An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk: Volume 1

Details the hundreds of Diss, Shropham and Guiltcross, in the south of the county bordering Suffolk. It includes an account of the parish of Attleborough.

Norfolk, Topographical History. Originally published by W Miller, London, 1805.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
Introduction xi-xvi
Hundred of Diss: Introduction 1-39
Hundred of Diss: Roydon 39-48
Hundred of Diss: Brisingham 49-73
Hundred of Diss: Fersfield 74-114
Hundred of Diss: Shelfhanger 114-124
Hundred of Diss: Burston 125-130
Hundred of Diss: Osmundeston, or Scole 130-136
Hundred of Diss: Thorp-Parva, or Little Thorp 136-140
Hundred of Diss: Frense 140-148
Hundred of Diss: Thelton 148-153
Hundred of Diss: Shimpling 154-161
Hundred of Diss: Gissing 162-181
Hundred of Diss: Winfarthing 181-190
Hundred of Diss: Dickleburgh 191-205
Hundred of Diss: Titshall 205-212
Hundred of Giltcross 213-227
Hundred of Giltcross: Lopham 228-241
Hundred of Giltcross: Norton 242-249
Hundred of Giltcross: Gatesthorp 250-254
Hundred of Giltcross: Garboldesham 255-274
Hundred of Giltcross: Ridlesworth 274-284
Hundred of Giltcross: Rushworth 284-293
Hundred of Giltcross: Snarehill-House 294-297
Hundred of Giltcross: West-Herling 297-312
Hundred of Giltcross: Little-Herling, now called Middle-Herling 313-316
Hundred of Giltcross: Market-Herling, or East-Herling 316-333
Hundred of Giltcross: Quidenham 333-344
Hundred of Giltcross: Banham 345-359
Hundred of Shropham 360-368
Hundred of Shropham: Old-Bukenham 369-394
Hundred of Shropham: New-Bukenham 395-405
Hundred of Shropham: Eccles 405-411
Hundred of Shropham: Harpham 412-419
Hundred of Shropham: Snetterton 419-428
Hundred of Shropham: Lerling 428-432
Hundred of Shropham: Rowdham 432-435
Hundred of Shropham: Bridgham 436-440
Hundred of Shropham: Bretenham 440-445
Hundred of Shropham: Illington 446-450
Hundred of Shropham: Shropham 450-459
Hundred of Shropham: Hocham 459-464
Hundred of Shropham: Little Hocham 464-465
Hundred of Shropham: East, or Great Wrotham 465-468
Hundred of Shropham: West, or North Wrotham 468-470
Hundred of Shropham: Wrotham-Thorp, or Little Wrotham, now Thorp-House 471-472
Hundred of Shropham: Rockland-Toft 473-482
Hundred of Shropham: Great Elingham 482-490
Hundred of Shropham: Besthorp 490-500
Hundred of Shropham: Atleburgh 501-541
Hundred of Shropham: Kilverstone 541-550
Index 549-550
Plate 1: Blomefield arms and pedigree 1
Plate 2: WiIliam du Bois, priest; and Sir Robert du Bois 2
Plate 3: Monument of Henricus Blomefield 3
Plate 4: Monument of Robert and Anne Wingfield 4
Plate 5: Bukenham Castle 6