverham Hundred: Hayneford 422-424
Taverham Hundred: Haylesdon 425-432
Taverham Hundred: Horseford 432-437
Taverham Hundred: Horsham 437