A History of the County of Essex: Volume 10, Lexden Hundred (Part) Including Dedham, Earls Colne and Wivenhoe

Edited by Janet Cooper. Exploring the area of Lexden Hundred to the north and west of Colchester.

Victoria County History - Essex. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2001.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of plates viii-x
List of maps and other Text figures xi-xii
Editorial note xiii-xiv
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xv-xvi
Essex Victoria County History: Key to volumes published xvii
Classes of documents in the Essex Record Office used xviii
Note on abbreviations xix-xxiv
Lexden Hundred 1-8
Aldham: Introduction 9-13
Aldham: Manors and other estates 13-15
Aldham: Economic history 15-18
Aldham: Local government 18-19
Aldham: Church 19-22
Aldham: Nonconformity 22
Aldham: Education 22
Aldham: Charities for the poor 22-23
West Bergholt: Introduction 23-27
West Bergholt: Manors and other estates 27-30
West Bergholt: Economic history 30-34
West Bergholt: Local government 34-35
West Bergholt: Church 35-37
West Bergholt: Nonconformity 37
West Bergholt: Education 37-38
West Bergholt: Charities for the poor 38
Birch: Introduction 38-44
Birch: Manors 44-46
Birch: Economic history 47-50
Birch: Local government 50
Birch: Churches 50-53
Birch: Nonconformity 53
Birch: Education 53-54
Birch: Charities 54
Boxted: Introduction 54-59
Boxted: Manors and other estates 59-62
Boxted: Economic history 62-64
Boxted: Local government 65
Boxted: Church 65-67
Boxted: Nonconformity 67
Boxted: Education 67-68
Boxted: Charities for the poor 68
Mount Bures: Introduction 68-71
Mount Bures: Manor 71-72
Mount Bures: Economic history 72-74
Mount Bures: Local government 74
Mount Bures: Church 74-75
Mount Bures: Nonconformity 75-76
Mount Bures: Education 76
Mount Bures: Charities for the poor 76
Chappel: Introduction 76-80
Chappel: Manor 80
Chappel: Economic history 80-82
Chappel: Local government 82-83
Chappel: Church 83-85
Chappel: Nonconformity 85
Chappel: Education 85
Chappel: Charities for the poor 85
Earls Colne: Introduction 86-92
Earls Colne: Priory buildings 92
Earls Colne: Manors and other estates 92-94
Earls Colne: Economic history 94-98
Earls Colne: Local government 98-99
Earls Colne: Church 99-102
Earls Colne: Nonconformity 102
Earls Colne: Education 102-103
Earls Colne: Charities for the poor 103-104
Colne Engaine: Introduction 104-107
Colne Engaine: Manors 107-110
Colne Engaine: Economic history 110-113
Colne Engaine: Local government 113-114
Colne Engaine: Church 114-116
Colne Engaine: Nonconformity 116
Colne Engaine: Education 116
Colne Engaine: Charities for the poor 116
Wakes Colne: Introduction 116-122
Wakes Colne: Economic history 122-125
Wakes Colne: Local government 125-126
Wakes Colne: Church 126-128
Wakes Colne: Nonconformity 128
Wakes Colne: Education 128
Wakes Colne: Charities for the poor 128
White Colne: Introduction 129-131
White Colne: Manors and other estates 131-133
White Colne: Economic history 134-135
White Colne: Local government 135-136
White Colne: Church 136-138
White Colne: Protestant nonconformity 138
White Colne: Education 138-139
White Colne: Charities for the poor 139
Copford: Introduction 139-143
Copford: Manors 143-146
Copford: Economic history 146-148
Copford: Local government 148-149
Copford: Church 149-152
Copford: Nonconformity 152-153
Copford: Education 153
Copford: Charities for the poor 153
Dedham: Introduction 154-161
Dedham: Domestic buildings 161-165
Dedham: Manors and other estates 165-169
Dedham: Economic history 169-177