A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 13, Bampton Hundred (Part One)

By A P Baggs, Eleanor Chance, Christina Colvin, C J Day, Nesta Selwyn and S C Townley/ Edited by Alan Crossley and C R J Currie. Covers the area of the sixteen ancient parishes of Bampton hundred, in the west of the county, bordering onto Gloucestershire to the west and Berkshire to the south.

Victoria County History - Oxfordshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1996.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations ix-x
List of maps and plans xi
Editorial note xiii
Oxfordshire Victoria History: Key map to volumes published xiv
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xv
Principal Bodleian manuscripts used xvii-xviii
Note on abbreviations xix-xxiv
Bampton Hundred 1-5
Bampton 6-8
Bampton and Weald: Introduction 8-17
Bampton and Weald: Buildings 17-21
Bampton and Weald: Manors and castle 22-30
Bampton and Weald: Other estates 30-31
Bampton and Weald: Economic history 31-43
Bampton and Weald: Local government 43-48
Bampton and Weald: Churches 48-57
Bampton and Weald: Nonconformity 57-58
Bampton and Weald: Education 58-60
Bampton and Weald: Charities for the poor 60-62
Aston and Cote: Introduction 62-66
Aston and Cote: Manors and other estates 66-69
Aston and Cote: Economic history 69-74
Aston and Cote: Local government 74-75
Aston and Cote: Church 75-76
Aston and Cote: Nonconformity 77-78
Aston and Cote: Education 78-79
Aston and Cote: Charities for the poor 79-80
Chimney: Introduction 80-82
Chimney: Manor 82
Chimney: Economic history 82-85
Chimney: Local government 85-86
Chimney: Church 86
Chimney: Nonconformity 86
Chimney: Education 86
Chimney: Charities for the poor 86
Lower Haddon: Introduction 86-87
Lower Haddon: Manor 87-88
Lower Haddon: Economic history 88-89
Lower Haddon: Local government 89
Lower Haddon: Church 89
Lower Haddon: Nonconformity 89
Lew: Introduction 90-93
Lew: Manor and other estates 93-94
Lew: Economic history 94-97
Lew: Local government 97
Lew: Churches 97-98
Lew: Nonconformity 98-99
Lew: Education 99
Lew: Charities for the poor 99
Shifford: Introduction 99-102
Shifford: Manor 102-103
Shifford: Economic history 103-107
Shifford: Local government 107-108
Shifford: Church 108-110
Shifford: Nonconformity 110
Shifford: Education 110
Shifford: Charities for the poor 110
Ducklington: Introduction 110-118
Ducklington: Manors 118-127
Ducklington: Other estates 127-129
Ducklington: Economic history 129-138
Ducklington: Local government 138-140
Ducklington: Churches 140-148
Ducklington: Nonconformity 148-149
Ducklington: Education 149
Ducklington: Charities 149-150
Northmoor: Introduction 150-156
Northmoor: Manors and other estates 156-158
Northmoor: Economic history 158-165
Northmoor: Local government 165-166
Northmoor: Church 166-170
Northmoor: Nonconformity 170
Northmoor: Education 170-171
Northmoor: Charities for the poor 171
Standlake: Introduction 171-180
Standlake: Manors 180-183
Standlake: Other estates 183-185
Standlake: Economic history 185-195
Standlake: Local government 195-197
Standlake: Church 197-203
Standlake: Nonconformity 203-204
Standlake: Education 204-205
Standlake: Charities for the poor 205
Yelford: Introduction 205-208
Yelford: Manors and other estates 208-212
Yelford: Economic history 212-214
Yelford: Local government 214-215
Yelford: Church 215-217
Yelford: Nonconformity 217
Yelford: Education 217
Yelford: Charities 217
Index: A-J 218-226
Index: K-Z 226-234