A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 6, Andersfield, Cannington, and North Petherton Hundreds (Bridgwater and Neighbouring Parishes)

Andersfield, Cannington, and North Petherton hundreds together occupy the Lower Parrett valley stretching from the Quantock ridge in the west to King's Sedgemoor in the east, and from the Bristol Channel in the north to the river Tone in the south.

Victoria County History - Somerset. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1992.

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Table of Contents

Title Page(s)
List of illustrations viii-ix
List of maps and plans x
Editorial note xi
Somerset Victoria History: key to volumes published xii
Classes of documents in the Public Record Office used xiii
Somerset Record Office accumulations xiv-xvi
Note on abbreviations xvii-xxii
Somerset Record Society publications xxiii
Introduction 1-2
Andersfield Hundred 3-4
Broomfield 5-7
Broomfield: Manors and other estates 7-12
Broomfield: Economic history 12-14
Broomfield: Local government 14
Broomfield: Church 14-17
Broomfield: Nonconformity 17
Broomfield: Education 17
Broomfield: Charities for the poor 17
Creech St. Michael 16-21
Creech St. Michael: Manors and other estates 21-24
Creech St. Michael: Economic history 24-26
Creech St. Michael: Local government 26-27
Creech St. Michael: Church 27-28
Creech St. Michael: Nonconformity 28-29
Creech St. Michael: Education 29
Creech St. Michael: Charities for the poor 29
Durleigh 30-31
Durleigh: Manors and other estates 31-33
Durleigh: Economic history 33-34
Durleigh: Local government 34
Durleigh: Church 34-35
Durleigh: Nonconformity 35
Durleigh: Education 35
Durleigh: Charities for the poor 35
Enmore 35-37
Enmore: Manors and other estates 37-41
Enmore: Economic history 41-42
Enmore: Local government 42-43
Enmore: Church 43-44
Enmore: Nonconformity 44
Enmore: Education 44
Enmore: Charities for the poor 44
Goathurst 45-47
Goathurst: Manors 47-49
Goathurst: Economic history 49-50
Goathurst: Local government 50-51
Goathurst: Church 51-52
Goathurst: Nonconformity 52
Goathurst: Education 52
Goathurst: Charities for the poor 52
Lyng 53-56
Lyng: Manor and other estates 56-58
Lyng: Economic history 58-60
Lyng: Local government 60-61
Lyng: Church 61-64
Lyng: Nonconformity 64
Lyng: Education 64
Lyng: Charities for the poor 64
Cannington Hundred 65-67
Aisholt 68-69
Aisholt: Manors and other estates 69-70
Aisholt: Economic history 70-71
Aisholt: Local government 71
Aisholt: Church 71-72
Aisholt: Nonconformity 72
Aisholt: Education 72
Aisholt: Charities for the poor 72-73
Cannington 73-76
Cannington: Manors and other estates 76-85
Cannington: Economic history 85-87
Cannington: Local government 87
Cannington: Church 87-89
Cannington: Roman Catholicism 89
Cannington: Protestant nonconformity 89-90
Cannington: Education 90
Cannington: Charities for the poor 90
Charlinch 91-92
Charlinch: Manors and other estates 92-94
Charlinch: Economic history 94-95
Charlinch: Local government 95
Charlinch: Church 95-97
Charlinch: Nonconformity 97
Charlinch: Education 97
Charlinch: Charities for the poor 97
Fiddington 98-99
Fiddington: Manors and other estates 99-100
Fiddington: Economic history 100-101
Fiddington: Local government 101-102
Fiddington: Church 102-103
Fiddington: Nonconformity 103
Fiddington: Education 103
Fiddington: Charities for the poor 103
Otterhampton 104-105
Otterhampton: Manors and other estates 105-107
Otterhampton: Economic history 107-108
Otterhampton: Local government 108
Otterhampton: Church 108-109
Otterhampton: Nonconformity 109-110
Otterhampton: Education 110
Otterhampton: Charities for the poor 110